Amda Essay

Some time I was in a theater group with the culture house of my city. We had a short time for make a theater and musical work. We had to work very hard, we had to rehearse a long time, and we had to get everything to present our work. Our teacher, Gustavo, was very patient during all the rehearsals. He accepted our ideas, he corrected them and perfectioned them, he ever was listening us. I think that communication is very important in theater and in everything in general.

Team work requires very much communication between actors, trainers and all the people help in mount. I remember the meetings with my classmates, planning the show, doing shopping lists, sharing opinions, ideas and resources. All the experiences were beautiful because we worked together to obtain a good work. The day of inauguration in the culture week of city, we were worried because the sound presented faults and we did not know what do.

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We prove different forms and equipments and at the end we got a good show, it was excellent and the public liked our work. It was a big challenge; because we put all our effort in it and we worked together, that is the most important. I learned many things, between those… team work, we think that we can do everything by ourselves, but actually we need too much about other people, of what they can give us, of what they can teach us, of what they can correct our mistakes, and of what they can do with us, with a mutually effort.

I learned to fight, don? t stop and don? t surrender when you have a goal, a mountain to arrive. I learned to look for the things, all what is necessary to get what you want. Everything is possible for those who knowhow to fight, for those who perseverate, for those who look for opportunities instead of waiting for them. AMDA is a new challenge for me, a very big challenge, it? s a dream and I will arrive, it will be now in this opportunity or later in a next opportunity that I make.



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