Analysing Porters Diamond Framework In Modern Industries

By September 6, 2017 Human Resources

Since the publication of Porter ‘s book, The Competitive Advantage of Nations in 1990, it has attracted considerations from other bookmans. Porter used the Diamond theoretical account as a theoretical model for analysing the national fight, explicating “ Why make some societal groups, economic establishments, and states progress and prosper? ” Although Porter ‘s Diamond model has had extended research and treatment by other bookmans, it has besides subjected to many uncertainties and unfavorable judgment.

The diamond theoretical account has been founded as excessively abstract and is merely applicable to developed states which neglected historical dimensions of the late development theory. It besides gave excessively small attending on the impact of national civilization every bit good as downplays the function of the province while it is one of the most influential factors that contribute toward the national fight.

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Questions have been raised whether factor and demand conditions are multinational or purely national.

The essay will measure the thought about diamond theoretical account and the Competitive Advantage of Nations in item and argue that Porter ‘s Diamond theoretical account does non provides a satisfactory solution to the explain the ground of a state that achieves international success in a peculiar industry. Different positions of bookmans will be employed to foreground the statements, empirical groundss of industries among the five large states would be discussed and relevant theories will be cited to back up the findings.


The primary aim of the book is to explicate that “ the influence of the state on the international competitory public presentation of houses occurs through the manner in which a house ‘s proximate environment shapes its competitory success over clip ” ( Porter 1990 p.29 ) . Besides, the degree of economic development and national fight of a state is non merely related to the political environment and the whole economic conditions, the place base play an of import function. Porter has analyzed that the houses are principle histrions instead than the states and provinces that “ competitory advantage is created and sustained through a extremely localised procedure. ”

Porter ‘s theory of national competitory advantage, the Diamond theoretical account has been developed as a tool through perusal of a 100 industries among 10 states to analyse the grounds that a state could accomplish international success in a peculiar industry. He believes that the ability of a state to derive competitory advantage and go success in a peculiar industry depends on four national determiners of competitory advantage in a peculiar industry:

1 ) Factor conditions which include both basic and advanced factors such as human, physical, cognition and capital resources every bit good as substructure while advanced factors are the most important for the competitory advantage

2 ) Demand conditions, Porter topographic point peculiar accent on the construction of demand in the place market and the function of place demand in supplying the drift for “ upgrading ” competitory advantage.

3i?‰related and back uping industries. This refers to the bunch of providers, knowledge-input establishments and end-users in close propinquity which stimulate invention and increase fight.

4i?‰firm scheme, construction and competition. It includes ” the manner in which house are managed and take to vie. ” Domestic competition is effectual in competitory advantage upgrading which gives force per unit area to the houses to better on the facets of quality, invention and commanding cost.

Opportunity and the authorities are the two external variables that influence the four determiners of the diamond theoretical account. From porter ‘s point of position, Chance events ( Porter 1990 ) can “ make discontinuities that allow displacements in competitory place. ” while Government is the 1 which could benefits or adversely affects the four determiners of national advantage in an industry.

The diamond theoretical account is shown below:

( Wikipedia )

Example of Pharmacheutical industry

Porter ‘s first application of the diamond attack has been commended and criticized ( Rugman 1991 ; Tormenting 1993 ; Cho 1994 ; Brouthers, Brouthers 1997 ; Moon et Al. 1998 ) as its diamond theoretical account has an sole focal point on the “ place base ” construct, which leads to failure to integrate the effects of transnational activities in his theoretical account. The success Germany is because of R & A ; D base in the pharmaceutical industry, but the base is largely come from the outward FDI which is more the transnational activities instead than the “ place base ” .

Harmonizing to Gambardella ( 2000 ) “ The competitory advantages of pharmaceutical industry are R & A ; D and advanced competences, selling and distribution capablenesss. ” Other deciding factors such as fiscal system, authorities ordinance, instruction, private concerns and demand etc. are all influences an industry and companies ‘ success.

