Amanda – referred it to a show called Law

Amanda – referred it to a show called Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Daniella – “laws are rules and regulations that need to be followed.”
Carlos – “laws are a set of rules for a society and anyone who breaks those rules is punished.”
Precious – “law is a set of rules that are really easy for people to find loopholes.”
Naji Muñiz – “law is nonsense”.

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Derek – “law is a rule that people have to follow… he doesn’t really care about it.”
Liberian – “law is a necessary thing for society.”
Student Center Man – “law is agreed upon set of principles”
Michael – “a set of established rules that are used to govern our lives.”
Alejandro – “respecting the government decisions. Law traps immigrants, and African Americans. Laws are going against us.”



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