American Idiot

October 26, 2018 Music

This essay suggests that an “American Idiot” is a person that relies on the media and gives into emotional tactics. For example, someone who pledges allegiance before they understand much of anything about America. It is somebody who just does what everybody else is doing. 2. An example of contextual analysis is when you were describing the cover of the album and how the music within inspired your emotions. “Widely considered one of the best anti-war protests of 2004, the album came complete with the picture of a hand gripping a bloody heart-shaped grenade.

While the cover gave me an idea for one of the shoot’s best photos, it was the music within that gave voice to my anger and consoled my relentlessness, assuring me that I wasn’t the only one that believed so passionately that our country was on the wrong track. ” (page 1, paragraph 4) An example of textual analysis is when you analyzed the term “Redneck Agenda” that had been previously mentioned in the essay. “The ‘Redneck Agenda’ might also be referring to another favorite punching bag that Armstrong hits in many other songs on the album (most notibly ‘Jesus of Suburbia’), the religious right wing of the conservative party.

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An example of word analysis is when you analyzed the word, “faggot”. “while the word ‘faggot’ is a slang, derogatory term for a homosexual, it has also been used to define anyone who refuses to fight or be ‘manly'”. (page 3, paragraph 3) An example of a sentence analysis is when you analyzed a line in the song. “With this in mind, the line in the song, ‘One nation controlled by the media,’ an obvious reference to the pledge, can be brough into connection with both the ‘Redneck agenda’ and the ‘Ages of paranoia. ‘” (page 4, paragraph 3) 3. I liked the introduction.

I didn’t know where it was leading to at first, but I understood as I read, and it fit the essay very well. It was a unique and creative way to relate to the main theme of the essay. 4. There wasn’t much evidence about whether the kids being taught the Pledge really know anything or not. I, personally, didn’t know the Pledge until I was old enough to have somewhat of an understanding of the significance. So more could have been used to support that statement. Also, the statement about “Under God” being in the pledge was unclear. Why is it bad to differentiate ourselves from the Communists? I wanted this to be explained more.


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