Analysing the communication process in McDonalds

I have made a papers and analyse the communicating procedure in one of the universes successful and largest fast nutrient concatenation, towards the accomplishment of concern end. I have chosen the organisation is McDonalds situated in Manurewa.

Primary information was collected by questioning the Branch Manager, he is my comparative. After the primary research, all the relevant findings were analyzed and evaluated based on the communicating theories learned from secondary beginnings through our text edition, lector press releases, on-line resources and the organisation ‘s information resources.

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The research draws attending to the importance of these findings on how effectual, efficient, accurate and up-to-date these communicating processes that shoe great impact on the three degrees of communicating in the chief squad viz. :

Team Communication

Interpersonal Communication

Organization Communication

Findingss showed some communicating barriers on each degree that hinder the affectivity and efficiency of the communicating processes towards the accomplishment of their Team ends impacting the organisational end ‘s is good. Though some of the jobs were being acted upon quickly, some were non ; hence, I came up with some suggestions that may be helpful to the capable organisation towards the accomplishment of their concern ends.

1. Introduction

McDonalds is the 1 of the taking eating house ironss in the universe, touching the lives of people every twenty-four hours. They improved their quality of merchandises and services with the clip. In the past McDonalds does non hold thrust through and 24 hr services. All of them are unfastened for late darks. McDonalds chiefly sells beefburgers, cheese Burgers, poulet merchandises, Gallic french friess, breakfast points, soft drinks, milk shingles, and comeuppances.

2. Interpersonal communicating

Interpersonal communicating is communicating between two people. Some books like to mention to it as face-to-face communicating, or communicating when people are physically present with each other. In the interpersonal communicating, we research on communicating between the director and staff member ‘s and besides research the communicating between clients and staff.

2.1 Communication between directors and staff members

When we research on McDonalds, it was found that all the eating house employees are from different states with different backgrounds. Employees are good educated and experienced. However, there are some drawbacks in the communicating between directors and the staff members. This drawback is a linguistic communication barrier. Because most of the employees have come from different states, they speak different linguistic communications from each other. The meetings conducted at McDonalds involve directors and employees pass oning to happen out the jobs being faced at the section.

2.2 Communication between staff members and clients

In this McDonald, largely adult females are in the forepart and go to the new clients. The adult female who is go toing client is really friendly and has good communicating. All staff members are trained good before to pass on efficaciously. To pass on good, it is necessary to speak courteously and utilize gestures to convey significance. The crew members give client satisfaction through good client service

2.3 Communication barriers

There are some barriers in communicating between employees and the director: –

Functions: Functions are ever defined in relationship to person else and they determine the manner you communicate with the other individual. In any administration, information flow depends on good dealingss of employees. Sometimes employees hide errors from director because of personal relationship so it becomes a barrier in information flow.

Status: Status go a barrier in motive.Some of employees does n’t speak with other because of their position. New employees try to avoid communicate with the director because of his position.

Power: Power becomes barrier in motive and control. An administration uses communicating to actuate the employees. When we communicate, there is frequently some component of power or control being exercised by one individual or the other, or by both. If power is excessively much used so the communicating is thwarting.

Assorted MESSAGES: It becomes a barrier in communicating when non verbal communicating non lucifers with verbal message.

3 Organisation communicating

In the interview with the director we asked some general inquiries about the Mc Donald have to derive some cognition about the Administration with in the Mc Donald ‘s. Organisation communicating is divided into two major parts which is as follow: –

• Internal administration communicating

• External administration communicating

3.1 Internal administration communicating: –

3.1.1. Administration ends: –

Basic end of McDonalds on the footing of annually and they chiefly consider about the client service. It besides includes the waste of the McDonalds. They besides want to give the client fast service they want to diminish their waste as much they can so. The few ends of McDonalds are as follows

• CSO ( Customer satisfaction aim ) -100 % ( McDonalds chief end is to give client full satisfaction )

• KVS ( kitchen picture system ) -35 % this is the clip taken to do Burgers and other fast nutrient merchandises in the kitchen country after every order and it ‘s usually 35 seconds.

• Labor-26 % McDonalds want to salvage the labor up to 26 % as they had given last twelvemonth.

