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EITC is the universe ‘s more popular service workers to turn to the job of poorness can return the system of revenue enhancement credits. Once the taxpayer to obtain a revenue enhancement recognition over revenue enhancement liability, so the surplus can be paid in hard currency to the taxpayer, so the EITC is a pay subsidy policy in fact. In the United States, EITC is the most of import anti-poverty plans, to assist its one-year figure of households out of poorness than any other federal poverty-reduction plans. In 2007, the outgo in the revenue enhancement outgo budget to 447 billion U.S. dollars. a‘ Among them, 88 % of recognition straight returned to the taxpayers. a‘? many province authorities modeled on the federal EITC system will be introduced into the province income revenue enhancement system. Taxpayers eligible for credits,

In add-on to labour income must be below a certain degree, the investing income is besides non transcend a certain degree.

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There are four ways for taxpayers to obtain credits: one is to cut down revenue enhancement liability, the 2nd is obtained from the province exchequer in the year-end hard currency payment ( if the taxpayer ‘s income revenue enhancement have non yet reached the criterion without holding to declare it ) and the 3rd is to cut down revenue enhancements and hard currency payments combination of four is obtained by seting the sum of keep backing paid in progress. The sum of recognition available depends on the figure of recognition parametric quantities, including recognition rate, recognition oversight rate, the upper limit earned income recognition, the lower limit, maximal recognition, decreased income and the largest initial investings. Determination of recognition in the signifier of piecewise map used

The metameric construction of EITC taxpayers fringy revenue enhancement rate will happen four alterations: addition in the sum of the recognition period, the taxpayer is non merely an excess dollar of income non nonexempt, but besides entree to the recognition tantamount sum of recognition rate, so the existent fringy revenue enhancement rate is negative, the size is equal to recognition rate. At this point, EITC is in fact a pay subsidy strategy for positive inducements work ; to recognition the same phase, although the taxpayers do non necessitate to pay revenue enhancements, but the recognition does non increase, so the existent fringy revenue enhancement rate becomes zero.

At this clip, recognition is non due to the addition of labour income, and therefore the inducement to work under a certain bound ; diminution in the recognition period, the taxpayer is non merely an excess dollar for income revenue enhancements, but besides reduces the equivalent to diminishing the rate of recognition. Therefore, when faced with the existent fringy revenue enhancement rate is the statutory fringy revenue enhancement rate ( that is, the revenue enhancement jurisprudence, revenue enhancement rates ) and the amount of the rate of recognition diminution. This consequences in the taxpayer ‘s existent fringy revenue enhancement rate significantly higher than the statutory fringy revenue enhancement rates. At this point, the system is a negative inducement ; in the concluding phase, that the taxpayer ‘s income degree makes it automatically lose entree to recognition making

, Due to zero recognition, so the existent fringy revenue enhancement rate the taxpayer is the statutory fringy revenue enhancement rates.

At this clip, recognition is non due to the addition of labour income, and therefore the inducement to work under a certain bound ; diminution in the recognition period, the taxpayer is non merely an excess dollar for income revenue enhancements, but besides reduces the equivalent to diminishing the rate of recognition. Therefore, when faced with the existent fringy revenue enhancement rate is the statutory fringy revenue enhancement rate ( that is, the revenue enhancement jurisprudence, revenue enhancement rates ) and the amount of the rate of recognition diminution. This consequences in the taxpayer ‘s existent fringy revenue enhancement rate significantly higher than the statutory fringy revenue enhancement rates. At this point, the system is a negative inducement ; in the concluding phase, that the taxpayer ‘s income degree makes it automatically lose entree to recognition making

, Due to zero recognition, so the existent fringy revenue enhancement rate the taxpayer is the statutory fringy revenue enhancement rates.

( A ) EITC system, the economic impact of

1. EITC system, the impact on employment

In theory, EITC subsidy system, the nature of the work will excite employment rate improved. The EITC current U.S. placement system chiefly targets assisting individual female parents, they were considered to be among the most demand of aid and encouragement of the vulnerable groups. This system in its EITC has been reflected on the parametric quantities of the design. So, a batch of literature on the EITC system, the work of this type of taxpayer engagement and income were studied. Eissa and Leibman ( 1996 ) confirmed that the system will increase the immature and unskilled workers in adult females ‘s employment degrees. But the taxpayer ‘s matrimonial position and figure of dependent kids as a parametric quantity mention design factors will do a certain matrimony patterns of favoritism and unjust distribution of revenue enhancement gross. As Feenberg and Rosen ( 1995 ) have concluded that this transfer payment plan shown on the matrimony of non-neutral.

