An Overview Of Stem Cell Research Sociology Essay

Because there is a batch of misdirecting information about root cell research, some people have formed an sentiment on root cell research without all of the facts. I believe for person to be able to understand the contention over root cell research, he or she should foremost be informed about where root cells come from. Stem cells are retrieved from three chief beginnings. ( )

The umbilical cord is one of the chief beginnings for root cells. Umbilical cells can offer a perfect lucifer. On the other manus, the more distant the relationship, the more likely it is that the cells will be rejected by the receiver ‘s ain immune system. Even when there is n’t an exact DNA lucifer between the giver and the receiver, this procedure can be done because scientists have developed a method to increase transferability and cut down the hazards to the receiver. Cord cells are taken during gestation and stored in a cryogenic cell bank for future usage by the babe, the female parent, the male parent, or others. There are many common cell types merely as there are common blood types so happening a lucifer is about ever possible particularly when there are many givers. I do n’t understand why they make you pay to hive away umbilical cord blood, why ca n’t it be free like when you donate blood. I think if it was free more people would be able to make it and might even donate it like they do blood. I wish that when I was pregnant that I could hold afforded to hive away my kid ‘s unbiblical cord blood. Compared to adult cells and embryologic cells, the umbilical cord is the richest beginning of root cells, and these cells can be stored in progress so they are ready when needed. ( )

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The large contention over root cell research comes to light when we talk about the 3rd beginning of root cells which is embryologic cells. Embryonic root cells are taken from an embryo before the embryo ‘s cells begin to alter ( this phase is called a blastodermic vessicle ) . I was under the feeling that abortion physicians would take babes at about 2 to 6 months gestation and killed them for their root cells, which were located at the base of their encephalons. Now that I know this is n’t true I am all for root cell research. There are about 100 cells in a blastodermic vessicle, a really big part of which are stem cells, which can be kept alive everlastingly. They are grown in civilizations where the root cells continue to duplicate in figure every 2 to 3 yearss. So what is all the tumult about? Those who value human life from the point of construct, disapprove of this type of root cell retrieval because the extraction of root cells from this type of an embryo requires it to be destroyed. In other words, it requires that a human life be terminated. Some people believe this is the same as slaying. I am non one of them. Peoples who agree with this research argue that the bantam blastodermic vessicle has no human characteristics so it is n’t slaying. I think that there are a batch of people who already have abortions and they merely throw the babe off like it is refuse. Why non utilize what they have already discarded to profit another life. New root cell lines already exist due to in vitro fertilisation. Research advocators say that many fertilized human cells have already been banked, but are non available for research. I would donate my eggs to this cause if asked. Advocates of embryologic root cell research claim human lives should non be created for the exclusive intent of experimentation. During this twenty-four hours and age it is my belief that that ‘s the ground a batch of babes are born, particularly those born to teenage female parents. Other people may reason against such research on medical evidences, because mice that have been treated for Parkinson ‘s with embryologic root cells have died from encephalon tumours in every bit much as 20 % of instances. Embryonic root cells stored over clip have been shown to make the unnatural chromosomes that create malignant neoplastic disease cells. ( ( )

The 3rd abundant beginning for root cells is our ain grownup organic structures. Adult root cells can be collected from bone marrow or from the peripheral system. Because they ‘re taken from the patient ‘s ain organic structure it is hard and really painful to take these root cells. On the plus side there is ever an exact DNA lucifer so the organic structure ‘s immune system ne’er rejects them. Bone marrow is a really rich beginning of root cells ; nevertheless, harm of the bone marrow consequences from this retrieval procedure. This process is besides highly painful because it requires a physician to jostle a truly immense needle deep into the tops of the giver ‘s long castanetss. I believe that if it was n’t so really painful, more people would donate their bone marrow. Peripheral root cells can be extracted without harm to castanetss, but this procedure is really clip consuming and with wellness issues, clip is frequently of the extreme importance. ( )

Stem cells could be used to handle Parkinson ‘s disease, Alzheimer ‘s disease, bosom diseases, shot, diabetes, birth defects, or even spinal cord hurts. Stem cells could even be used to replace or mend damaged variety meats, or lower the hazards that occur during organ organ transplant. I believe that root cell research is more good than it is destructive. I do non believe in abortion. I do believe in the decease punishment and I think that it is n’t used about plenty. I believe that before we kill these people possibly we should take their root cells from their bone marrow alternatively of allowing them travel to blow. I believe in organ contribution. I believe that the authorities needs to set more money into root cell research of all sorts. I think that if a cell does n’t hold a pulse or encephalon so to me it is n’t a babe yet so to me it is n’t slaying. In decision, I would wish for you to be able to organize your ain sentiment on this affair now that it has been explained to you. ( )



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