An analysis of Flexible working practices

ESNAAD is one of the prima oil and gas services companies that have the largest offshore supply base in the Middle East which designed to run into the current and the future demands of mark industry. The base contain a breakwater, which supply offshore operations, such as pier services, vass managing, port services, material handling and many other services. ESNAAD is a entirely owned subordinate of ADNOC ( Abu Dhabi National Oil Company ) which provides support to the oil and gas industry. With such diverseness in merchandises and services, ESNAAD aims to be the prima service supplier in the oil and gas industry in the gulf and the Middle East. ESNAAD believes that this can merely be achieved by being a recognized universe category organisation to the full committed to their clients and employees. ( Welcome to ESNAAD, 2009 )

But to pull off an organisation runing at such a monolithic graduated table it is highly necessary to manage the human resource skilfully. One such demand of the organisations in present scenario is flexible working. There are a figure of patterns under this class that could be adopted by an organisation in order to take of its employees like parttime working, flexi timing, staggered hours, compressed working hours, occupation sharing, displacement swapping, self rostering, clip off in stead, term-time working, one-year hours, zero hours contract, etc. But all of them are non applicable over all the organisations and HR section has to look after this peculiar facet which finally defines its proficiency.

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Undertaking designation

Planning is considered to be as the primary kernel of any organisational facet and same is true with regard to human resource direction. First measure is to place the undertaking that has to be done that will possess high grade of synchronism with the employees and their behavior. Other aspects that have to be taken into history are the vision and mission of HR section as it is surely one of the cardinal factors finding organisational success. ( The Work Foundation )

Vision: To be recognized as the “ Champion ” HR Department in Abu Dhabi through streamlining our major HR & A ; A processes into best industrial & A ; international standards.A

Mission: We are committed to function as a strategic spouse alongside ESNAAD ‘s Divisions/ Departments in back uping the cooperate scheme through the proviso of high quality oriented HR & A ; A Services in a professional, caring and consistent mode to pull, develop, empower, motivate and retain a diverse work force within a supportive and just work environment while concentrating on our stakeholders.

My function in HR: I joined ESNAAD 10 months ago as an office decision maker in the HR & A ; A director ‘s office, few months subsequently I was transferred to Employee Relations to work as an “ Employee Relation Assistant ” where I started to look after a figure of undertakings like enlisting, expiration, leaves, loans, medical medical examination, transportations, insouciant labour, assorted non employee payment.

Specifying Undertaking: In this assignment I will foreground assorted flexible working patterns in ESNAAD along with specifying their synchronism with organisational operation.

This issue has become a critical issue from organisational point of position due to increasing abrasion rate and besides a big figure of chances that are available in forepart of efficient employees that are capable of giving productive result. Therefore in order to cognize about the employee demands they had to be taken into consideration in order to do certain that any analysis performed is in-depth in nature without any disagreement. But to measure more than few people through interview is impractical in nature which brings questionnaire into locality. Thus a questionnaire was conducted and 30 employees working in different sections of ESNAAD like Base Operations, HR & A ; A, Finance, IS & A ; T and Business Support participated in it.

Along with it, some of the top notches were besides interviewed in order to do certain that result of research is non biased in nature. Therefore in orders to make so, interviews were conducted with General Manager and Divisional Manager of ESNAAD.

Questionnaire was distributed amongst employees during their lunch interruption so as to use their free clip with haltering organisational timing. We intend to obtain employee perceptual experience sing flexible on the job patterns in a quantitative mode such that stairss could be taken based over concrete observations and non merely derived from inherent aptitudes.

Information Collection and Analysis

Appropriate analysis of the information that is collected through different agencies is besides necessary otherwise the motivation of research would non be justifiable. Following is the result that was attained through interviews that were conducted as a portion of information assemblage procedure.

General Manager of ESNAAD, Mr. Darwish Al. Qubaisi when asked about debut of flexibleness patterns replied that it has become an inevitable fringe benefit for ESNAAD due to tendency alterations that had been observed in relation to the employees. Besides he stated that he has observed positive alterations in employee relation in other organisations due to acceptance of this technique.

Division Manager, Mr. Abdulla Al Humaidan besides reviewed in a similar mode sing this peculiar issue that made it even clearer that this induction is decidedly traveling to ensue in a positive mode and non giving any skewed consequences. He said that his division is traveling to experiment with different flexible working patterns in order to happen best possible maneuver to raise the degree of their productiveness.

Next was the questionnaire that was measured over following graduated table.

Strongly Agree




Strongly Disagree


Are you to the full cognizant of the current flexible working system being operated in ESNAAD?

Do you believe of the system is utile?

Does the flexible system let you to execute better in your occupation?