Employment rate of individual female parents of the focal point is one of many bookmans, as it relates to the EITC system is good achieved its coveted aims. Merely as expected, as, Bruce and Dan ( 2000 ) confirmed the EITC system to heighten the employment of individual female parents have a important impact. Eissa and Liebman ( 1996 ) and Meyer Rosenbaum ( 2001 ) besides confirmed the EITC system was successfully raised the enthusiasm of a individual female parent. In fact, in 1989 – 2002 EITC system, the period of great development, the work engagement rate of individual female parents, a significant addition in the 14 % ( Eissa and Hoynes, 2008 ) . However, this decision does non look to force and by and large all types of taxpayers. Stacy et Al ( 1995 ) shows that, EITC the metameric construction of comparatively high income earners have a negative impact on working hours, because they are likely to worsen in the recognition period. This has besides been Jospeh et Al ( 1996 ) and Eissa and Hoynes ( 1998 ) empirical research support. The employment rate for married adult females seems to hold some negative effects ( Eissa and Hoynes, 2004 ; Ell2wood, 2000 ) , this negative consequence besides appears in the impact of working hours on the Heim ( 2005 ) .

2. EITC effects on income distribution system

Liebman ( 1998 ) the distributional effects of the EITC system in the field of research is the most representative. He and other package informations, population 5, based on the analysis 1976 – 1996 The distribution between the EITC and found that 20 % during this period in the lowest income group of taxpayers, 23 % diminution in gross has been portion of the EITC system of compensation, 20 % of the clip low-income group, portion of the taxpayer ‘s income fell by merely 10 % of the EITC system of compensation. This shows that EITC income distribution system to contract the spread significantly. Scholz and Levine ( 2000 ) analyzed the distribution of EITC in 1997, found that more than 50 % of entire outgos are straight used in the decrease of poorness, of which more than 60 % of the financess have been allocated to the below the poorness line before household. Neumark and Wascher ( 2000 ) besides used the U.S. 1986 — 1995-year informations comparing analysis system of minimal pay and poorness effects of EITC and concluded that the EITC system upgrade

Income degree of hapless families is much more effectual than the minimal pay in the hapless households the same degree of income to the instance, so the former anti-poverty consequence of the latter two times. Carasso and Steuerle ( 2004 ) were concluded in 2003 that 62 % of the appliers are individual parents, of which 70 % of the one-year income of less than $ 20,000. In contrast, married appliers received merely a sum of 24 % income revenue enhancement recognition. 2002 U.S. nose count informations system in the EITC has helped about 500 million people in poorness, of which 1 / 2 kids. This more than any other authorities public assistance function ( Llobrera and Zahradnik, 2004 ) . Olugbenga ( 2008 ) that poorness is the consequence of farther particular to the Afro-american adult females. In add-on, the analysis of the individuality of the applicant constitute the EITC can besides be explained by its anti-poverty consequence. The analysis by Richard ( 2009 ) as the representative. He found that with two or more kids, less educated, cultural minorities and adult females to use the recognition to low-income groups, the proportion significantly higher than their corresponding group is higher, which is to be achieved by policies One of the ends. Of class, EITC consequence of poorness besides has certain restrictions. Liebman ( 1998 ) pointed out that because many hapless households may non hold or make non make full the labour income revenue enhancement returns, ensuing in income poorness line 1 / 2 of the undermentioned households, merely 40 % declared EITC, doing merely 12 of the entire outgo EITC % of usage in the decrease of poorness. This and Scholz ( 1994 ) has estimated that 47 % of the larger spread.

For hapless households, the load of lodging outgo is the chief 1. This system of assisting the vulnerable EITC has become yet another starting point. Representatives of research in this country is Michael et Al ( 2003, 2004 ) . First they were in 2003, the usage of fake EITC policies to assist the load of lodging outgo of families ( household income, lodging outgo histories for at least 1 / 2 or more, referred to as SHC household ) effects, and found that: spread out the on the job households of EITC would cut down the SHC households 18 % , while hapless households will be reduced by 228,000. 2004 survey of three extended through the EITC system A Comparative Analysis of the outgos of low income lodging subsidies for the manner: First, Coyne plan, the enlargement of the system on the childless EITC and many kids ‘s recognition bound. EITC system because at the clip the recognition given to those with no kids is really low, and two kids and no higher than the household recognition. In 2009, the United States increased the EITC system, the recognition criterions of the three households with kids can be seen as the pattern of such extension ; Second, Dolbeare plan, that SHC households with an extra recognition to do the income of 1 / 2 plus all the recognition is equal to the sum of lodging disbursals. This really breaks the direct nexus EITC and income, and do it a tradition of societal public assistance policy ; 3rd Michael plans, taxpayers will have a recognition with their income after disbursals the cost of lodging and local secondary nexus, instead than disbursement every taxpayer to find the specific lodging. This system non merely maintain the EITC on work inducements, but besides save runing costs.

