An Experience of a Lifetime Essay

July 3, 2017 General Studies

An Experience of A Lifetime I use to always sit and wonder if people realized how many teens were victims of dating violence. Looking around public places with fear in my eyes, I could see people don’t see the abuse that goes on in some relationships. I, on the other hand, can see abusive relationships almost everywhere and almost everyday. I never noticed them until I was part of one. Being part of an abusive relationship changed my life and me as a person. I was once part of an abusive relationship.

Now that I look back on it, I realized I was in danger for about two years; almost three. I didn’t realize it until third year that I was being abused in every way possible. I was scared. I wasn’t myself. My friends were no longer my friends. My relationship with my family was being destroyed. I couldn’t do anything ever. My boyfriend had complete control of my life, and if I slipped up even once, I’d pay for it. I couldn’t bare hearing the things he yelled at me, and when he physically abused me, that was the end.

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I had changed, and I knew what had to be done. The abuse wasn’t immediately there. It was gradual now that I think about it. I never saw it coming. The experience changed me greatly. I use to fear losing my “boyfriend”, and I use to do whatever he would say just to keep him with me. After going through this experience however, I’m no longer that way. I’ve matured in a way. I don’t do whatever a guy tells me to do, and I’m no longer scared of losing my “boyfriend”. If I “lose” him, then I know things were not meant to be.

I could never move on so easily before, but I see things so differently now, and I feel as though I can get through anything. I was frightened before to tell someone and get help, but now I’m not even afraid to dial 911 if I’m in such danger. I’m not afraid to stand up for myself either. I learned being a pushover in a relationship doesn’t always work. That’s how I was and that didn’t end very well for me. Now I know how to handle myself in the situations that I was once in.

In the end of all this fear and hurt, I’ve come to find myself stronger. I’m stronger mentally and emotionally. I’ve learned that no guy is worth all the pain, depression, and loss. I realize now that not every guy means “I love you” when he says it. I know what to look for when I’m in a relationship so I do not find myself in another abusive one. Also, I learned I do not need a guy to be in my life in order for it to be complete. I realized I’m a strong girl who doesn’t need a guy screwing my life up. I’m a changed person for the better.


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