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September 19, 2017 General Studies

Miss Furr and Miss Keene has a repute of being one of Gertrude Stein’s more controversial plant. Originally published in 1922. the narrative Tells of the lives of two adult females who live together. The narrative is written with a limited vocabulary and contains the word “gay” which appears over a 100 times. It is purported to be one of the first coming out narratives published. and through its reissue in Vanity Fair in 1923. the belowground significance of “gay” became more widely known ( Amazon Books and Writers. 2008 ) .

Stein’s manner of composing utilizations repeat as a literary device. Those who grew up reading Dr. Seuss will hold no problem reading Miss Furr and Miss Skeene while those who are unfamiliar with Dr. Seuss will happen the text rather confounding. This is because Stein. as a linguist and naturalist. utilizes repeat as a agency of accomplishing the natural primary procedures of perceptual experience and idea ( Kimball. 1998 ) . This is the primary ground why Stein’s authorship is frequently regarded as gibberish.

However. those who study her organic structure of work will happen that it is through this method that Stein conveys “the bit by bit altering nowadays of human consciousness. the instability of emotion and thought” ( Perloff. 1999. p. 98 ) . This method allows Stein to allow the reader experience the ideas being conveyed as they are being written ( natural ) alternatively of conveying the idea after it has been written ( synthesized ) . Her usage of this playful manner in Miss Furr and Miss Skeene is intended to bestir confusion both literally and metaphorically to reflect the ideas of the author ( as Stein is besides a sapphic ) and the characters in the narrative.

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This besides enables Stein to dissect one event into many while still refering to that one event—like an episode of 24 where the focal point is that one hr but seen in different contexts. Repeating is used here as “a calculated arrested development of sorts—an effort to acquire at ( sometimes to acquire back to and retrieve ) the “real” things lying below the surface ( the unconscious. the “primitive. ” the primary “raw” passions of desire. love. green-eyed monster. power. prestigiousness. etc. ) in order to light the nuanced ways that characters negotiate subconscious desires through the coded conventions of mundane polite conversation” ( Nelson 2000 ) .

Stein’s word picture of these adult females. like the manner she normally depicts her topics. are meant to be taken as they are. Stein’s modernist manner of composing “remains imperviable to such an easy reading for it ne’er allows us to do unafraid judgements about characters and action” ( Behling. 2001. p. 127 ) . Therefore. it is literally impossible to state if the characters were imitations or non. Stein’s alone technique entirely focuses on the action and its multiple contexts alternatively of one remarkable impression.

This is apparent in her usage of repeat without literally reiterating. Alternatively. each sensed repeat is in fact designed to convey a new significance. An illustration of this is the repeat of the word “gay. ” In its first usage in the 7th sentence of the narrative. “she did non happen it cheery life in the same topographic point she has been populating. ” the word “gay” is used in the context of being bored. However. with each new fluctuation. the word “gay” is transformed to intend other things. including that of today’s modern-day definition.

This method of pun allows for the dual entendre of the narrative. To the ( so ) sophisticated. the narrative is about Helen Furr coming out as a sapphic. while to the lupus erythematosus informed. it is a simple narrative of two adult females populating together. This manner is meant to be experienced as it was intended by the writer. In fact. Stein’s works. be it prose or poesy. are frequently discussed out loud chiefly to arouse and impart that which is “natural” while besides appreciating the style’s lyricality.

Hence. Miss Furr and Miss Skeene would profit from being read aloud by leting the reader to see “living where many were populating and cultivating in themselves something” ( Stein. 1993. p. 257 )


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