• Refunds- below 0.10 % ( company wants to give less refund to the client to gain more net income

3.1.2. Information flow within the organisation-

In the administration information flows from higher degree to lower degree as every information for case a launch of new merchandise or changing of regulations foremost comes to restaurant director and after that he go through on the information to the in-between degree director or we can name them as displacement director and the displacement director base on balls on the information to the crew members by a squad meeting or seting the information on the crew room so that everybody can read that information. And particularly when a new merchandise is establishing

They create a group preparation squad and they trained them how to do new merchandise and Kinds of safeguards they have to see while doing those peculiar merchandise

3.1.3. Administration civilization within the administration: –

In this administration employees are from different communities. And chiefly in this administration island-dwellers and Indians are working with really few of kiwi staff. The eating house director is kiwi and about all the other in-between degree directors are island-dwellers and including one director belongs to china. And in this administration everybody works without any racism and they are really comfy with each other. The administration clime of the McDonalds is really good because everybody communicates in professional manner and they can understand each other manner of communicating really good.

3.2 External administration communicating: –

3.2.1 Covering with clients: –

This is the uninterrupted portion of the communicating in the McDonalds and which is to be used 24 hours to function the client. And it is used to manage the jobs of clients every bit good. In the McDonalds there is a specific form to cover with the clients which is described by the director of McDonalds. In this portion of communicating is used to cover with every client and this form is written is besides written in every order taking registry and this form is divided into portion and those are as follows: –

1 ) First smiling and greet to client.

2 ) Take the order right by reiterating the order to the client

3 ) At last say bask your repast and good pass.

3.2.2. Communication with stakeholders: –

In this administration chiefly restaurant director and senior helper director communicate with the stakeholders and the administration like McDonalds plays a critical function in communicating with the stakeholders because they have to ever to be ready to give the client a better service and non to acquire a stock out of anything which is used within the administration.

3.3 Communication barrier in administration communication-

3.3.1 Barrier in internal organisation-

Within the administration there is communicating barrier when in busy clip of eating house if crew and director do non pass on with each other they can non give better service to the clients and sometime it happens in tonss of busy clip because everybody is busy in making their undertaking every bit faster as they can. So to acquire rid of it directors take the aid of the other crew and director which is available at that clip to make a proper communicating within the staff.

3.3.2. Barrier in external organisation-

There is barrier which is occurs by the clients and stakeholders chiefly because of there is erstwhile misconstruing Linguistic barrier-

Along with this there is some lingual barrier in the communicating. as some of the employees which are from other states they can non talk as much good English to pass on and sometime it go barrier in communicating in the administration.

4 Team Communication

4.1. Team Goals

Team ends are really simple do a program and so follow it. In McDonalds squads are trained good to follow the form. Leader of the squad asks the squad to put to death a program and the whole squad follows the program.

4.2.Team Functions

In a squad each member has a function to carry through the demands of the squad. In McDonalds there is a subdivision director, squad leader or displacement director. Now there are three counters to function the clients. On counter 1 there are three members working, on counter 2 there are two members and team leader working and on counter 3 once more three members are working. Now cleaning squad is at that place to make the cleansings and besides to assist the members of the squad if anyone requires aid and it consists of two members. So the information flow is from the both sides that are downward to upward and besides upward to downward.

Branch Manager

Team Leader

Counter Team 1 Counter Team 2 Counter Team 3

Cleaning Team

4.3.Branch Manager

Now function of the subdivision director is to give the order to the squad leader and so squad leader will give that order to the squad and if there is any sort of job to the member of the squad he or she will allow the squad leader know and the squad leader will allow the director know. So this manner the information flows in a squad that is both upward and downward.

4.4.Team Member

The function of the squad member is to lend towards the end of the organisation. They merely need to follow the orders and if they have any suggestions they can give it in the meetings organized by the squad leader or by the caput director.


5.1. Interpersonal communicating

5.1.1. Communication between director and staff members

Harmonizing to the findings, we came up with the decision that due to the different background and civilization of the stay members and directors, linguistic communication becomes a barrier every bit far as communicating is concerned. Because most employees are from different civilization and they are new in this work might waver to speak to the director about their jobs. In the meetings, employees are ever asked by the directors are they satisfied with their occupations and with the environment of Mc Donald ‘s, which will finally actuate them to fulfill the demands of their clients as good. Indian and Chinese staff member hesitates a batch because English is non there first linguistic communication. Language barrier:

Language becomes a barrier between director and staff members because of employees are from different states and hesitate when communicate with director.

5.1.2. Communication between clients and staff members

We find that the degree of satisfaction depends on the quality of service a client receives. In this eating house, both work forces and adult females trade with the clients because they are trained good before they join the staff. While covering with different clients of different background they have to pass on accurately to fulfill the client ‘s demands. In this household eating house every staff member communicates good with the clients to carry through the client ‘s demands. They speak good in English.

