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In this essay. the learning remedy theory will be discussed. and besides using to L+H manner limited ( L+H ) which will profit by utilizing the acquisition curve. In the last subdivision. the restriction of larning curve will besides be discussed. Separate A ( I ) Introduction for larning curve theory Learning curve is a construct that mensurating the experience of a accomplishment gained by an organisation. and how fast it can be master. As the experience gained. the workers public presentation will be better. clip taken will be lessening. and hence the productiveness will turn up.

Besides. harmonizing to Steven ( 2010 ) . larning curve is a important technique for direction to foretell the clip needed for the hereafter undertaking ( p. 1 ) . It can besides be utile for the several countries. for case. doing a pricing or budgeting determination. gauge the rewards cost and be aftering agenda of work. In add-on. larning curve is based on the undertaking making by human and must be in repeat. And Steven ( 2010 ) point out that the larning curve doesn’t aid to cut down cost. it merely occurs when the direction take action. Introduction for the organisation.

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In the undermentioned subdivision. the larning curve theory will be apply to L+H Fashion Limited ( L+H ) . they are fabricating of knitwear which is 100 % manus made and besides made in Hong Kong. from design. merchandise development. knitwork. associating. sewing. labeling to packaging. ( two ) Introduction First of all. the larning curve can be applied in L+H since there are many processs is making by human and those processs will unchanged because of L+H is merely produce the knitwear. besides those process are in repeat. Such as sewing. the workers have to sew up those parts of the knitwear by manus.

In this state of affairs. the larning curve can be apply. because if the worker sewing the first knitwear. it will pass more clip to happen out the manner. Move to the 2nd 1. the worker will more assurance and faster to sew it. in repeat the undertaking. the worker can be more efficiency. Furthermore. since they would wish to be a high manner trade name in Hong Kong. and supplying high quality knitwear to the other high manner trade name. so they are now sing should they accept the new contract. construct up their ain trade name or both.

The larning curve can be use to assisting them to see the budgeting. pricing. observing the design bugs. future operation determinations and find the human resourse. Budgeting In this instance. if the acquisition affects taken into L+H. it is easy for them to measure the rate of acquisition and the clip decrease. It can supply a dependable criterion to mensurating the existent public presentation of the merchandise line. Therefore. the direction can obtain the most close information. giving them a prognosis of grosss and outgos. Therefore. they can measure their public presentation. and command the waste from mistake. puting the budgeted end.

Beside the ends set by the acquisition consequence is more motive for the workers. Such as production budgeting. they can gauge the production unit to run into the budgeted end. Since they would wish to supply the knitwear to the new contract. they can calculate the cost. human resources and material demand for the new contract. They should utilize larning curve. because the simple analysis will disregard the learning consequence. so that the public presentation may undervalue. It can besides assist to put a criterion for steering the workers. usage to do certain the quality of knitwear. command the cost and to set up the fillip program.

So that the direction can corroborate the knitwear holding a high quality to carry through their end that being a high manner trade name. They can besides gauge the merchandise cost. since the cost is first component for pricing determination To reason. it can assist L + H for budgeting. since it can give them a truth prediction. to allow them put up a budgeted end to actuate the workers. to mensurate their public presentation more exact. and the direction can utilize to put out a usher to standard the undertaking.


It can assist in pricing strategic. Since the larning curve can be find the cost. work force for the undertaking and predict clip of the whole undertaking. For case. the processs of knitwear are made by the workers. so that the labour costs become important factor. They can anticipate how much for the labour cost before they accept the contract. Besides the stuff cost. In add-on. when the production addition and the cost will be drop down. they can sell the knitwear at a lower monetary value. and pulling the new clients taking L+H and to derive the market portion at the high manner rhythm.

So that they can bring forth more knitwear and the cost will be farther lessening. To sum-ups of the pricing. it is helpful for them to doing monetary value determination. usage to holding a lower monetary value which is pulling the new clients. Decision doing – future operational Third. it can assist direction to doing determination for future operation by utilizing the informations provide by larning consequence. L+H can see should they supply the knitwear to the other trade name or construct up their ain trade name. Because the resources are limited. they can happen out the most profitable hereafter operation determination.