Please choose the flexible working patterns that you use and select what do you believe of one of them:

Working Hours

Exit base on balls

Exit leave

Early going ( college or university )

Pregnancy leave

Hajj leave

Do you believe that ESAAD should be changed the flexible working patterns?

Does the flexible system use on you reasonably?

Make you cognize employees who abuse the system.

Does your line director or your section director allow you to utilize the flexible working patterns?

The blue bars in the graph ( above the 0 line ) show positive indicants or understanding, where as the ruddy saloon show the negative side or dissension. The green country at the dorsum illustrates the mean satisfaction degree of the participants.

From the graph we can detect that the bulk of the employees participated in the study were satisfied from the flexible working patterns system applied in ESNAAD and they are cognizant of the different working patterns in the system. More than 85 % of the participants believe that the flexible system helps them in their occupations and allows them to heighten their public presentation and their productiveness. The graph shows besides that flexible working hours and issue base on ballss are the most patterns used by the company.

Although the bulk of employees were satisfied from the flexible system, over 40 % of them said that ESNAAD should re-consider its flexible working patterns system and modify it in order addition the public presentation of persons. A really of import observation that the survey shows is that 100 % of the employees have no jobs in utilizing the flexible system, means that the direction degree do to the full understand the right of every employee in the company to acquire the benefits of the flexible working system.

After this analysis, it has been observed that there are certain specific flexible working patterns that are extremely suited for an organisation like ESNAAD. Flexible working could be bifurcated amongst following classs,

On the footing of flexible on the job hours.

On the footing of workplace.

Besides a fact that should be kept in head is that new techniques of flexible working should possess high correlativity with antecedently followed techniques such that their merger would bring forth even better consequences.

Some of such tactics include,

Part clip working provides employees with the option to work in an environmental status that is suited to him with regard to the clip. Thus employee could be basic, standard, or full-time employee.

Some of the sections of ESNAAD offer flexi timing that are suited for the employee such that he can work out of the nucleus hours decided by the employer.

Job sharing has besides become a common pattern amongst people of this organisation as it helps both the employees to work in an easy mode.

Shift working has besides helped figure of employees to do needed accommodations in their agenda in such a mode that they are able to cover all the displacements without any exclusion. ( Flexible working – the jurisprudence and best pattern )

Advantages of flexible working:

Basic characteristic that is enhanced with the aid of flexible working is employee satisfaction that eventually helps in augmenting organisational productiveness. Like through flexible working hours an employee could do agreements of his personal duties with doing forfeit in professional facets. Like an person could prepone or prorogue his working displacements by few hours with direction ‘s consent in order to finish other undertakings that he intends to make. This ultimately consequences in decreased absenteeism enhanced employee turnover, and more overtime as stated by HR section of ESNAAD.


There are certain disadvantages besides that get along with a figure of positive facets of flexible working in organisation. Like there is a demand of better clip direction in instance an employee has made a petition sing working from place. There may be state of affairss when supervisors are unable to maintain a path of employees along with supplying them with apt counsel. There may be state of affairss of work misbalancing when there are state of affairss of puting precedences and guaranting that people are unable to do proper pick. If a undertaking is to be performed in group, it will be hard for the employee to reset a agenda for full group and do certain that set marks are achieved on clip. Flexibility in working can be directed in a positive mode besides but it require batch of personal motive as without which it is extremely certain that it will neglect even in an organisation like ESNAAD with good established HR substructure.


With increasing degree of defeat and employee dissatisfaction, there is a demand for ESNAAD to guarantee that it adopt several steps that will heighten its profitableness with the aid of proper use of its human resource. Flexible on the job patterns provide a step to decide this job but it should be handled decently otherwise it could besides interrupt the decorousness of the organisation and eventually ensuing in break of organisational construction. But with more and more companies coming in the market, it has become indispensable for such organisations to take attention of the endowment that they possess in such a mode that they are non merely able to retain it, but besides groom them for raising and accomplishing organisational ends.


Harmonizing to me experimentation in this respect could be risky as when the echelon of deduction additions, interest besides increases that automatically raises liability of ESNAAD. Besides in the oil industry range of flexibleness additions along with the hierarchy that can non be applied over all the organisations present in the society.

Another facet that should be analyzed before doing such an induction is the cost factor that is associated with it. If the application is able to warrant the cost of production and will raise the profitableness, such a measure would be executable, otherwise non.

At last, company should foremost look into the dependability of the employee and the trust factor related to it as this will surely increase employee productiveness, but at the same clip there is besides a factor of self motive associated with it that can non be overlooked. If ESNAAD can place this peculiar factor, such a measure will be of great usage for it.



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