Although It is a fact that art

March 23, 2019 Human Rights

Although it is argued that artists should express their feelings and ideas without any limitation, it is also important to bear in mind that there is an opposing side claiming that artists do not need total freedom and they should express their creativity and opinions without exceeding certain limits. It is a fact that art from the very early ages was the main way of expressing humanity’s strongest feelings, desires and opinions. And I personally believe that this is true because art benefits the society and the culture in many ways.

One of the most significant advantages of artists’ total freedom of expression is the spiritual cultivation of the community, because through their artworks they transfer them knowledge, which will help them to see many things from another point of view and develop their critical thinking. Also many works of art are emotionally charged and transmit to the audience very strong feelings, in this way their emotional world is enriched and their sensitivity is enhanced so as a result they better understand the people around them. For example Picasso’s painting, Guernica, depicts the devastating effects of a war in a society, he used the white, the grey and the black colour in order to convey them the feeling of disappointment, misery and pain and in this way to sensitize them to stop the wars. It also need to be taken in consideration that art is the only way that people can learn about the reality as it is, and if artists are given only a certain amount of freedom to express their thoughts or their feelings the society will not have the opportunity to get informed.

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Even though it is often alleged that artists offend a part of the society by expressing whatever they feel or think, people also have to think that in a society that makes great efforts to combat the violation of fundamental human rights, actions such as putting certain limits to the artists do not help people to make progress. From the very early ages, artists have been the symbol of rebellion, progress and freedom because they criticise actions or whatever happens without having any limitation. Due to this people should enforce the freedom of speech and expression


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