American Indians and Freedom Essay

American Indians have striven for freedom endlessly since the colonisation in 1800s. But for different American Indians. the definitions of freedom vary a batch. For the main Seattle. the author of AUTHENTIC TEXT OF CHIEF SEATTLE’S TREATY ORATION 1854. the freedom means the rights to populate with the nature harmoniously and to maintain their faith and traditions. For Carlos Montezuma. the author of Let My People Go. the definition of freedom is really absolute and stems from political rights. His freedom means the rights of pull offing the materials of American Indians wholly without the control of white adult male.

From my point of position. the definition of freedom to American Indians is more close to its political definition because the rights of protecting the holy nature will non be given if they lose the political rights. But I argue that the existent freedom does non intend the absolute free. Furthermore. the main Seattle and Carlos Montezuma differ in the issue about whether American Indians should accept the direction of settlers. For the main Seattle. he thinks him and his people can accept the direction of settlers on the status that the settlers will non destruct their holy nature.

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For Carlos Montezuma. he asks the settlers non to interfere the issue of American Indians because the corrupt direction of the settlers. I think that American Indians can accept the direction of the settlers if they can have plenty political rights. The best manner is to postulate for a democracy system and authorities for American Indians instead than merely inquiring for go forthing the control of the settlers. It is obvious that the two authors ain rather different apprehensions when they face with the same word—freedom. as I mentioned at the beginning.

The author of AUTHENTIC TEXT OF CHIEF SEATTLE’S TREATY ORATION 1854 shows deep love to his ascendants and the things his ascendants leave for them. He uses “sacred” to depict its ascendants and “hallowed ground” . “verdant valleys” . “murmuring rivers” and so on to depict his life environment. Besides. the author thinks that their faith is “the Great Spirit” and gives them in “solemn hours of the dark. ” Yet. in the positions of these American Indians. the settlers refuse to accept and esteem the holy nature and ascendants of Africa Americans.

The author writes. “Your God is non our God! Your God loves your people and hatreds mine! ” The quotation mark indicates that American Indians in Seattle fear profoundly that the colonial regulation will destroy their life environment. faith and traditions. Hence. for the author. their freedom means the regard of their civilization. Nevertheless. Carlos Montezuma. the author of “Let My People Go” . asks for wholly different freedom. He writes. “The Indian Bureau is the lone obstruction that stands in the manner that hinders our people’s freedom. ” . “…when the Indians will necessitate the most aid in this universe. … the Indian.

Bureau will discontinue to exist…” and “the Indian employees in the Indian Service ; their personality is destroyed…they have nil to state. ” These cite express the strong willing of American Indians to get away from the control of White Americans because of the corruptness of Indian Bureau. So. the definition of freedom to Carlos Montezuma is the rights to show their ain willing and accomplish more political rights. I rather agree with Carlos Montezuma because he wants to inquire for more political rights.

Even if the Big Chief at Washington promised that the new settlers will esteem the civilization of the American Indians in Seattle. he can easy renegue on on the promise without the political rights or the protection of the jurisprudence. On the other manus. the main Seattle and Carlos Montezuma ain different attitudes towards the issue about the direction of white American. Carlos Montezuma hurriedly wants to get rid of the Indian Bureau system instead than better the system. Carlos Montezuma writes. “The Indian Bureau system is incorrect. The lone manner to set incorrect is to get rid of it. and the lone reform is to allow my people go. ”

The quotation mark expresses the pressing willing of Carlos Montezuma to halt the tally of the incorrect system. He owns the sentiment to get away the control of White Americans. However. I think that American Indians can accept the direction of settlers merely if the settlers launch Torahs to protect the American Indians and give them plenty political rights. The sentiment of halting the tally of the system is excessively arbitrary and naif. It is extremely possible that a ruder manner to pull off the American Indians created after the abolishment of the old system.

Carlos Montezuma can non accept the direction of White Americans at all. But the main Seattle’s demands related to the credence of the White Americans’ direction possibly is without much consideration. The main Seattle writes. “But should we accept it. I here and now do this status that we will non be denied the privilege without molestation of sing at any clip the grave of our ascendants. friends. and kids. ” The quotation mark has deduction that the main Seattle will accept the colonial regulation on the status that the settlers will non ache their ascendants. friends and kids. And in the same paragraph. the author emphasizes the importance to protect their holly hillsides. vales. fields and so on once more.

I argue that his ideas and demands are excessively premature and crude. These are the basic rights for human existences. Even these rights are promised to give these American Indiana. they are still far off from freedom. as I regard it. Therefore. the existent freedom can non be achieved either by get rid ofing a incorrect system and wholly losing control or by inquiring for so limited rights and demo kindness or obeisance to the settlers. Of class. freedom decidedly is non what the Chief Seattle thinks.

He views freedom as the rights on the foundation of via media and merely asks for hapless limited rights. Besides. for me. freedom besides is non absolute like Carlos Montezuma thinks. It does non intend you can make what you want without others’ direction and wholly losing control. Freedom means you can have all the proper political rights under the protection of an impartial system or Torahs. The most important issue for the existent freedom is to make a right system or Torahs to protect the rights lawfully for these American Indians. No affair the main Seattle or Carlos Montezuma. they both lack in the consciousness to make a right system or Torahs to protect themselves.

If this sort of thing can be done. the being of India Bureau or the colonial regulation of White Americans does non count to them at all. For this ground. it is so critical for American Indians and besides other races to coerce the society to make a more and more impartial system endlessly. Works Cited Carlos Montezuma. “Let My Peoples Go” : An Address delivered at the conference of the Society of American Indians in Lawrence. Kansas. N. P: n. P. 1915 Dr. Henry A. Smith. AUTHENTIC TEXT OF CHIEF SEATTLE’S TREATY ORATION 1854. N. P: n. P. 1887.



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