An Exploratory Study Of Critical Success Factors Marketing Essay


I think 7-Eleven is popular of trade name each people know and buy their demand in 7-Eleven narratives. In Hong Kong, 7-Eleven was opened in 1981 in Happy Valley, merely 20 old ages, Hong Kong, the development of more than 950 shops ( up to the terminal of 2009 ) , every twenty-four hours around the clock client service. And 7-Eleven is besides an active portion in public personal businesss, organized or sponsored by assorted charitable activities.

And compose the 7-Eleven jobs, many narratives in the same location, new competition appear in the market, Hong Kong will hold minimal pay. That will impact of the 7-Eleven ‘s staff and the cost. Last, the e-commerce affect 7-Eleven ‘s concern.

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I use the SWOT explain 7-Eleven ‘s strengths, failings chances, menaces in the market. And of the aims, write about the mark of this undertaking and some mensurable variables.

In the basic articles reappraisal, find the web site, book and two academic to happen their utile or consequence on my subject. And the research methods use which method to make the undertaking and which points is need careful.


7-Eleven is an international concatenation of convenience narratives and is among the biggest convenience shop in Hong Kong. 7- Eleven have many narratives in different location. Every location has approximately 20 narratives in location. And that, 7-Eleven is popular of trade name each people know and buy their demand in 7-Eleven narratives. In the other manus, 7-Eleven unfastened the hot nutrient market in Hong Kong and have good logistic squad transport the merchandise to different every twenty-four hours. Therefore, I choose the 7-Eleven for my research undertaking and I have interesting know 7-Eleven the market scheme.


7-Eleven in 1927, Dallas, Texas in the United States was founded, the universe ‘s largest convenience shop concatenation operator and franchise proprietors, and for the state ‘s largest independent gasoline retail Stationss. On April 28, 1999 the consent of the stockholders, concern name from the original name the Southland Corporation 7-Eleven, Inc.. 7-Eleven early in the production and retail ice concern, was for the convenience of our clients, and bit by bit to supply fresh milk, staff of life, eggs and other family goods, development of a broad scope of convenience goods shop paradigm.

Hong Kong ‘s first 7-Eleven was opened in 1981 in Happy Valley, merely 20 old ages, Hong Kong, the development of more than 950 shops ( up to the terminal of 2009 ) , every twenty-four hours around the clock client service. The sort of goods from the initial sale of drinks bites merely, one-stop convenience to supply farther services, such as charging, payment services, but besides in the shop Hot Shot Hot musca volitanss unfastened cooked nutrient stables, to supply clients with blazing fast nutrient. In add-on, 7-Eleven in Hong Kong is besides an active portion in public personal businesss, organized or sponsored by assorted charitable activities.

Of their job in 7-Eleven, 7-Eleven unfastened many narratives in the same location. For illustration, in Mong Kok, the same street may hold 3 or above in the street. Second, have the new competition appear in the market. In the market, have Circle K, Vango etc. and Circle K is the chief competition. Third, Hong Kong will hold minimal pay. That will impact of the 7-Eleven ‘s staff and the cost. Last, now have the e-commerce to impact 7-Eleven ‘s concern. E-commerce make the clients can purchase anything in place. They are n’t ever travel out purchase their demands and utilize other methods to satisfactory consumer demand.

About the 7-Eleven ‘s market of of import and recognize why the results are likely to be good of the market ( SWOT ) :


They have diverseness for their services. In Hong Kong, they can run off or facsimile, fining service, phone card etc. For illustration of the ticketing service, we can purchase book just fining in 7- Eleven. Then, have hot shot nutrient services for different demand of clients. Second, they get graded No.1 as Hong Kong Consumer ‘s Favorite Brand study done by Super Brand and Nielsen in 2009. This success confirms their local place of clients. Third, they have the best web in Hong Kong. They unfastened narratives in everyplace and achieve have shop near of you. Furthermore, they find some other company to collaborate detrude merchandises to increase clients. For illustration, Paddington Bear, Hello Kitty etc. In the other manus, they choose cutting border engineering for their operation. They have system can see how many goods coming every twenty-four hours. So they can easy to command the merchandises measure to provide clients. In add-on to this, 7- eleven have 20 twelvemonth retailing experience. They play the leader function and have a great influence in the market. Last, 7- Eleven aggressive investing enlargement makes their store develop so fast. Just twenty twelvemonth, the development of more than 950 stores in Hong Kong. This proves 7- Eleven successes grow up in the market.


7- Eleven have good web for their concern. But they merely have limited of service infinite. They are non holding all service in all store. In little store, they merely have drinks, bites and articles for day-to-day usage to purchase. The hot shooting nutrient or the photocopy or facsimile is non. These affect the client coming to utilize their services and may take other company to fulfill their demand. In the other manus, 7- 11 ‘s merchandises pricing is really high. Then client may take other company to purchase their privation. They can travel to supermarket and other shops, because these companies selling monetary value is low of 7- Eleven. So, the clients may take the best company to purchase their demand.


7- Eleven can travel to other metropolis to enlargement their market. In Hong Kong, they open the store in every MTR station and tourer attractive force. For illustration, they open in Ngong Pinging market and their employees are dress Chinese costume. And so they open their concern in 18 metropoliss to enlargement different metropolis. In the other manus, 7- Eleven development some single trade names and open the new market develops. They start to sell some on-line game cards and phone cards to convenient clients. Last, they have variegation for clients. For illustration, if weather cold, they have hot drink to purchase. And some merchandises have any price reduction in grace period.