Local rivals of multinationals are normally smaller companies specialized in gross revenues of non R & A ; D intensive drugs ( Gambardella, 2000 ) .

For illustration, pharmaceutical companies ‘ operations consist largely of fabrication and distribution. The demand for pharmaceutical is low in China comparing to Germany, UK, USA and Japan. Refers to European statistics, pharmaceuticals companies in European states are much more labour intensive than the US and Nipponese 1s. The US and Nipponese companies are more rely on capital and R & A ; D While contrasting the portion of valued added on entire production value, there are much higher for US and Japan companies than the European countries.US and European companies ever compete on the degree of new merchandise development. Where Germany has a strong base of R & A ; D and skill labour force, it has the 3rd largest is the largest pharmaceutical company in the universe, Bayer which accounted for the, which working across 50 different states. They have invested to a great extent in U.S. markets and go on to seek new merchandise markets. They has besides put a batch of attempt for puting the new drugs which they outsourced about 5.3 billion Euros in chemicals to India and puting in R & A ; D in China ‘s agribusiness industry with disbursement more than 100million Euros.As for the UK, it lags behind in invention in comparing to states such as the United States. Pfizer, the largest pharmaceutical companies in the universe where are GSK is a British 1. Pfizer has a competitory advantage over GSK in the British markets because of its selling high quality, patenting and high degree of R & A ; D operations.

In comparing the pharmaceutical industry in the US, UK, Germany and China, Bayer has invested sharply in research and development and it ranks extremely among American companies Bayers ‘ powerful place in the pharmaceutical industry due to the high degree of Germany ‘s instruction which supplied the human capital every bit good as skilled labour force that are necessary in this extremely competitory industry.

Although the grounds above illustrates that the German success is due to the ground on the strong R & A ; D base in the illustration pharmaceutical industry, the base is largely come from the outward FDI which Porter has non regards this as an of import factor toward the part of competitory advantage.

Example of Automobile Industry

Furthermore, Cho ( 1994 ) A have criticized Porter ‘s treatment about the function of province and MNEs in the theory of national competitory advantage and argues that diamond theory proposed by PorterA is limited toA the used inA developing states, A and accent that the different ofA Human resourcesA in a group and betweenA the differentA factorsA andA stuff factorsA in the patternsA are different, A will affectA the national fight.

This comes to an illustration of the car industry. For case, China is a late developed states which has a lower degree of instruction and hence leads to a more unskilled labour force comparing to the other developed states such as US, UK, Germany and Japan. In the car industry,

Firms ‘ in Japan such as Toyota has the highest outgo on R & A ; D and invention where China is much less competitory in footings of invention in high engineering sectors.The chief competitory advantage of car industry in China is the monolithic work force and inexpensive labour cost in comparing with Japan, US and the European states, every bit good as pulling the FDI and MNEs, it increases the national fight.

On the other manus, given the fact that Porter has downplayed the function of the Government in the theory of the national competitory advantage,

Government still plays an of import function in a peculiar industry of an state particularly for the late developed states. For case, since the endeavor and fiscal establishment are about province owned, China is the state that most of the big industries continue trusting on the helper of Government.

The illustration of the Chinese industry shows the fact that the importance of authorities power every bit good as the part of MNEs in China ‘s car industry. Porter has been ignores the Late development theory and gave excessively small consideration to the function of the province. The diamond theoretical account would non be applicable for the less developed states as a tool to analyse the national competitory advantage such as China.

Furthermore, Bosch and Prooijen ( 1992 ) were besides proposed that the Diamond theoretical account has neglected the impact ofA national civilization on theA competitory advantage of states. This focal point on a wide scope of topics within the field of direction: direction manner ( Lindvist, 1988 ) , human resources direction ( Schneider,1988 ) , motive theory, ( Hofstede,1980 ) larning curves ( Hayes and Allinson,1988 ) , engineering transportations ( Kedia and Bhagat,1988 ) and selling scheme ( Tse et al. , 1988. The pointed out that “ In states with less demand for uncertainness turning away, dealingss are much loose and vacillation to alter in smaller. ” In the illustration of car industry of Japan and European states, Nipponese houses would plan the parts together with the providers and the auto shapers whereas the European houses made a new auto without any helper from the providers. This illustrates the uncertainness avoider and shows that the national civilization has an of import impact on these dealingss.

