Amazon Evolution Paper

June 30, 2018 Management

Amazon is trying hard to be a key player in the next wave of the Internet. This is the reason why it is spreading its wings in other areas as well because to be truly successful it will have to become jack of all trades and not just master of one. In order to stand the tough competition laid down by Google and Microsoft®, Amazon might have to encounter a few data management issues.

Since Amazon would have to deal with a lot of cloud computing in which computing is moved to a cloud of computers from the traditional individual application server or personal computers, it would have to ensure that its data maintenance abilities is at par with its already established competitors otherwise more customers would shift their loyalties to the competitors’ side.

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Since Amazon is already into providing services like Amazon Simple Storage Service and (Amazon S3) and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), the company would have to ensure that it is able to store, process and query data sets without any hindrance 24/7. Since cloud computing demands an extensive capacity of the above-mentioned abilities, the data management capabilities should be superb and should also be improved from time to time based on the changing market trends.

In the process of managing the SimpleDB-based data it would have to take care of the related concepts like customer accounts, domains, items, attributes and values to get the maximum results in the shortest time frame.

If Amazon wants to outshine Google and Microsoft® who are already highly established in their respective fields then it would have to not only master all the above mentioned data management issues and concepts but also combat the new issues that would erupt from time to time. Apart from this if it uses a fresh approach of data management rather than just following the time tested formulas, then it can carve a distinct place in the market, which has a burgeoning number of competitors both small and big.


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