An Analysis of Guliver’s Travels;Voyage to Liliput

January 26, 2017 General Studies

Generations of schoolchildren raised on the first Book of.

“Gulliver’s Travels” have loved it as a delightful visit to a.

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fantasy kingdom full of creatures they can relate to_little.

creatures, like themselves. Few casual readers look deeply enough.

to recognize the satire just below the surface. But Jonathan Swift.

was one of the great satirists of his or any other age, and.

“Gulliver’s Travels” is surely the apex of his art.

“Gulliver’s Travels” tells the story of Lemuel Gulliver, a ship’s.

surgeon who has a number of rather extraordinary adventures,.

comprising four sections or “Books.” In Book I, his ship is blown.

off course and Gulliver is shipwrecked. He wakes up flat on his.

back on the shore, and discovers that he cannot move; he has been.

bound to the earth by thousands of tiny crisscrossing threads. He.

soon discovers that his captors are tiny men about six inches.

high, natives of the land of Lilliput. He is released from his.

prone position only to be confined in a ruined temple by ninety-.

one tiny but unbreakable chains. In spite of his predicament,.

Gulliver is at first impressed by the intelligence and.

organizational abilities of the Lilliputians.

In this section, Swift introduces us to the essential conflict of.

Book I: the naive, ordinary, but compassionate “Everyman” at the.

mercy of an army of people with “small minds”. Because they are.

technologically adept, Gulliver does not yet see how small-minded.

the Lilliputians are.

In Chapter II, the Emperor of Lilliput arrives to take a look at.

the “giant”, and Gulliver is equally impressed by the Emperor and.

his courtiers. They are handsome and richly dressed, and the.

Emperor attempts to speak to Gulliver civilly (although they are.

unable to understand one another). The Emperor decrees that every.

morning Gulliver is to be delivered “six beeves, forty sheep, and.

other victuals,” along with as much bread and wine as he needs,.

his basic needs are to be attended to, and six scholars are to.


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