5.2. Administration communicating

After traveling through all the facets of McDonald ‘s administration communicating we come to decision that both the internal and external communicating of McDonalds is really necessary to run the concern and earn net income. Without the proper communicating, administration can non accomplish the ends. In the McDonalds Manurewa, the staff got good communicating accomplishments and they are making good in their concern by pass oning really good professionally in internal administration every bit good as external administration.

5.3 Internal administration communication-

In nutshell the McDonalds chief purpose is to gain net income and give the client better service and for that they are accomplishing their purpose by aiming this point of position. McDonalds Manurewa is really multicultural administration so the employees enjoy each other juncture really merrily. And along with this all the of import information in this administration flows from top to bottom degree.

5.4 External administration communication-

In McDonalds external communicating is chiefly with the clients and stakeholders. And this communicating is done by both the crew and directors.The covering with clients is done by both the directors and crew but the communicating with the stakeholders chiefly done by directors of McDonalds.

And on other side a better communicating accomplishments in the staff leads to gain of the administration as if they can pass on good to the clients and every bit good as in the administration they can accomplish their ends easy.

Now in McDonalds different ages, civilizations and nationalities are working at that place together. So everybody is looking to give his thought which is good that shows there commitment towards the work but they all have different thought ‘s. So jobs occurs in between the crew members merely because they think that there thought is good but still non followed by the other members or by the group.


6.1. Interpersonal communicating

6.1.1. Communication between clients and staff members

Communication between staff member and clients is chief portion at that place. In this eating house largely adult females attend the clients. The staff is good trained and experient. If the staff members are happy with their work environment, they can function the clients better. Directors should besides promote members to cover with the clients to avoid any gender prejudice.

6.1.2 Create a positive clime

The communicating go better by making a positive clime ( Joan, 2001 ) .The employees try to understand the functions of communicating and working for win-win results. They besides enhance their communicating by self revelation. The employees should seek to understand demands of the clients. Therefore, McDonald ‘s good client service is generated through employee satisfaction and a healthy work environment. Employees besides try to larn more from old employees.

6.1.3. Communication between directors and staff members

Communication between directors and staff members can be better if the meetings are held at least one time a hebdomad in the organisation. The directors should inquire the staff member ‘s inquiries about their civilization and background to acquire to cognize them better and to understand their behavior, so their work environment could be set up harmonizing to their penchant and comfort. Directors should besides seek to speak to the staff members every bit much as possible.

6.1.4. Making contacts

Manager and employees try to do contacts with each other. We all need to be treated with regard and inclusion. These are basic human demands. Manager tries to give aid to new employees who do non cognize about the work program of the McDonald. New employees should do contacts with the experient employees. Manager can assist the employees who are best in communicating but hesitate when they are talking.

6.2. Administration communicating

Organisation communicating is huge country where everyone has to be including to aiming the purpose and accomplishing that purpose. In the administration communicating the of import facet is the administration ends and the ends can merely be achieved if the staff understand it and pass on about the end by each other.

In the administration every person employee has to lend to the chief administration end. Manger should make proper meeting with crew members to get the better of communicating spread in the administration. They must take sentiments of crew before implementing a new regulation in the administration so they can work as a squad all the crew members must talk English with each other apart from any other linguistic communications.

6.2.1 Team communicating Conflict in Group

If groups are to map good, there needs to be some struggle, because the value of group is that they bring people with diverse accomplishments and thoughts together. There, struggle is inevitable and necessary. If there is excessively much struggle, a group will discontinue to work, whereas excessively small struggle can take to groupthink.

Now in McDonalds a squad needs to hold a proper struggle shows in the diagram. If they discuss more than there is a job and if they discuss less than there is a job. If the squad public presentation is non good plenty so there will be a job in Synergy. So they need to hold proper to the point treatments instead than excessively short and to bigger meetings or treatments. Group Dynamics

Communication in a group is boundlessly more complex than communicating between two people. See Figure below.

When two people communicate, there are two possible interactions.

A B B Angstrom

Now in McDonald ‘s squads split in to four parts that is counter 1, counter 2, counter 3 and the cleansing squad. On the bases of counter one there are three members that is A, B and C. Now A negotiations with B and B negotiations with C but there is no communicating between A and C.

If C does non speak with A so there is no interaction between squad member A and C. They need to interact with each other to keep a proper communicating inside a group. If they interact with each they will automatically follow the group kineticss and the result will be good or improved.



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