About compete company, have Circle K is the same type company in Hong Kong. Circle K work clip is 24 hours excessively and the web is the best. But Circle K has non so much services with 7-Eleven. And other point, Economic fluctuation affect monetary value really high. In Hong Kong because the economic, the monetary value higher than last twelvemonth. The clients may experience unhappy and take other inexpensive company. Last, Customer gustatory sensation or attitudes affect the company sometime control which merchandises can increase measure. Control the measure can cut down manpower and put order easy to back up by clients gustatory sensation or attitudes.


I will basic fact happening of 7-Eleven ‘s success factors and happen out the job of 7-Eleven in Hong Kong. In 7-Eleven of Hong Kong, they will face the other company ‘s challenge. Their competition – Circle K opens more new narratives in recent old ages and put the old narratives to restitute. And another competition – Vango, open the new narratives in each location and the all think with the same of 7-Eleven. Now 7-Eleven confront more competition in the same clip and the same type of the market.

About the chief variables affect in the critical dependant variable on the 4P:

Product – 7-Eleven because of consumer ‘s demand, so they will sell their demand ‘s merchandise in each narratives and fulfill different clients need. And they have many different merchandises to convenient consumer in 24 hours of twenty-four hours.

Price – Although 7-Eleven ‘s monetary value is higher of the supermarket, but 7-Eleven can convenient the clients to purchase their privation. Sometime, the consumer are because of this ground to purchase anything in their narratives, because have more narratives in the same location. So, the monetary value is non the job in their selling planning.

Place – The same location have many narratives in at that place. Consumers can because their demand to take the best narratives in everyplace. And 7-Eleven may open the new location in the new topographic point. For illustration, Ma Wan, Ngong Ping etc. There have merely one convenience shop in this topographic point and they open the new market in the new site.

Promotion – 7-Eleven will utilize the new paper promote their merchandise and promote which merchandise have price reduction. Sometime, they find some other company to collaborate detrude merchandises to advance and increase their clients.

I will happen some information of the consumer behaviour, know 7-Eleven ‘s client purchasing behaviour and do me cognize 7-Eleven how to make do them success. And set the questionnaire to inquire some consumer ‘s sentiments of 7-Eleven. For illustration, about of the merchandise, will prove the client ‘s satisfy of their merchandise and the goods is or is non plenty on their narratives.

Critical reappraisal of relevant literature

Website – Describe the 7-Eleven how to utilize the strong publicity scheme to increase the consumer battle. They use the iPhone application augment the client ‘s relationship. The iPhone application “ gimmick ” an unusual point and user can roll up the point in their iPhone. Each narrative have different point can “ catch ” . So, this market action can do out clients engage with them on the popularity of iPhone. And utilize the iPhone game can approach by 7-Eleven, do the gross revenues addition. To pull the consumer go into the narratives buy their demand. Now, the applicable is success in Hong Kong, because many iPhone user have download this applicable drama this game and assist the 7-Eleven addition their gross revenues on their publicity merchandise.

Book – This book is write for the 7-Elecen in Japan, and analysis 7-Eleven invention direction manner in Japan. Writer describes the new dilatation system and some information system how to back up their logistic. Then, explicate how to growing in Japan market. And usage for what scheme on the merchandise. Last, 7-Eleven have what concern consequences in Japan. Make me cognize what “ integrated information system ” is and how to utilize that. And do me cognize different state usage different scheme to develop their logistic support, selling, shop operation etc.

Academic – This describe the concern public presentation of convenience shops in Tai Wan. Some points of he describe ( client position, larning and growing perspective etc. ) . It the same of the undertaking, because the undertaking set the questionnaire to research the convenience shops and analyze the study consequences excessively. But the academic usage the study to see the PCSC ( President Chain Store Corporation ) direction and the PCSC can or can non fulfill with the old POS ( Point-Of-Sale ) system. However, the method is the same in the undertaking.

Academic – Describe 7-ELEVEN how to because the different location addition different merchandise to different state. And explicate some clients because their nutrient to utilize their services. Some consumer eat tiffin in 7-Eleven, the convenience is their favourite topographic point. Last, know the clients hope 7-Eleven have the new alteration to pull clients, they ‘re success in their market. Because the author feels 7-Eleven can do the type to Starbucks and come into Starbuck market.

Research Method

About forms of research design, will utilize of the research environment and method of informations aggregation. Of the research environment, should cognize the environment some information. For illustration, how many narratives in the location or which merchandise the narratives must hold. This is the field scene. And the method of informations aggregation should hold good monitoring and communicating survey. Because the method control the informations have high quality and a good communicating of the interviewee.

The informations aggregation method by the communications attack is has self-administered study ( intercept, cardinal location ) . For illustration, shopping promenade, cyberspace etc. And will utilize the personal Face to confront interview ( interviewer controlled environment: pre-scheduled, intercept ) to inquire some inquiry in the questionnaire.

Of the trying method: convenience sampling, will random to happen the interviewee to interview the questionnaire. Because can convenience to happen different to make interview and non to utilize some money to make. In the cyberspace, have the some web site can assist the people set the questionnaire on free and non command of clip to interview. The interviewee can every clip do the interview.

Undertaking Plan

Meeting with supervisor, Focus group meeting ( 1 Week )

revision proposal, spread out literature reappraisal ( 2 Week )

entry of finalized proposal, outlining the questionnaire ( 4 Week )

pilot trial, finalising questionnaire ( 2 Week )

existent study, informations aggregation and analysis ( 5 Week )

study composing ( 6 Week )

unwritten nowadays, revision undertaking study, entry of concluding study ( 1 Week )



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