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March 19, 2019 Communication

An invention that impacted my life in a positive way is Transportation. Transportation is used for carrying people or cargo and it saves a lot of time than just walking. Whether it be cars, planes and boats, we need to depend on them to take us around the world. To go to a football game across the country, or vacationing in Ibiza, we could just hop on a plane, and we are there in a matter of hours. Without the use of transit, it would limit ourselves to how far we can travel. A five minute car ride to school can take up to twenty minutes of walking.
Transportation has changed my life and it would be very difficult to get around without it. Because of planes, I am able to meet my family who are thousands of miles away. I am the first generation american in all of my cousins. Being here in America is hard because I am far away from them that the only communication we have is by phone. These days, transportation is improving on how better when can use it efficiently. Transportation affected my life because I can visit my loved ones. I can go visit my grandparents that are halfway across the world. I can go to exotic places around the world to experience different cultures and places. Without transportation, the world would be so different. We get merchandise that comes from overseas, such as China and South America. Without the use of planes, we would be making everything here in the U.S. To go to school, I get a ride and it takes me three minutes to get to school. If I walk, it can take up to thirty minutes. There are buses that take students to school who don’t have a ride and some live away outside of the city.
Without transportation, my life would be very difficult. I am proud that today we have new mechanics that can take us wherever we want to go. This surely is a life changer.


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