Alternatives to Healthy Fast Foods

December 11, 2017 Health

When it comes to fast foods the right choices have to be made prior to ordering. Today the purpose of this introduction is to show how the fast food industry can offer healthier foods on their menus or if not then the healthy choices that can be chosen. Chose healthy eating when eating on the go and there is no time to prepare meals ourselves. Look at the number of calories on their regular day to day menu and compare them to an healthier alternate choice. Eat fast food while considering low fat , low calories and especially low sodium diets.

America is concentrating more on the healthy living and this is a better way to incorporate this through fast food. Finding healthy foods in fast food restaurants is a big challenge, but it can be done. Americans today are in a rush therefore fast foods are a quick and easy way to feed the family. Fast food is alright time to time but only in moderation. When ordering from a fast food restaurant and the healthy choices are limited here are some tips that can help you create a healthy meal. 1.

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Stay away from the fried foods. Order lean meats that are baked or broiled. 2. Cut down or hold the sauces, they are high in sodium. 3. Drink water with your meal instead of carbonated drinks, this can help with the reduction of calories. 4. Eat in moderation, stay away from the super sizing and the all you can eat buffets. 5. I know that a burger is good with the bacon on it, however the bacon on a burger adds extra sodium to the meal. 6. Choose a healthy dessert, instead of cake or pies try the fresh fruit or yogurt.

We will now look at a few fast food restaurants and the better choices that we can make when ordering off the menu. We have taken a look at the normal burger and fries restaurants let us extend our minds to the fried chicken chains. Instead of fried chicken have it skinless without the breading. Limit your gravy on those mashed potatoes , a lot of your gravy is filled with sodium. The recommended meal from Kentucky Fried Chicken would consist of baked skinless chicken breast with a side or of green beans.

This meal contains only 190 calories. If you are one that enjoys eating Mexican food then you can have a healthy meal there also. One of the healthy ways to eat a taco is to order a soft wrap as opposed to a crunchy shell. The crunchy shells are fried and not baked like the soft wraps. Use black beans than the refried beans , cut down on the amount of cheese that you put on your meal. It is alright to use sour cream as a topping but again you have to think sparingly .

The recommended meal that is low in calories from taco bell would consist of a taco salad minus the shell add a wrap and a dollop of sour cream, this meal only contains 330 calories. “Fast food chains have recently defected a lot of criticism of their menus by offering healthier items like salads” (Mindlin, Alex ,New York times; 4/6/2009,pg 3) Now we are going to take a look at the sub and deli menu and what we can do as a alternate to their menu. Some people think that if they are eating a sandwich they are eating healthy.

But some of the things that the sandwich are made of are full of calories, sodium and fat . Some of the things that we can do to have a healthy sandwich are for one, you can order a six inch sub sandwich instead of the foot long. Another thing that can be healthier is to use lean meats instead of high fat meats, also choose a low fat cheese to put on the sandwich. The main ingredient that we always overlook is the condiments. Low fat mayo or no dressing is even better to help with going the healthy route.

No at any sandwich shop you have the choice of the bread that you want , I would suggest that you pick a whole grain or either a wrap. The recommended healthy meal at subway is six inch roast beef sub on wheat bread with no mayo add the vegetables. This meals calorie intake is at 290 . “Many fast food restaurants are striving to offer healthier options than the usual high-fat, high-calorie, super-salty fare. Dieticians and nutritionist say there a few good finds out there”(Healthy fast-food choices, Conner,Shea, St. Joseph news-press. 6/9/2011).

Another option for healthy fast food is when you eat Chinese foods. We have to make sure to watch our sodium intake with the some of the sauces that are used with their meals. Again we can make the option of choosing baked, grilled or steamed as opposed to fried foods dipped into a sauce. I also found that if you eat Chinese food with chop sticks instead of with a fork then you will tend to eat slower and this will and can help with digestion. The recommended meal at this restaurant will be steamed shrimp with mixed vegetables.

This meal has only a mere 260 calories. The favorite children fast food that I have found is pizza now with this being the number one food for kids then we definitely have to make it healthier for them. According to an article written by the Allison Cross Star “Only about 12 meals out of a combination of 3,000 at major fast food restaurants provide adequate nutrition for children ages 2 to 5, is what the new study show”(Allison Cross Toronto Star Canada,11/10/2010; pgE9). Here with the pizza we can substitute thin crust instead of the deep fried pan crust.

Plain bread sticks as opposed to the garlic that has the sodium and butter on them . Then another alternative that we can use is to put more vegetables on the pizza rather than extra meats that are high in sodium content. The recommended meal that I found is to have (2 slices) of a chicken and vegetable pizza with thin crust this meal consist of only 208 calories. One of the things that we as consumers can do when we are ordering food from fast food restaurants we sometimes have to ask for healthy choices due to them not being on the menus.

I would also suggest ordering smaller portions as in half sandwiches . This is one way that we can promote healthier living. Another suggestion that will be a smart healthy choice would be to pack small bags of healthy snacks that you can take with you, Pretzels, dried fruits, granola bars, raisins, nuts (be aware of the sodium content with the nuts). This can also help to save money when you are on road trips with the kids. I will also have you to look at the drink boxes and the sugar content in them.

The one thing that you have to look at is the high levels of sugar will make the kids more hyper and it is not good for their teeth. Let us take a moment to look at healthy breakfast, which is considered the most important meal of the day. As per Dr Christine Gerbstadt, MD,RD who is a spokeswoman for American Dietetic Association says that “the key to finding a healthy breakfast begins with finding a mix of complex carbohydrates that are good for you”(America’s healthiest fast-food breakfasts. Health. CNN Health. om by Nicole DeCoursey,2/18/2011). Our kids are having to deal with the peer pressures of weight and appearance. As parents In conclusion even though we are a world that is always on the go , we now can say that I have provided for you a avenue to eating a healthier meal when we are away from home. Because you want to be healthy does not mean that you have to give up on fast food restaurants. We just have to make the right choices on what we eat. Be more aware of portion control, fat, calories, sodium content, and sugars and you will be fine.


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