If these bookmans to stand for the effects of the EITC income distribution system, the partial equilibrium analysis, so the Ghazala ( 2006 ) represents the general equilibrium analysis. He visits the United Kingdom through the EITC system to employers and employee dealingss deductions of their pay degrees on the impact of the labour market found that employers frequently pay through the decrease of the manner male appliers to take part in the distribution of revenue enhancement credits to profit. Of male appliers and this decrease in rewards through the spillover effects will finally impact the full labour market, pay degrees, which led to revenue enhancement benefits in the labour

Redistribution of market power. This system in bend influence the EITC is the phenomenon of rewards in the design procedure the system requires attending.

Can be seen, EITC system to better a specific object in the labour force engagement rates and on the job clip, narrow the income spread and cut down poorness and middle-income household lodging load has a important function. This makes it an optimum transportation payment system ( Saez, 2002 ) . Through the appropriate parametric quantity design, EITC system can make both efficiency and equity, and the cost of transportation payments to the lowest ( Liebman, 2002 ) . In add-on, taxpayers do non pay paysheet revenue enhancements for such income would non impact their entree to other income-based benefits.

( B ) the economic impact of lower limit pay system

Compared to the EITC system, a lower limit pay system parametric quantity design is simple and does non set with rising prices indexation mechanism, so its existent value will be capable to rising prices eroding. For illustration, from 1997 to 2007, the U.S. lower limit pay has remained at an hr $ 5.15, so that the true value of the lower limit pay because of rising prices fell by 20 % . Per hr in 2009 was adjusted to $ 7.25. a‘ On the contrary, EITC system is portion of several major accommodations to do up for the diminution in existent minimal rewards. In add-on, the lower limit pay system covers merely do non include freelance, farm workers and taxpayers, including tips to gain 75 % of the workers.

1. On employment

Economists have discussed effects of minimal rewards on employment issues with some differences. Not in favour of raising the minimal pay predominating position that this may do employers to engage fewer low-wage, low-skilled workers. Therefore, the minimal pay would convey the state of affairs of these workers because of unemployment even worse ( Deere et al, 1995 ) , particularly those who can easy switch production industry. As an empirical support, they estimated that the minimal pay in 1990 lead to some low-income people to better the employment rate decreased by 1.5 % ~ 7.5 % . Indeed, this consequence is non limited to the diminution in employment, but besides a diminution in mean on the job hours ( Neumark et Al, 2004 ) . Of class, there are some surveies did non happen a minimal pay addition will do important inauspicious employment effects, and some even reached the opposite decision, that will reasonably increase employment. Reason is decently designed to maintain raising the minimal pay workers, but employers so that they become a solid beginning of low-priced labour force, thereby raising the employment rate ( Zavodny, 1998 ) . In some industries, by and large the higher the employment effects of lower limit pay addition may be a more obvious, such as the fast nutrient industry ( Card and Krueger, 1994 ) . In empirical footings, and Deere and others different, Card ( 1992 ) pointed out that there is no grounds that the federal lower limit pay increases significantly cut down the employment rate of immature people. Card and Krueger ( 2000 ) besides used the latest research informations support the decisions of Card and found that an appropriate addition in the minimal pay can efficaciously better the compensation of low-income people, and about no negative effects of substandard will look. However, while the minimal pay on the employment effects of differing positions, but one thing is certain, that is, trusting entirely on raising the minimal pay to better the state of affairs of low-income people will necessarily increase the load on concerns, is non contributing to the betterment of fight, but besides Lack of authorities maps.

