American Dream In the 1920s Essay

July 29, 2017 Music

In the 1920s. many Americans were seeking to accomplish the ill-famed “American Dream. ” The dream was to be rich. successful. happy. and one of the societal elites. However. even though this was the dream for Americans in the 1920s. the general criterion has changed over the old ages into the present clip. Since the 1920s. the dream of seting a high accent on an individualistic and mercenary life has evolved into a present twenty-four hours dream of working difficult. keeping a well-paying occupation. and raising a household. The 1920s was an epoch of declined societal and moral values. as shown by its increased chase of pleasance. When World War I ended in 1918. the immature Americans who had fought the war became profoundly disillusioned. as the conflicts that they had merely fought in made the Victorian societal morality of the early 1920s seem like lip service.

This caused those that had fought in the war to non care as much about continuing traditional ethical motives. Besides. since World War I was the “war to stop all wars. ” Americans were rather optimistic during the 1920s. The uncontrolled satisfaction that led to self-indulgent parties and wild wind music resulted finally in the corruptness of the American dream. as the uninhibited desire for pleasance exceeded other. less of import ends. Americans’ chase of pleasance in the 1920s resulted finally in a diminution in values. Many of the values of today’s dream are similar to those of the 1920s. The dream today does dwell of pleasance and felicity. However. the dream of the 1920s was to set a much stronger accent on it than today’s dream does. The values and ethical motives today are besides more widely accepted by the general populace. An illustration of this is adult females have oning bathing suits to a public beach. In the 1920s. it was bad plenty that those bathing suits were even the least spot uncovering.

Today. nevertheless. it is absolutely acceptable for adult females to have on Bikini to a public beach. which are much more telling than those of the 1920s. This is because the criterion has bit by bit changed over clip. Many of the values of the 1920s were highly new and deviated from the norm greatly. The “new” values crashed right into the 1920s with the outgrowth of the flapper. a new coevals of adult females who bobbed their hair. have on short skirts. and listened to jazz music. Peoples had no clip to accommodate to these values. On the other manus. the values of the modern American dream were bit by bit incorporated. Americans today have been around these values long plenty that they are now accustomed to them. During the 1920s. household life was both similar and different than it is now. Promotions in industrial production and engineering enabled ordinary Americans to get what one time had been unachievable luxuries. such as cars.

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These luxuries that were portion of mundane household life in the 1920s are still portion of the dream today. There are. nevertheless. differences between household life of the 1920s and modern household life. In the 1920s. hubbies were the “breadwinners” for their households. While the work forces were at work. their married womans cooked. cleaned. and looked after the place. Wifes besides did most of the elevation of the kids. Womans in the 1920s did keep occupations. but that was something more for immature. individual adult females. Married adult females typically did non obtain a occupation because it would do them to take their focal point off of taking attention of their household. The dream today is that both work forces and adult females perform equal portions of raising the household. Alternatively of merely the work forces keeping occupations. adult females besides hold occupations today. Alternatively of merely the adult females caring for the place and kids. work forces besides take portion.

Through these attempts. Americans can trust to accomplish the portion of the dream of raising a household. Throughout the 1920s. Americans went on a disbursement fling. The rise of the stock market led to a sudden addition in the national wealth and created a society full of philistinism. Peoples began to devour and pass more than of all time. and they had the thought that money and popularity would work out everything. A individual from any societal background could. potentially. strike a luck. Speculators and industrialists who achieved the American dream in the 1920s of “getting rich” were labeled the “new money. ” The nobility disliked the new money. The alleged “old money. ” households that had ever had money that was passed down from coevals to coevals. felt that the “get rich quick” ways of gaining money were non every bit fulfilling as the traditional ways.

Today. money is valued otherwise than it was in the 1920s. The dream is non centered so much around money as it used to be. Yes. money is still merely as of import. but people today maintain other ends in head other than merely gaining money. The dream today consists of holding a occupation that pays good and that is gratifying. non merely a occupation that merely pays good. Another portion of the American dream that adult females had in the 1920s was equal rights with work forces. The confirmation of the Nineteenth Amendment in 1920. which allowed adult females the right to vote. helped them come even closer to holding equal rights with work forces. In the dream today. adult females seem to non be as concerned about women’s rights as they did in the 1920s.

This is due to the fact that most of the work that needed to be done has already been done. such as the women’s rights motion and the confirmation of the 19th amendment. Today. on norm. adult females earn 77 cents for every dollar that work forces earn. Womans still hold far less ownership. CEO. and other high places within companies than work forces. These two facts are grounds that work still remains in the battle for equal rights for adult females. However. adult females decidedly came a long manner and it is merely a affair of clip before they are equal with work forces. for most of the work has already been done.

In the 1920s. at that place seems to hold been an American dream that everyone was seeking to accomplish. Many people looked and some still do look toward this as a theoretical account for their ain single American dreams. However. even though this might hold been the dream for many Americans in the 1920s. the general criterion sure has changed over the old ages into the present clip. Since the 1920s. the dream of seting a high accent on “materialistic” life has evolved into a present twenty-four hours dream of working difficult. keeping a well-paying occupation. and raising a household.


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