Alternative Medicine Effective Health And Social Care Essay

The definition of alternate medical specialty is defined by the American HeritageA® Science Dictionary ( 2002 ) as a assortment of curative or preventative wellness attention patterns, such as homoeopathy, naturopathy, chiropractic, and herbal medical specialty that do non follow by and large accepted medical methods and may non hold a scientific account for their effectivity. It was proposed by Hutton ( 2003 ) that alternate medical specialty patterns are used alternatively of standard medical interventions. Alternate medical specialty is different from complementary medical specialty which is meant to attach to, non to replace, standard medical patterns. Alternate medical specialty patterns are by and large non recognized by the medical community as criterion of conventional medical attacks. Based on a study that I have done, ( refer to Figure 1 below ) , 80 % of the people surveyed knew what alternate medical specialty was. On the other manus, alternate medical specialty is good known and widely used in many states.

Figure 1: Cognition about alternate medical specialty.

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Beginning: Personal study, 2010

History of Alternative Medicine

Harmonizing to Pillai ( n.d. ) Alternative Medicine is one of the oldest signifiers of medicine that has existed in the ancient universe for 1000s of old ages. The constructs of alternate medical specialties were mentioned in the ancient Bibles of India, China, Egypt and about all ancient civilisations of the universe. Even though the names of the assorted alternate medical specialties differed, historical groundss indicate that the process of doing and blending them was one and the same. The history of alternate medical specialty in the E predominates in Asiatic states such as India and China for about 6000 old ages ago. In India, the alternate medical specialties were known as Vedic medical specialties or Ayurveda. Ayurveda has been practiced for many centuries and is still in pattern. The purpose of Ayurveda medical specialty is equilibrating the harmoniousness of head, psyche and organic structure.

Ayurveda is an alternate medical specialty made from herbs, certain veggies, fruits and natural minerals. There are historical groundss that surgeries were besides performed as portion of ayurvedic intervention in olden yearss. Ayurveda prescribes alternate medical specialties for bring arounding common cold, shot and palsy and certain mental diseases. In China, alternate medical specialty was practiced for centuries and its construct is based on Taoist doctrine. The pattern of alternate medical specialty in China that besides spread to Japan and Korea is known as Oriental subdivision of alternate medical specialty. “ Jinfang ” and “ Wenbing ” are the two schools that contributed to the pattern of alternate medical specialty and therapies. Chinese treated the human head and the organic structure and non the disease. They believed a strong human organic structure could ne’er fall sick. The term “ stylostixis ” originated from China and is used to handle assorted orthopaedic and neurological complaints. Even today, stylostixis is still really popular and widely used in many states. The history of alternate medical specialty in the West is divided into European alternate medicative pattern and American therapy. Alternate medical specialty in the West has been practiced for about 2000 old ages. Herbalism, hydropathy utilizing H2O and naturopathy was practiced in Europe as a signifier of alternate medical specialty. Today, naturopathy has progressed in Europe and is a really popular signifier of therapy. Naturopathy involves good nutritionary addendums, herbal medical specialty, ample slumber and remainder. Homeopathy was introduced by a German physician Samuel Hahnemann in the nineteenth century. This alternate medical specialty is effectual in handling assorted complaints. ( Pillai n.d. )

Types of alternate medical specialty

It was stated in Groups of alternate medical specialty ( 2002 ) that, there are more than a 100 types of alternate medical specialty. The five chief types of alternate medical specialty are Alternative Medical System, Mind-Body Interventions, Biologically-Based Therapies, Manipulative and Body-Based Methods and Energy Therapies. The first class which is alternate medical system is built upon complete systems of theory and pattern. Some illustrations of alternate medical systems that have developed include stylostixis, Ayurveda, homoeopathy, naturopathic medical specialty and traditional Chinese medical specialty. The 2nd class which is mind-body intercessions uses a assortment of techniques designed to better the heads capacity to impact bodily map and symptoms. Mind-body intercessions include hypnotherapy, music therapy, speculation and yoga. The 3rd class is biologically-based therapy which uses substances found in nature. Some illustrations include dietetic addendums, and herbal merchandises. The 4th class which is manipulative and body-based methods are based on use and motion of one or more parts of the organic structure. Some of the illustrations are acupressure, chiropractic, osteopathy and reflexology. The last class is energy therapies. Energy therapies can farther be broken down into two bomber classs which are biofield therapies and bioelectromagnetic-based therapies. Biofield therapies affect energy Fieldss that supposedly surround and perforate the human organic structure. Some signifiers of energy therapy manipulate biofields by using force per unit area and pull stringsing the organic structure by puting the custodies in, or through, these Fieldss. Examples include qi tam-tam, Reiki, and curative touch. Bioelectromagnetic-based therapies involve the unconventional usage of electromagnetic Fieldss, such as pulsed Fieldss, magnetic Fieldss, or alternating-current or direct-current Fieldss. ( Groups of alternate medical specialty 2002 )

Reasons why people are turning to alternate medical specialty

Unhappy with or distrustful of, modern medical specialty.

Jackson ( 2005 ) pointed out that people turn alternate medical specialty because of bad experiences they had with modern medical specialty. The bad experience lead people to mistrust modern medical specialty and remain off from it. Some people are unhappy because they are tired of taking pills or other medicines for every complaint. They feel that they are polluting their organic structures with chemicals that are found in modern medical specialty. ( Jackson 2005 )

Gives more personal control of state of affairs.