In extra. they can besides see should they supply developing class to the worker. to do the process go more efficient. Furthermore. they can be after to do advertisement or giving price reduction to the client. because they become more efficient and the cost will be deduced. so that they can hold more budgets. And this action can do them go more celebrated and pull the new clients. In reasoning of this portion. it is utile for them to happen out the concern orientation which is most benefit for them. and the future action should be doing.

Detected the designed bugs Furthermore. they can happen out the designed bugs and correct it immediate. Since the L + H will make the undertaking repeat. so that there are more merchandise green goods with the same equipment. The interior decorator can seek out the insufficient of the design of knitwear. It is aid to devolve their merchandise and do it more perfect. Furthermore. it can assist to cut down the waste of mistake and besides to cut down the labour hours since they can happen out which portion is blowing resources and to redesign the knitwear. Therefore. they can cognize how to utilize the lower cost to do the better knitwear.

To sum up. since the designed bugs can be detected. they can forestall the waste of stuff. clip and the labour hours. Besides it can used to better their merchandise. Determining human resourses For finding the human resourses. as L+H become more efficient. the direction can transfer the work force. extinguish the unneeded undertaking or enroll extra worker. So that they can guarantee the contract can be finish on clip and the quality won’t be affect even they have to bring forth more knitwear. At the same clip. the human resourses can be use in the best manner.

It can besides assist to be after the agenda of work to hit the production mark. and prognosis of the day of the month of bringing. A unit of ammunition up of this portion. the human resourse can be reallocate. and it is utile for cost economy. Part B Limitations Firstly. there is an premise of larning curve that the production must be continues less of important hindrance. In instance of the hindrance occur the acquisition curve will be alteration. For illustration. when the entity employed a new worker to take part the activity. because of the acquisition curve performed by the experient staff. the new worker will non be capable to larning curve.

Second. any alteration of the larning environment such as design. the supply degree and quality of stuffs. employee’s morale and people ascription. will impact the acquisition curve. For case. the ascent of installations may impact the cognition of the worker. their productiveness may drop down. so the acquisition curve may obsolete. Besides. since larning curve is based on the clip of bring forthing. nevertheless it is barely to guarantee the existent informations obtain for the computation. so that the direction outlook may be incorrect.

The company civilization may besides act upon the acquisition curve. such as the fillip for workers. working hours per twenty-four hours. For illustration. the worker ardor of the undertaking will diminish when the occupation about end. it will do the curve bead down. In extra. difference people holding difference absorbent capacity. so that the clip of completing undertaking will be difference. Lack of consistency is fail to run intoing mark which is determination by larning curve theory. Last but non least. the larning curve need the undertaking is in repeat. if the undertaking is non insistent the larning curve can non be applied.

To reason of the whole essay. the acquisition curve is a tool for direction devising determination and to go more efficiency to make the end. Besides. the larning curve can be use in many ways. In portion A ( two ) . discussed in the application of larning curve in L+H. they can utilize it for budgeting – assisting them to put out the company end and counsel. pricing – to holding a lower monetary value to increase their monetary value fight. determination doing – to make up one’s mind the most profitable general way. observe the design mistake – to do the design go more perfect and find the human resourse – to utilize the work force most efficient.

So that they can seek out the best manner to continues their concern. In the following portion. the restrictions of larning curve are discussed. There are six restrictions have been probe. the acquisition curve is deficiency of continuity. there shouldn’t have any alteration of larning environment. the trouble of obtaining the information. the company civilization. human larning ability and the repeat of undertaking. Reference List 1. Steven. Grahame. ( 1999 ) ‘The larning curve: from aircraft to spacecraft?

’ Management Accounting. May 1999 2. hypertext transfer protocol: //secure. gslb. cimaglobal. com/Documents/ImportedDocuments/ma_may_99_p64-65. pdf [ assessed 01. 11. 2012 ] 3. Steven. Grahame. ( 2010 ) ‘The larning curve: The key to future direction? ’ Research executive drumhead series. 6 ( 12 ) 4. Steven. Grahame. ( 2004b ) ‘Steep in history’ CIMA Insider. Jul/Aug. . pp. 23-24 5. Steven. Grahame. ( 2004a ) ‘A minor departure’ CIMA Insider. Sep. . pp. 24 6. L+H Fashion Limited hypertext transfer protocol: //www. lplush. com/LplusH. hypertext markup language [ assessed 01. 11. 2012 ] .


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