2. The impact on income distribution

Income distribution to some extent depends on the employment state of affairs. Based on the above effects of minimal rewards on employment guess, and its consequence on contracting the income spread should be greater the chance of inauspicious effects. In pattern, research, academe, although there are different positions on this, but the basic is to verify this guess. As an anti-poverty plans, Freeman ( 1996 ) research shows that the minimal pay Torahs cut down the income distribution spread, but the sound appears to be comparatively weak, more research is that the increased distribution spread. Such as the Neumark and Wascher ( 1997 ) found a minimal pay increase the incidence of poorness, doing the distribution spread even greater. It has besides been Richard and Lowell ( 2001 ) support. They think that the lower limit pay system is a failure for three grounds: First, will do unemployment, and 2nd, employers will replace comparatively high-skilled low skilled workers, the three objects of the system, assisting working hapless households instead than hapless households. Richard ( 2001 ) pointed out in his article, without EITC system, so the force per unit area required to increase the minimal pay will be greater. The minimal pay addition will take to farther increase the unemployment rate, because it forces employers to other engineerings to replace low-skilled workers. : The long term, increase the minimal pay will take to capital-intensive production companies choose engineering to cut down the labour income portion, and adversely impact the labour market and cut down societal public assistance.

It is because of the lower limit pay system may hold these negative effects, some economic experts suggested that the system alternatively of the EITC ( Burkhauser, etc. , 1995 ; Hubbard, 2006 ) . However, a individual system to do EITC receivers receive the lower limit pay is combined with the income consequence, the recognition rate must be well increased to 90 % , which will take to a strong stimulation for the work involved, and convey to the labour market equilibrium While the impact of the policy will greatly increase the cost ; the same item, it besides requires a high recognition costs decline rate in order to cut down the budget, which in bend will necessarily take to the stage of high fringy revenue enhancement rates. Both of these two effects of the EITC system amplified the positive and negative effects. a‘ similar position has besides appeared in Elaine ( 2007 ) article, he pointed out that with increased EITC options to the minimal pay is non executable, for aid in the low-wage workers, increasing the lower limit pay and indexing is necessary and most direct manner.

In fact, the minimal pay and EITC system, although similar functionality, but have different accents, different features, can non merely replace each other. The System of the minimal pay to assist low-wage workers in the person, do non care about their whole household construction. The EITC is a positioning system to assist low-income households, is based on household income instead than single footing ; the lower limit pay to protect the involvements of low-skilled workers will non be any misdemeanor of the employer, while the EITC system has to be used by the employer depress rewards of workers ; minimal pay workers to work more hours to excite invalid, but it is one of the chief maps EITC system. All in all, the world of the work of the public assistance system should be the minimal pay system in combination with the EITC system. This is the theoretical demands, but besides pattern templets.

( C ) The lower limit pay system in combination with the economic impact of EITC

In position of the lower limit pay system in pattern, and the EITC with a market economic system system, a common phenomenon in states, many economic experts, the survey will concentrate on the combination of the two effects to find the specific policy aims and execution of the corresponding best policy combination. In add-on to the basic employment and income distribution maps, a combination of both long-run labour market can impact the balance of larning and developing inputs have a positive consequence.

Understand the manner the two different combinations of the different effects of economic variables, for the development of appropriate policy mix is indispensable.

1. On the employment rate and pay rate of short-run impact

As the figure of taxpayers with earned income revenue enhancement recognition linked, Blank and Schmidt ( 2001 ) to the lower limit pay system in combination with the EITC on labour supply effects were studied. It was found that a higher lower limit pay if taken with EITC system, so at the same phase from the degree of recognition the taxpayer may take down the minimal pay in the entire gross obtained is the same. But the former can cut down the EITC stage system on the diminution in recognition from the degree of the negative effects of labour supply taxpayers. Combined effects of two more surveies from Neumark and Wascher ( 2007 ) . They analyzed the USA 1997 – 2005 the lower limit pay, EITC system on pay rates, working hours and employment impact of the informations, found that a higher minimal pay on the 16 – 24 old ages of employment of immature workers have a important negative consequence. Because this portion of the occupation accomplishments of workers is considered to be the lowest, so unreplaceable strong. The impact on older people is comparatively little. Meet the conditions for the EITC receive it, in 20 – 24-year-old female babe boomers, the positive consequence is really important, because the EITC ‘s recognition proportional to the figure with their kids. The writers besides studied the province authorities when the premise of 0, 10 % and 25 % the proportion of the three different complement of back uping the federal EITC with the province after a high minimal pay impact on employment instances, the consequences confirm that the higher the addendum back uping the employment rate of adult females in this age more important inducements. In add-on, the construction of the EITC causes a higher minimal pay would do the EITC for households, taxpayers have greater value, therefore the system can heighten the antipoverty consequence of EITC. On the contrary, the conditions do non run into the EITC or can merely have recognition for the taxpayers get less, the higher minimal pay and EITC system is really bad combination. Because, on the one manus by enforcing a high lower limit pay employers pay a greater load of increased unemployment, on the other manus EITC system and by exciting the eligible adult females into the labour market, farther cut downing their occupation chances. As for the degree of service labour rewards, the lower limit pay to protect the low-skilled workers. The EITC system is on 16 – 24-year-old low-skilled workers comparative to pay rates have a negative impact. This is in Leigh ( 2004 ) article besides got the same account. However, the labour income of workers, which is tantamount to the pay rate established under the conditions of working hours has a important positive impact. Furthermore, in line with the prognosis is for increased 20 – 24 old ages old from the impact of female workers is the biggest, because their income is improbable to stamp down the labour supply of recognition in decline stage. Therefore, EITC system is stimulated to work more than its negative consequence on pay rates, and higher lower limit pay would work by exciting the system to farther heighten the positive impact of EITC. Therefore, adult females of childbearing age over the age of 20, the high lower limit pay combined with a high EITC benefits to their maximal potency. For work forces, the grounds stated supra, this combination both of their concluding pay rate or labour income have some negative effects. Of class, these effects are consistent with a specific policy end orientation.

