Analisys on Flower Fed Buffaloes

April 22, 2018 General Studies

The poet provides her personal context, which guides the reader to make interpretations. The author’s positive-like connotations create a secure and peaceful imagery, conveying various mixed feelings created by the contrasting of words. The scene illustrated includes a spring and flower-full setting as well as an indelicate element which are the buffaloes. For instance, the title “flower-fed buffaloes”. In this simple quote the author adds her distinctive connotation to each word, which provides a more concise idea of the poem.

In addition, another example where the author use connotations is n the phrase “locomotives sing”. The author combine the words, “locomotive” and “sing’ which creates an imagery off peaceful locomotive sound. The author add a peaceful connotation to “sing’ and a aggressive feeling to “locomotives”. These two words are contradictory yet the author reaches her purpose and makes the reader agree, as if the locomotives sound were lovely. The particular language chosen by the author generates a concise and accurate concept of the poem.

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The poem is written in a very accessible engage which easily involves the reader and facilitates the connection between the poet’s idea and the readers perception of it. The scene Lindsay portray is sweet, bloomed and sugary where the reader can be easily submerged. At the same time, the author use an understandable language which creates a friendly atmosphere. “wheels and wheels spin by in the spring that still is sweet’ in this verse is the evidence of the usage of simple language. Because of its natural language, and common language creates and easily imagined scene.

The image of the ‘flower-fed buffaloes’ is the end of a relationship between man and nature. The authors ability to portray this image into the readers mind is astounding. The way Lindsay employ her particular context makes a specific atmosphere which transmit a clear and understandable message to the reader. Also, the simple language used contributes and facilitates the conception of the reader. In “flower fed buffaloes” Lindsay effectively give rise to a incisive idea of the poem and therefore transmits a clear image of the poem’s theme.


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