An Over View Of The Costa Coffee Campaign Marketing Essay

It has ever been said that distinguish a right market topographic point for a concern is really hard every bit good as to derive sustainable involvement from a client as a steppingstone when there is such a disconnected market place with many rivals. However the ‘Costa java ‘ run will do a definite difference. It will stress the quality of the java and its value of disbursement clip detecting your favorite java.

This will take topographic point in shopping Centre in Auckland City every bit good as on telecasting, wireless and magazines. This initial advertisement is certain to set up ‘Costa Coffee ‘ as a new trade name name for the New Zealand Coffee Lovers. Sending the message to our mark consumers – both male and female aged between 18~45 old ages old – that imbibing Costa java can be gratifying and deserving experience than other trade name mercantile establishment ‘s java. Then when the mark consumers realise a positive impact ( benefits ) the ‘Costa Coffee ‘ is holding on their day-to-day life the merchandise is certain to be promoted through word of oral cavity. This initial advertisement is certain to set up ‘Costa Coffee ‘ as a trade name name for the taking New Zealand Coffee store in future.

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Coffee ingestion in Australia and New Zealand has increased massively in the past few old ages. It is easy to happen tonss of different coffeehouse around that are unfastened and tonss of people imbibing java steadily indoors and outside the cafe . New Zealander loves drink java in their day-to-day life and a ‘Flat white ‘ is a good illustration. A ‘Flat white ‘ is one of most popular java drink served in Australia and New Zealand which created by New Zealander called Derek Townsend in the early 1880ss.

Coffee is really one of the healthiest drinks that one million millions of people consume on a regular basis and it is one of the most widely researched ingredients. The turning organic structure of scientific research has shown that java is safe for healthy grownups and can even hold good wellness deductions as a portion of a healthy diet and physically active life style. For illustration, the most prevailing fact is that regular ingestion of java decreases the hazard of type II diabetes and many other wellness hazards.

Therefore, the construct of making healthier, pleasant and high quality java drink of ‘Costa Coffee ‘ will be implemented. This thought revolves around the importance of reinstating the value of disbursement clip with their favorite java drink more efficaciously, and besides the effort to interrupt into the competitory market of Coffee stores ( including private coffeehouse ) in Auckland City.

Costa Coffee is one of the largest and fastest turning java ironss in the UK. It was founded in 1971 in Italy by two Italian brothers – Sergio and Bruno Costa. Costa Company which introduced the first Costa java store in the UK in early 1980 ‘s had as a chief aim to make and function the finest reliable Italian java. Costa became portion of Whitebread PLC in 1995 and has followed an enlargement plan, so to go recognized nationally. With overA 1,000 shops in the UK and over 400 internationally, Costa has enjoyed a singular period of growing since it opened its first store.A Costa is now the taking UK branded java store with over 300 shops that now operates in 25 states ( Costa Coffee, n.d. ) . In add-on, it opened its thousandth milepost shop in March 2008 in Moscow ( Whitbread PLC, 2010 ) .

Costa Coffee has a specially blended java called ‘Mocha Italia ‘ that created by Sergio and Bruno Costa 37 old ages ago, made of their ain particular blend of java beans. It ‘s a alone blend as it manages to unite the sugariness, resentment and organic structure needed to do the perfect cup of java. As for the blend itself, that ‘s a closely restrained secret, but you can bask a cup of its typical spirit and a warm Italian welcome at any of our Costa java stores ( Costa Coffee, n.d. ) .

Merely beyond the Mocha Italia, Costa Coffee provided assortment scope of java drink choices like other java stores have, it besides includes non-coffee drinks ( tea, juice and hot cocoa etc ) and bites ( sandwiches, gems and bars etc ) .

( Costa Coffee, n.d. ) .

Target Market

In the advertisement program, the mark market would be divided into smaller sections as geographic, demographic and psychographic.

First, geographic includes of the state, town, topographic point or metropolis. This advertisement program is for Auckland City, and it covers all cardinal metropolis country and it besides including countries such as Parnell, Newmarket and Mission bay. Auckland Central metropolis is known as a bosom of Auckland ; accordingly, big populations can be found because this is where most universities and the concern are located. After 12 months, the mark market can be extended to other country such as North Shore, Waitakere City and Manukau City.