2. On the employment rate and pay rate of long-run effects of acquisition and preparation — –

Minimum pay system and the EITC system will non merely affect pay rates and employment rates, but besides affect the taxpayers investing in larning and preparation ( Mattila, 1978 ; Cahuc and Michel, 1996 ; Arulampalam, 2004 ) . Taking into history the different larning ability of taxpayers age and its possible benefits to taxpayers of different, Malul and Luski ( 2005 ) creatively functioning the taxpayers by age into younger ( 18 – 50 old ages ) and older ( 50 – 65 old ages ) . Therefore, the lower limit pay to analyse long-run impact on the labour market. On this footing, they built a system of minimal pay and EITC combination of the theoretical model of societal policy, and its fake preparation, employment and a assortment of equity. It was found that the general lower limit pay and EITC system combinations have different effects on different groups. Give a higher lower limit pay for immature people by cut downing employment and entire end product at the disbursal of economic public presentation, the writers suggest that the Government set up a fund to promote unemployed people unemployed invest more in larning and accomplishments preparation ; the aged are advised to for a lower lower limit pay and EITC system, because the higher minimal pay would earnestly impact their employment. At the same clip, EITC employment system, although a important stimulation consequence, but on acquisition and preparation has great negative function, it will do immature people, deficiency of motive to upgrade their professional accomplishments ( the accomplishments of older people is considered to hold been fixed ) , and ever rely on the Government to supply extra income. Addition, EITC system, the cost of cosmopolitan execution of big, long-run economic growing may take to worsen. Therefore, EITC system should be given to seniors merely. This, EITC system chief consequence is to increase the employment rate of older people. This policy mix can convey important consequences: the immature adult male high employment rate and high professional accomplishments that older people ‘s low unemployment rate and a higher entire income and a sensible fiscal load EITC.

3. The impact on income distribution

As mentioned earlier, EITC system is contributing to advancing just distribution of income, while the lower limit pay system is basic but contrary to this end was confirmed.

From this, a combination of both public assistance policy on income distribution depends on their place in the portfolio policy. In general, the EITC system, coupled with comparatively weak strength of the lower limit pay system to accomplish equality of income distribution has a positive a positive impact, this is the market economic system, the public assistance province the general signifier of the policy mix, and that this combination of policies to cut down Obviously the consequence of poorness

Of class, there are empirical informations related to the effectivity of policies to back up this anticipation. If Malul and Luski ( 2005 ) to 2004 informations to imitate the Israeli lower limit pay system and the EITC system on income distribution. Decision is that if the minimal pay policy of universal, when the addition does non transcend 60 % of the base, is contributing to equality of income distribution. Once beyond the 60 % addition this degree, so it will raise the Gini coefficient ; EITC, although the system can efficaciously contract the income spread, but the general pattern to the fiscal load will impact economic public presentation, the best pick is the minimal pay and EITC system execution and usage of the policy.

At this point, we can pull three basic decisions: First, the lower limit pay system and the EITC benefits system for working with signifiers, both have their ain features, each with their ain policy ends, non replace each other ; the 2nd is to implement a combination of both the work of the public assistance policy than to follow a individual system to accomplish a better mix in footings of economic policy aims, in theory and pattern are more easy accepted and implemented ; 3rd is the difference between the two parametric quantities with the effects of different policies can convey portfolio, so in theory you can set the parametric quantities to accomplish through a flexible benefits policy can give the taxpayers any public assistance aims.


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