Against the Diamond theoretical account: Evidence of Canada

However, Tormenting ‘s ( 1980 ) argue that when big MNEs seek to better their planetary competency and efficiency ( when a place state does non hold all beginnings of competitory advantage ) , their activities in some or all of the determiners do lend to a host state ‘s fight in the long tally.

The successful Canadian exporters show a similar form, summarised in

Porter ( 1991a, p.140 Figure 5.1 ) . The 25 industries are taking into history either the four chief conditions, or the two external variables.

There were 25 industries that are group into four extra classs for Canada: resource-based, market-access based, innovation-driven and other.

The decision is drawn as “ The basic application of the theory captured shows that Canada has no diamonds. And either Canada is in desperate economic passs because it lacks these industry forms, or the diamond does non use to all national economic systems. As a consequence, the empirical trials consequences have against the Porter ‘s diamond theory which Porter has “ prophylactic remarks about complacence, and the likely negative effects of the deficiency of diamonds are merely averments. ”

In the function of international economic system of Canada, it contains the competitory advantages in the facet of trading comparison to the European states, US, UK, Japan who has strong base of diamond theoretical account. Canada besides ranks the top three in the exports sectors. In order for a company to be successful within their industry, they must better the degree of R & A ; D such as, pulling MNEs and FDI, puting abroad in labour accomplishments and engineering, accordingly, as the seen it are barely that any competitory advantages are strictly national. As MNEs start puting in different industry in Canada, it would derive more competitory advantage through which makes the industries become globalisation.


In decision, Porter ‘s diamond model has been extensively discussed and loosely used among states and industries. However, its existent part of analysing the national competitory advantage has non been clarified. From the above groundss, it indicates that there has been inconsistence between the industry evidences among the states and Porter ‘s theory of Diamond model.As Porter states that houses must actively better their place base in order to upgrading the determiner and derive national fight. However, in the illustration of pharmaceutical industry, Germany ‘s success due to the mature R & A ; D base of the industries where the R & A ; D base are largely depends on the FDI and Government that Porter does non set much attending on.

Furthermore, Since Porter ‘s survey of diamond theoretical account is merely based on 10 states, it does non supply a satisfactory reply to the national competiveness of the industry for less developed states. In the instance survey of the pharmaceutical industries, Porter has neglected the Late Development Theory which is non applicable to the states such as China.

On the other manus, the impact of national civilization is one of the losing elements in Porter ‘s analysis that would be a factor which influences the national fight. Porter has besides gave excessively litter consideration on the facet of the Government function and engagement of the MNEs where the illustration of car industries indicates that both the Government and MNEs has a batch of impacts in the national competiveness.

Another dissension with Porter is that the factors and demands conditions are non strictly national. The information from the illustration shows that Canada has achieved a good criterion of the function of international economic system. Although industries in Canada does non hold a strong diamond construction as Porter required to incorporate significant national competitory advantage, it attracts foreign direct investing and reach high degree of exports. These all help the Canadian industries to put up the “ planetary webs ” and go globalisation.

As there are underlying inquiries and jobs of Porter ‘s Diamond model. Other bookmans ‘ new theories such as DoubleA Diamond Model ( Rugman 1991 ) and Nine-Factor ModelA ( Cho 1994 ) are suggested to set the losing dimensions in Porter ‘s analysis. This will explains the ground that some states could accomplish success in peculiar industry in item and the theoretical accounts could be used to measure competitory advantage of the national environment in more accurate manner which besides helpA theA industry as a wholeA to enhanceA the international fight.


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