Amazon Kindle And E Book Publishers Information Technology Essay

September 19, 2017 Information Technology

This chapter will show some empirical findings from American e-book publishing houses which have been gathered through the online and telephone interviews. Furthermore, the both qualitative and quantitative attacks have been combined to roll up the information.

Qualitative Information:


Aptara was founded in 1988 to supply the digital publication services to book publishing houses and it employs 4000 employees while holding the central office in Washington D.C. Their digital publication services include scanning & A ; digitizing, Swift informations entry, content transition, OCR applications, digital recording and imaging etc. In add-on to Amazon they have a big figure of clients such as Pearsons instruction, Cambridge university imperativeness, Wiley Blackwell, Oxford university imperativeness, Random House, Microsoft and Motorola etc. Furthermore, they besides offer low-priced and extremely professional services to change over the books into different formats for doing its handiness on e readers such as Amazon Kindle, Sony and iPod etc. Based on its quality services in e-book production Aptara has been certified by ISO 2700:2005 and ISO 9001:2008. Therefore, 52 % of book publishing houses believe that the quality services of Aptara have been enabling them to do their net incomes be doubled. Furthermore, Brown & A ; Co which was founded in 1775 and is the oldest printing company in New York stock exchange has made a contract of $ 29 million with Aptara for informations and content transition. Furthermore, Aptara has earned a immense popularity for reassigning the childrenaa‚¬a„?s books being produced by Candlewick imperativeness and Walker books to Amazon Kindle.

Code Mantra:

Code Mantra is an American based company which is located in Philadelphia and it was established in 2002. It provides really alone services for e-book production such as plus altering installation, digitising the plus disposal, digitising the plus sharing and content direction etc. Furthermore, they have many clients such as New York University imperativeness, John Wiley & A ; Sons, Cengage acquisition, Gibson publication and Springer printing company etc. They offer different e-book formats such as HTML, PDF, Mobipocket, XTML, BBEB, and EPUB etc. Therefore, Code Mantra ranks Amazon kindle at figure one because it supports more adaptable file formats such as physician, rtf, gpg, gpef, opf, azw, China etc. Furthermore, they have been having more client support particularly since following the publication criterions of Amazon. Recently Code Mantra has signed an understanding with a taking package company i.e. GO Spoken for working with nomadic companies such as 3G, Vodaphone, Nokia and Samsung etc.

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Impelsys is besides a prima digital publishing house in the market who has been covering with about 2100 major contracts given by 60 large publishing houses since its constitution in 2001. Their installations include content transition, multimedia, e-learning, package development, and care & A ; support etc. Their clients include Mcgrawhill, Benchmark instruction, Marshall Cavendish, Prufrock imperativeness, and Thieme etc. Similarly, they besides rate the Amazon Kindle as the most rewarding device because of its capacity to hive away about 150000 books in contrary to other e-readers where merely 50000-60000 books are available. Furthermore, they have been establishing a new engineering for reassigning the contents to Mobiles and handheld devices. Apart from that they have been winning the contracts from major book publishing houses to reassign their books to inflame device due to its extremely convenient file formats which consequences in hiking their gross revenues grosss.


Innodata Isogen was formed in 1988 in New York with the mission of offering the digital reading contents to book publishing houses. Based on their services such as research & A ; analysis, content transition, e-learning, concern package development, and redacting services they have quickly increased their grosss from $ 20 1000000s to $ 60 1000000s by the terminal of 2001. Furthermore, since back uping the merchandises of Amazon their grosss have improbably been increased by $ 75 1000000s. Their clients include Barnes & A ; Nobles, chalkboard, Virginia University, John wileys boy, and LexisNexis etc. Furthermore, they besides favour Amazon Kindle which has brought more quality and dependability in their services because of its strong trust on the policy of Digital Rights Management which prevents the E-Book buccaneering. Therefore, 70 % of their client publishing houses claim that since their books are available on Amazon Kindle they have been gaining more net incomes by cut downing their unneeded costs of printing and storage.

Jouve Group:

Jouve group is at the head of digital publication and electronic content distribution. Chiefly they are adept in digitising, informations excavation, content creative activity, content designing, typesetting etc. Because of holding offices in different states such as USA, France, Romania, China, Poland, and India they have got a to the full diversified background to cognize different reading forms and linguistic communications. Therefore, they are known as one of the largest interlingual rendition companies who translate the contents into different linguistic communications. Their sentiment about Amazon kindle is rather favorable because it supports assorted foreign linguistic communications without doing any break in file lading velocity.