Second, under the demographic, both male and females aged between 18 – 45 old ages old is our merchandise ‘s mark market, but it does provide for everyone ‘s demands. The ground for this is chiefly because the merchandise itself is ideally for the grownups ( concern work forces and adult females ) . They normally go to Costa at the office-going hr to take forenoon java before get downing the work and at lunch period. Costa java is comparatively high monetary value is the ground why working people take a bigger portion of clients than pupils despite their similar utilizing hr. However, it will besides include university pupils who can afford to purchase priced java. Overall, our advertisement will straight towards to people who are involvement to pass their money on java drink.

Additionally, Costa introduced the Kids bill of fare for new mark market – Family. As many Costa shops are located in high streets and shopping promenades in UK, there is an monolithic potency for household mark. To run into this demand Costa has launched a specific scope of nutrient for children- Costa Kids, consisting a small sandwich, new Smarties American manner cookies, yogurts and Robinsons Fruit Shoot drinks placed in particular Costa Kids bags so that kids can take the nutrient with them ( Costa Coffee, n.d. )

Under the psychographic, all cyberspace users can be our mark market. It includes pupils of concluding twelvemonth in college or in university and immature employees who could be Costa java ‘s possible clients. Yet, non many java stores offering free Wi-Fi, hence, unfastened 24 hours and supplying limitless free Wi-Fi will pulling those

Ad Object

Our advertisement aims have been created to be something that advertisement can carry through, for case a displacement in perceptual experience or to make consciousness. In order to establish the advertisement program efficaciously, both the selling aims every bit good as the communications aims are of import to be considered.

Marketing Aims

These are the selling aims that Costa Coffee should accomplish after establishing the advertisement run.

To increase the trade name acknowledgment

To increase unit gross revenues of both java drink and non-coffee drink

To bring forth steady net income over the following 12 months

To increase the market portion by 10 % over the following 12 months

Communication Aims

These are the communicating objectives that Costa Coffee should accomplish after establishing the advertisement run.

To increase the quality of blended java drink and first-class client service

To keep Costa Coffee as the preferable trade name of java store among 50 % concern men/women and pupil clients in Auckland metropolis next 12 months

To construct the consciousness of Costa Coffee among 70 % of the mark audience in the following 12 months

To heighten the trade name and corporation image in the consumers mind-set over following 12 months

Ad Scheme

Our run program for the advertizement of the ‘Costa Coffee ‘ chiefly covers the facet of interaction between clients and Costa Coffee and how this will finally consequence client ‘s day-to-day life. Definitely its focal point based on the activity of clients passing clip at one of Costa java mercantile establishments for relax. Strategy is the agencies by which we aim to accomplish the aims ( White, 2000 ) . Our scheme is to embrace a important facet of advertisement, integrating elements of the selling mix. As White states that “ enable advertisement to carry through its function in the overall selling mix ” ( 2000 ) , it besides covers the development of placing specific aims that can be met by advertisement.


It is recommended to Costa Coffee to utilize the three types of scheme to accomplish its selling and communications aims as stated earlier. Those three schemes that are suggested to implement are place scheme, message scheme, and media scheme.

Position Scheme

Costa Coffee place for its merchandise as high quality blended java drink which utilizing low-cost pricing scheme. In order to carry through this place scheme, it is suggested to Costa Coffee to stress its quality and first-class client service in all mercantile establishments. These will creates a trust and strong committedness on Costa Coffee and its java bean ‘s quality and client service. Once the clients have trust and believed the quality and the services provided by the Costa Coffee, they will travel around speaking more about Costa Coffee to others. Costa Coffee will be the first on to take among other rivals, probably, Starbucks could be the 2nd pick.

A Message Strategy

Costa Coffee may utilize a new subject or motto called ‘Costa Coffee – A small gustatory sensation of Italy worth waiting for ‘ . This message conveys the client who used to imbibe American manner blended java drink. To make Italian heritage, inside of Costa java store will supply the image of Italian heritage for their clients every bit good as a alone gustatory sensation. It will vouch the clients ‘ highest satisfaction.

Media Schemes

In order to accomplish the aims which was stated before, assorted types of advertisement media will be usage to pass on the merchandising subject to the mark audience such as telecasting, newspapers, Internet streamer, hoarding and magazines. All of this media may increase the Costa Coffee Company ‘s gross revenues, net income and consciousness of the merchandise as it can present the message really broad to all mark audience and go forth a deep impact on the mark audience ‘s head at the same clip.


