Alumni Tracer System

The Alumni tracer is a System that even they are far from the schools, the schools can communicate with the graduate students and to know more about their experiences and their careers after finished their studies. Technology is a tool and method used in solving problems and to make the work easier. In our modern generation, almost everything around us is made- up of technology and the most developed gadget in our generation is the computer wherein almost everyone needs it.

Students, Teacher, or even a simple user can do anything they want in computers. It can make to help us to make our work easier and faster. Every schools-universities or institutions are using computers. Some of schools wants to remember all those person who have been part of their society, that’s why they want to know if the students from their school has a capability to compete their knowledge or skills to everyone and they want to know more about the students who are already graduated.

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College has always placed great emphasis on the importance of maintaining a close rapport with its alumni. In order to build ND enhance the alumni network, the Alumni Affairs Office was established to act as an intermediary platform in bridging the gap beјen the College and its vast alumni members. It actively plays its role in maintaining a good relationship between the alumni and College as well as extending dynamic network between alumni from various School of Studies.

The Alumni Affairs Office also plays an integral part in organizing various homecomings, thus effectively keeping the communication channel between the College and its alumni open, providing countless opportunities for its alumni in strengthening its networking ties and forging an everlasting bond of fellowship. Thus the researchers came up with an idea of creating an online alumni tracer.

The Alumni Tracer is being used by several schools to conduct significant feedback, to reconnect graduates to their alma mater and to know the demographic profile of the employment record of the respondents. Several schools in the Philippines nowadays have been using it and integrate it through their official websites and/or alumni association’s page.



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