Libredigital was formed in 1999 for offering the publishing houses with electronic repositing and distribution services. They have given the thought of on-line books merchandising to its clients by underscoring the significance of e-books which attracted Harpercollins to develop an on-line catalogue of its contents. Their major clients include Amazon, Harpercollins, Hachette book group, Kaplan, and Simon & A ; Schuster etc. Furthermore, the frailty president i.e. Albert Lopez who holds the 20 old ages of experience in information engineering has generated $ 50 1000000s through private funding and $ 150 1000000s through subsequent public offerings for Libredigital. Harmonizing to the president of Libredigital they have doubled their grosss since following the Amazon publication guidelines and presenting the reading contents for Amazon kindle. Furthermore, they have added new characteristics to Amazon online bookshop which boosted their gross revenues 5 % -7 % . However, since providing the reading contents to different e-readers including inflame their grosss have been raised by 370 % particularly for the last five old ages.


Macmillan solutions are besides one of the taking computerized publication companies covering with books, diaries, magazines and newspapers etc. Their major services include digital publication, content solutions, subscription disposal, and content accretion etc. Harmonizing to Macmillan group about 2-3 million vitamin E readers have been sold during 2009 which will make to 6 million by the terminal of 2010. Furthermore, they have besides voted Amazon inflame by top figure because of its compatibility with commonly adaptable file formats such as azw, pdf, mobi, physician, rtf, and hypertext markup language which are really popular in public. However, Macmillan group has late introduced a new version of HTML i.e. HTML 5.0 which is every bit suited to inflame every bit good that has increased its downloading velocity. Because of working with worldaa‚¬a„?s taking publishing houses they have been spread outing its portion capital really quickly and by the terminal of 31st March 2010 their Numberss of held portions were 16822668. Furthermore, out of the entire publication grosss of $ 36.5 million Macmillan group has earned entirely the net publication grosss of $ 11.4 million.


Textech has been supplying landmark part in e-book publication and content transition which covers instruction, retailing, trading and security industry. Furthermore, they offer every bit good the 24 hr support for LAN, Wan and networking resources etc. Their clients include Blackwell publication, Harvard university imperativeness, Mcgrawhill, Greenwood publication, and Columbia university imperativeness etc. Since 2001 they have been transforming the book publication by electronically reassigning the contents to e readers such as Amazon Kindle, Sony and iPod etc. Recently, Harvard Business School imperativeness who are the spouse of Amazon has appointed Textech for digitising their reading stuff for cutting their printing and storing cost. For cut downing the publication costs by 35 % Textech has fixed an application of HP aio 600 which has increased their grosss about to three creases during 2010.

Quantitative Information:


Figure 14: Kindle at a glace

As per the above figure Amazon Kindle clearly contains comparatively bigger capacity of book choice in contrary to other e-readers while offering the newspapers and magazines every bit good. Furthermore, it supports audio formats and different fount sizes. Based on these alone characteristics of Kindle the American e-book publishing houses have been able to revolutionise their concerns by supplying the customized digital publication services.

E-BOOK Net Gross saless:

Table 1: E-books and Paper books net gross revenues

The Association of American Publishers and E-Book publishing houses have estimated the gross revenues figures of e-books and other paper books. Resultantly the e-books have shown more grosss for book industry in comparing with the paper books, sound books and paper-back books particularly during the last 3 old ages which clearly indicates the clip when vitamin E readers were introduced to the market. Furthermore, Amazon entirely has significantly been lending towards the e-book gross revenues because it has been negociating with three out of four book publishing houses for digitising their books every bit good as constructing the understandings with 40 different types of newspaper companies. Apart from that fact the market of text editions holds about $ 6 one million millions of grosss in United States entirely which is besides appealing for e-book publishing houses.


Figure 15: Age Bands of Kindle Customers

Harmonizing to a study conducted by Amazon and its spouse e-book publishing houses sing the age groups of kindle clients by affecting 1387 participants. Finally the consequences had shown the high ownership of Kindle among the people in their 50-59 old ages which was 21.2 % . However, the figures besides suggest that the ownership of Kindle has invariably been increasing as the Kindle clients are going mature. Therefore, it is to be believed that Kindle has been having more client support since its consciousness has been increasing among its clients. However, really distinctively Kindle is still being supported by the readers of 80-89 old ages old which is an matchless fact about Kindle.


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