There are many types of media and direct selling that can be used for advertisement run, each media has its ain advantages and disadvantages. However, it is really of import to take the best media to make the mark audience. In this instance Costa Coffee may take telecasting, newspapers, Internet, hoarding, and Magazine for the advertisement run.


Television is the best media to publicize the certain product/service, nevertheless, it is comparatively expensive than newspapers and magazines. The chief ground for this is, it contains the combination of sound, ocular images, gesture and colors. It offers national coverage where it can covers big sum of audiences within short period of times. Television does easy hold on consumer ‘s attending and create consciousness on them. Through telecasting, Costa Coffee will be able to accomplish its aims by making consciousness on the consumers.

The advertizement will publicize every bit in three most popular telecasting channels such as TV1, TV2 and TV3 and Sky Television. The advertizement would publicize in all months throughout the twelvemonth. However, more advertizement would publicize on early April, May, June, July, August and late September. The chief ground for this is, these are the months that New Zealand ‘s fall and winter season started and terminals. Theoretically, more people would preferred to imbibe hot drink particularly in winter clip. Furthermore, this advertizement will publicize on day-to-day on both the Television channels during the premier clip, which is between and This is considered the best timing because, most pupils and working people would endorse from colleges or work, and this is the clip where they will be resting in forepart of the Television. However the length of advertizement would be 15 to no more than 30 seconds.

1st scene – A adult male with a majority of paper work in his office

2nd scene – A group of university pupils with tonss of assignments

3rd scene – It is forenoon tea clip and two seniors sitting down on the

sofa in their life room and willing to imbibe something with their bite

5th scene – Showing Costa Coffee with its motto

‘A small gustatory sensation of Italy, worth waiting for ‘ .

6th scene – Happy and satisfaction faces of the working adult male, the

college pupil, and seniors with the return off coffee drink in their manus. And at the underside of the last screen the Costa Coffee ‘s web site and locations will look stating ‘Visit today! ‘


Costa Coffee will take two most popular newspapers in Auckland faith ; it would be The New Zealand Herald ( The Aucklander ) and The Sunday Star times.

Harmonizing to the latest Nielson national newspaper study, the both readership of the Weekend and Daily Herald were up strongly in 2009 ( “ Weekend trumpeter readers grow ” , 2009 ) . For Weekend Herald was read by an norm of 618,000 people aged 15+ , up by 17,000 from a twelvemonth ago, and about 568,000 people read the Daily Herald and every bit good as the combined print edition and website readership was besides up 5.5 per cent to 685,000 ( “ Weekend trumpeter readers grow ” , 2009 ) . This figure clearly shows that The New Zealand Herald is the highest readership of any newspaper in the state. Additionally, over a hebdomad the Herald audience has increased by 52,000, making 1.15 million New Zealanders ; six out of 10 Aucklanders read a print edition of the Herald or see each hebdomad ( “ Weekend trumpeter readers grow ” , 2009 ) .

The Sunday Star-Times is New Zealand ‘s lone national circular newspaper with a readership of over 608,000 ( Murphy, n.d. ) . Sunday Star-Times is a newspaper provides the backgrounds narratives of national significance, at the same clip supplying choice leisure read for an audience which has clip to take it in.

Due to this, these two newspapers are selected in this advertisement run. Newspaper advertizement would be done in every month throughout the whole twelvemonth. The advertizement would be done merely on Monday, Saturday and Sunday, where it would be in full page in colors.

This is because on Monday all concern people traveling back to their office. Of class, Saturdays and Sundays are the yearss that people normally rest in their house and pass adequate clip to travel through each and every pages on the newspapers. And moreover there are tonss of particular editions on weekends about life style and so on, which will pull many people, read newspapers. While traveling through the newspapers, decidedly they will come across Costa Coffee advertizement because it covers the full page with colorful image. Therefore, this will make consciousness on the consumers.

Internet Banner

The Internet streamers are the best media for on-line advertizements. The cyberspace streamers will be advertised on the best New Zealand websites such as Trade me, Yellow pages, Stuff, TVNZ, and NZ Herald, yokel! xtra and Google NZ and more. Banners will demo with the advertisement run and it will set for the 24/7, 12 months. It will put at the top of the hunt machine or the web sites, hence mark audience will be cognizant these streamers while seeking or surfing the cyberspace. To do certain, all the streamers should blink switching from one screen to another and it will merely goes off when the user chinks to shut it.