Jackson ( 2005 ) described that people who are ailing and those who have chronic conditions normally like to make up one’s mind what is best for them. Using alternate interventions gives them this independency to take charge of their wellness. However, they do non finish cut out on modern medical specialty as they still use alternate redresss together with modern medical specialty. ( Jackson 2005 )

Matchs civilization or belief system.

As mentioned by Jackson ( 2005 ) , alternate interventions are appealing to those who hold new-age thoughts and doctrines. Treatments are claimed to be holistic, and healing is the consequence of accomplishing religious harmoniousness. However, the advertisement industry has embraced these doctrines and coupled them with a deformed position of the natural universe to make the semblance that everything that is ‘natural ‘ and ‘in harmoniousness with nature ‘ is someway better for us. This has resulted in a significant subculture, or market sector, of people who believe in the spirit-mind-body construct. Therefore, words like holistic, natural, herbal, and organic entreaty to them. ( Jackson 2005 )

Advantages of alternate medical specialty

Lower side effects

It was pointed out by Innocent ( n.d. ) that alternate medical specialty has low or no side effects because it works with the organic structure non in stamp downing symptoms, as modern medical specialty does. ( Innocent n.d. )

Cost effectual.

The monetary value for modern medical specialties is really dearly-won. However, alternate medical specialty is cheap. Innocent ( n.d. ) justified that alternate medical specialty is by and large low-cost by even the most financially compromised households. ( Innocent n.d. ) Herbal medical specialty is cost effectual and less expensive than the medical specialties bought from an allopathic pharmaceutics. ( Pillai n.d. )

Natural substances.

Innocent ( n.d ) stated that alternate medical specialties by and large use natural substances processed in a simple mode. It does non necessitate high tech fabrication procedures which use risky and polluting chemicals or C polluting energy. Substances or ingredients are readily available where people can even turn some of the medical specialty on their ain, which means they can maintain control of the whole procedure. ( Innocent n.d. )

Approach to whole organic structure mending and intervention

The attack of alternate medical specialty to whole organic structure mending and intervention of the implicit in causes of diseases and conditions looks at the full individual as opposed to merely symptoms. This attack can better an person ‘s overall wellness and quality of life. ( Advantages of Alternative Medicine 2008 )

4.0 Disadvantages of alternate medical specialty

4.1 Requires forbearance

The downside about alternate medical specialty is it takes excessively much clip for the procedure to work. The whole patterned advance is slow. Harmonizing to Pillai ( n.d. ) , it takes clip to bring around complaints utilizing herbal medical specialty and addendums. As such, one should possess huge forbearance when undergoing intervention. ( Pillai n.d. )

4.2 Unable to handle serious or sudden unwellness or hurt.

Grunert & A ; Roberts ( 2008 ) suggested that alternate medical specialty would non be able to handle serious injury, such as a broken leg, nor would he be able to mend appendicitis or a bosom onslaught every bit efficaciously as a conventional physician utilizing modern diagnostic trials, surgery, and drugs. Modern medical specialty dainties sudden unwellness and accidents much more efficaciously than herbal or alternate interventions. For sudden, serious unwellnesss or hurt it is better to utilize modern medical specialty. ( Grunert & A ; Roberts 2008 )

4.3 Improper use may do inauspicious consequence on organic structure.

Herbal redresss and medical specialty for certain complaints may hold negative side effects. These side effects may non be revealed instantly, but would take months or even old ages before the effects are seen. ( Pillai n.d. )

4.4 Hazard of overdose

Grunert & A ; Roberts ( 2008 ) highlighted that herbal medical specialty has the hazard of making oneself harm through self-dosing with herbs. Many herbs do non come with instructions or bundle inserts and this can do a existent hazard of overdose. ( Grunert & A ; Roberts 2008 )


Alternate medical specialty has it advantages and disadvantages. The effectivity of the alternate medical specialty depends on the user. Some alternate medical specialty such as yoga and speculation can be really effectual provided it is done right. It is of import to acquire physicians advice before practising any method of intervention. For those who wish to utilize alternate medical specialty and therapies, sing a doctor for the right diagnosing, advice or confer withing an herb doctor for the proper herb and dose and at the same clip uniting with modern medical specialty when it is practical may be a possible manner. Harmonizing to a personal study, ( refer to Figure 2 below ) , 77 % of people use alternate medical specialty as a signifier of intervention or redress.

Figure 2: Use of any sort of alternate medical specialty as a signifier of intervention or redress.

Beginning: Personal study, 2010

Based on another study that I have done, ( refer to Figure 3 below ) 70 % people say that they use both complementary medical specialty and alternate medical specialty ( CAM ) when handling complaint while the other 30 % do non utilize both complementary medical specialty and alternate medical specialty ( CAM ) when handling complaint. The study displayed a consequence that the use of complementary medical specialty and alternate medical specialty ( CAM ) is acquiring more popular.

Figure 3: Use of both complementary medical specialty and alternate medical specialty ( CAM ) when handling complaint.

Beginning: Personal study, 2010

In decision, alternate medical specialty is effectual. Harmonizing to another personal study, ( refer to Figure 4 below ) , 83 % of people surveyed say that alternate medical specialty is effectual to them. However, while it is really different to turn out scientifically the effectivity of alternate medical specialty or therapies, so many people report good benefits about it. Scientific commissions have come to admit that these alternate medical specialty or therapies should hold a topographic point in Orthodox intervention.

Figure 4: Opinions on whether alternate medical specialty is effectual.

Beginning: Personal study, 2010



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