An Unforgettable Person-My Teacher Essay

July 5, 2017 Teaching

Parents are–or should be–the teachers of their children in many areas, a natural relationship of handing down what they have learned to their offspring. But there is something special about the profession of teaching where an individual chooses to make an impact on students ,they hardly know on Day 1 of class and yet they have a goal of sending those young faces on their way to a well-rounded education in the 180 or so days they will have them in his or her care.

At Vikas junior college, more teachers continued their influence on my life, and many of them have enjoyed long teaching careers. Several have retired, but several are still hard at it with the current crop of students The bell rings, and all the students waits for him to come. He is nothing but our math lecturer Mr. P. Ramesh. He is about 6 feet tall, thin man. He dresses himself in formals. He has a good hair style like wave’s . he is handsome too. His classes are so interesting. All the students get involved to listen to his classes. We never miss his classes.

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He is very friendly, polite, and casual. He is hailed by many students here and there. “Hello! ” “Hi! ” “Nice to see you! ” Whenever he comes across anyone he knows, he always says hello to them first, wearing a big smile, whether or not they are older or younger than him. In this society where many people often pass by without greeting each other, seeing him might be like seeing an oasis in a desert. He loves children in earnest. Every time I leave the school cafeteria with I often go to his house on Sunday’s to chat with him.

He always serves me a cup of green tea and I can see what’s happening in his room. He loves reading. One day when I entered his classroom to have a chat, I found him reading “The Elegant Universe” by Brian Greene. A few days passed. I saw him having lunch in the school cafeteria. I sat next to him and asked if he had finished the book. He said, “Yes. I’ve got another book, `E=MC2′ by David Bodanis. ” It seemed to me that he was eager to further gain access to the secrets of the universe.

He helps us during our examinations by clearing our doubts he stays with us till the night to clarify the doubts. A good teacher and the best teacher A good teacher can tell his students a lot of answers to a lot of questions. But the best teacher can play dumb while helping his students think out the answers for themselves. A good teacher is an eager and enthusiastic talker. But the best teacher knows how to be quiet and patient while his students struggle to formulate their own thoughts in their own words.

A good teacher is humble; he naturally feels that the accumulated wisdom of his subjects is far more important than himself. But the best teacher is even humbler; for he respects the feeling of young people that they are naturally far more important than a silly old subject. A good teacher knows that his students ought to be honest, responsible, and good citizens. But the best teacher knows that… [These qualities] are He has the all the following characters to say he is a good and the best teacher.


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