Billboards are normally put along main road and chief roads to capture the audiences who long on the route or thrust along the streets and main roads. The hoarding advertizement will be for the whole twelvemonth during the advertisement run. The hoarding will utilize a posting panel signifier which is silk screened and printed in sheets to the hoarding. It is of import to utilize appropriated size of image and font so drivers are able to see the hoarding while they are driving without any distraction. The hoarding will be set up on the Northern, Southern and Western Motorway and high traffic countries in the cardinal metropolis. Therefore, it will make the trade name acknowledgment and merchandise designation by mark audience, plus, increase the trade name equity.


Magazines are one of the best ways to publicize the branded Coffee store like Costa Coffee, particularly the stylish Coffee Lovers. Normally, it contains fancy colorss of images and exposures to pull their mark audience. Decided to publicize Costa Coffee in Fashion, Food & A ; Beverage and Restaurant related magazines such as Cuisine, Vogue, and Women ‘s Weekly. The Women ‘s Weekly magazine is the chief magazine media to publicize because it ranked in figure one selling New Zealand Magazines ( isubscribe, 2010 ) . The advertizement will be printed in each month throughout the whole twelvemonth in full page with colorful image and a logo of Costa Coffee and simple message will be add on.



The chief strength of the ‘Costa Coffee ‘ is the made in UK Company has a strong presence with a good repute for creativeness and java in UK. Therefore, the strong connexion between New Zealand and UK may act upon to increase the Costa Coffee ingestion.

The 2nd strength for the Costa Coffee is Italian Heritage. Most of the branded Coffee mercantile establishments are selling American manner or Kiwi manner blended java drink. However, Costa Coffee is known as an Italian influenced civilization founded on Italian expert cognition of roasting alone java beans to do high quality handmade drinks. As a client, it will be great ground to actuate them to see a new manner of java.

Last, the broad scope of nutrient ( Internet Explorer. Cake, sandwiches, gems etc ) for both grownups and childs and limitless free Wi-Fi cyberspace connexion can be besides strong strength for Costa Coffee.


The biggest failing for the Costa Coffee is its market portion in Auckland, New Zealand. Yet, Costa Coffee has no market portion in the Central metropolis of Auckland and no trade name acknowledgment has been made. Therefore, it will be challenge for Costa Coffee to make strong presence with a good repute like in UK.


Expansion could be a cardinal chance for Costa Coffee. For illustration, opening more mercantile establishments near the University campus, metropolis council, in-migration bureau, Bankss within Central Auckland City.

Besides pulling a wider population particularly households with specific merchandises for kids. Costa Coffee ‘s Kid bill of fare is the good illustration for this chance.


As a dainty for Costa java, Auckland Central metropolis could go concentrated with different types of java stores. Therefore, this country is rather challenge for Costa Coffee to come ining in and aiming the same market with bing java stores – eg. Starbucks, Columbus, Esquire etc.

New entrants are besides treats to Costa Coffee. For illustration, increasing competitory menaces from doughnut and beigel ironss as they continuously expand their mercantile establishments and increase options of java merchandise offering.


The tabular array below shows the budget allotment across the different media of the advertisement program. The overall budget allocated for this advertisement program would be no more than NZ $ 4,000, 000. As shown in the tabular array, it shows Television is the major media spend most of the budget followed by the Newspapers. However, it is deserving passing monolithic budget on Television advertizements because it does exposed to larger measure of mark market improbably within short period of clip. Therefore, it can easy hold on the mark audience ‘s attending by usage of combination of ocular images, gesture, colorss and sound effects. For Newspapers, it besides plays an of import function, because it is cheaper than Television but it besides covers broad countries of mark market and audience.

Communication Tools

Amount per twelvemonth ( NZ $ )





Internet Banner






Entire ( NZ $ )

$ 3,390,116

The computation above is the maximal sum of the advertisement run for the whole twelvemonth.


Since Costa Coffee has been passing tonss of money on its advertisement run, it is really of import to cognize whether the advertisement was effectual or non. The effectivity of advertisement run needs to be assessed in order to avoid dearly-won errors ( Belch & A ; Belch, 1999 ) . In this instance, pre-test can be used before the run is implemented and post-test is done after implementing the advertisement run. There are many ways or methods to make these measurings, such as questionnaires/survey, interview, observations and concentrate group undertaking or more. Questionnaires, study and interview are the basic and most common methods to be used by everyone because it is moderately inexpensive and easy to garner the people ‘s sentiment towards product/service.



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