American Dream

December 14, 2017 General Studies

The American Dream is a mental concept that means you’ll have wealth and stability. The American Dream however is not gained Just by sitting around; you truly have to work for it. It comes with its fair share of obstacles, but if you push through them your American Dream will come true and you will succeed in life. The true American Dream if not being about having all the riches and having power what is it about? It is about having what you need to make it through comfortably. It is about not having to look over your shoulder to make sure your family and yourself can hire.

The American Dream does come with its fair share of obstacles. Most obstacles come and no one ever expects it to be an obstacle. In F. Scott Fitzgerald “Winter Dreams,” Dexter gets married starts a new life, but throws all of it away for a woman who caught his heart a long time ago. She winds up leaving him a month later and leaving him to suffer in misery the rest of his life. It is obstacles like these that nobody expects. Once you have moved on into a better future you have to leave the past behind you. It goes to show is that everyone’s main obstacle in achieving the

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American Dream is themselves. We stand in the way of our American Dreams because of our physical, mental, and emotional blockades we build up in our minds and let bring us too staggering halt. “What happens to a dream deferred? ” (Hughes, Raisin in the sun) When you have deferred on your dreams you’ve basically given up. The American Dream is about doing whatever it takes to achieve your dreams. You must spend every waking moment to achieve your dreams. If you take one moment off of doing what you have to do to achieve your dream you will end up losing it.

Longboats Hughes ended his poem saying “or does it explode? ” Indeed it does explode. The American Dream is meant to be carried out every second of every day until you have made it. Once you have made it then you put in the work to maintain it. It’s the small things that cause people to lose their American Dreams. A problem with it is that people don’t know when they have achieved it. The American Dream is about much more than wealth and power, it is about stability. Once you can live a stable life and provide then you have achieved it.


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