Analysing brand loyalty and nike

July 18, 2017 General Studies

Nike is a great company which does worldwide selling of high quality footwear, dress, equipment, and accessary merchandises. It is the largest marketer of athletic footwear and athletic dress in the universe.

Nike has been successful in constructing a trade name image with its public presentation.

From the early twenty-four hours, Nike has learnt the consumers ‘ demand by listening to the demand of jocks, sharing their true passion for running.

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When it comes to the trade name trueness, which is the consumer penchant to purchase a certain trade name. Harmonizing to ( Tuominen, 1992 ) trade name trueness is nil but the regular purchase of the same trade name over clip. Harmonizing to the research 55 % of the respondents stated that they were buying the same trade name for the past 15 old ages. Consumers trust the trade name and go loyal to the peculiar trade name. This shows the trade name trueness of the consumers towards Nike.

The study consequences exemplify the trueness of the trade name. Most of the respondents are loyal with the particular branded merchandises. Since old ages of clip they have been purchasing the same trade name because that specific trade name has satisfied the consumers ‘ demands and has gained the acceptance in the trade name name. The survey besides annotates the consumer penchants to purchase the peculiar branded merchandises over old ages. Some of the respondents stated that they have been buying Nike because the criterions of quality are really high and comfort degrees are really high.

The simple ground which the respondents say for purchasing the same trade names for a long clip is the sensed quality ( Kalra & A ; Murthi, 2008 ) . Perceived merchandise quality is possibly one of the most of import concepts in selling ( Cronin & A ; Taylor, 1992 ) .

Undoubtedly, the belief that if the sensed quality is high it leads to patronize purchases which is the substrate of any concern.

It can be analysed from the research that when the respondents were asked to rank the features from 1 to 8 as 1 being the lowest and 8 being the highest, which led them to take Nike alternatively of any other trade name, 25 % of the respondents have ranked 8 for the characteristic quality. And the some of the remarks made by the respondents are like ‘Even though Nike is really expensive it has good quality and assortment ‘ , ‘the best quality I have of all time seen is Nike ‘ . ‘Nike has a really good quality in every of its merchandises which can non be seen in other trade names which makes me to purchase them ‘ . ‘I purchase the Nike merchandises because of the quality. Quality is really good when compared with other trade names ‘ . 38 % of the respondents stated that Nike delivers the best quality when compared to other trade names. This shows how consumers are associated with Nike in footings of quality.

The trade name association creates a positive attitude and feeling that makes a connexion of the client with the trade name, particularly when it comes to determination devising. Sellers try to place their trade names so that they are perceived by consumer to suit a typical niche in the market place – a niche occupied by no other

merchandise ( Schiffman and Kanuk, 1994 ) .

( Timess, 2006 )

The above figure shows the “ trade name association map ” drawn from on-line commentary about Nike, as compiled by Nielsen Buzz Metrics. Such maps aim to detect forms in consumers ‘ sentiments about peculiar brands.http: // // //

Brand association is anything which is deep seated in client ‘s head about the trade name. Brand associations are the properties of trade name which come into consumers mind when the trade name is talked about. One of the respondent said that ‘Nike has some singularity in it which makes me to buy the merchandises ‘ . Many of the consumers are associated with the Nike trade name because of its assortment, quality and its success. Even though trade name association is formed on footing of the monetary value at which the merchandises ( Aaker, 1991 ) are sold 3 to 4 respondents stated that even though Nike merchandises are really expensive we purchase them for the quality and assortment it has.

Brand name plays an of import function in the merchandise gross revenues and affects the consumer ‘s pick in choosing the merchandises. The consumer is ready to pay inordinate monetary value if the trade name name is paramount because they believe in the trade name name ( Marjit et al, 2007 ) . During the study 58 % of the respondents replied that they consider the trade name name when they go for shopping or when buying a merchandise. The chief ground for sing the trade name name is that it provides the assurance and consumers feel more comfy when they purchase the branded merchandises in which they trust.

Some trade names are created in order to give consumers more experience than other trade names. The most effectual trade name bargains the consumer ‘s attending ( Daryi, 2000 ) . The consequences from the research illustrate the experience of the client in purchasing the Nike trade name. Generally consumers think of their past experience before buying the merchandises. If they are satisfied with the merchandise they will prefer to go on the purchase of same branded merchandises. 55 % of the respondents stated that they are buying the Nike trade name for the past 15 old ages which shows their experience in buying the trade name and 58 % of the people are highly satisfied with the quality of the Nike trade name. If a consumers has a positive experience with the trade name, it will assist in developing the consumer ‘s trust in the company trade name and will besides hold them as a loyal consumer ‘s. The consequences describe that the Nike trade name have a strong infinite in consumers mind in footings of quality and singularity. It besides shows that the consumers experience shows high effect in their pick and purchasing determination.

Brand consciousness plays a critical function in consumer ‘s determination devising procedure. Hoyer & A ; Brown ( 1990 ) say that people usually think to purchase the trade names they are familiar with and the trade names on which they have assurance. 58 % of the respondents stated that they choose the branded merchandises because they are good associated with it and hold good sentiment on the peculiar branded merchandises they buy.

A trade name to go successful, pricing scheme plays a critical function. Generally consumers compare one trade name with the other with regard to monetary value and quality. Daryi, 2000 says that if the monetary value of merchandise of their pick is more than the other branded merchandise, consumers usually prefer the merchandise which has lower monetary value in the market. 6 % of the respondents said that monetary value is the factor which led them to take Nike alternatively of any other trade names. Due to the cost factor sometimes consumers may exchange to other trade names which replace the merchandise which they need. Two of the respondents stated that even though the monetary values of Nike are really high when compared to other trade names we purchase merchandises of Nike because of the quality and assortments they offer. Further the consequences from the research shows that if the monetary values of the Nike merchandises are small decreased there will be an addition in gross revenues. This shows that the pricing scheme is really of import for a company to last in the market.

By analyzing the client behavior, houses and organisations can be benefited by understanding some points like how consumers think, feel and decide to buy which merchandise to purchase between tonss of options like trade name and merchandises available in the market, the factors which influence their purchasing determination. Consumer behavior involves how the clients use the merchandise every bit good as how they purchase the merchandise. The overall survey Tells that the consumer behavior is based on many factors like their purchasing behavior, cognition about the trade name and some environmental factors like household, civilization etc.

During the research many things were observed sing the consumer behavior like frequence of purchase, their favorite trade name, whether they consider trade name into consideration when they purchase any merchandise and how satisfied they are with the Nike merchandise. It was observed that 29 % of the respondents travel for shopping one time in a month and 28 % of the respondents travel twice in a month for shopping which depends upon their demands and their single life style. There was none of the respondents who said we ne’er go for shopping and 10 % of the consumers shop one time in a twelvemonth. Different consumers have different sorts of purchasing behavior harmonizing to their demands and life styles.

Merely 13 % of the respondents said that they do n’t purchase the Nike merchandises at all and 83 % of the respondents stated that they purchase the Nike branded merchandises. And the people who own the Nike points do n’t purchase them often. Some of them buy one time in a twelvemonth and some of them one time in a month. Some of them consider the quality, some of them design and some of them see monetary value which depends upon the mentality of the person. If sellers ‘ analyse the factors like monetary value, quality, assortment and trade name name ; they can act upon buy behavior of a consumer.


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