Analysis and Evaluation of “Things Fall Apart” Essay Sample

July 25, 2017 History

I. Drumhead

“Things Fall Apart” tells the narrative of the life of the chief character. Okonkwo. from an outside storyteller. There are different spacial scene throughout the narrative including Iguedo and Mbanta while the temporal scene is at the bend of the nineteenth century. In the beginning of the narrative Okonkwo was one of them most well-thought-of work forces of his folk and was invariably traveling up the societal ladder hankering to fall in the Godheads of the folk. However. after perpetrating offenses against the folk such as interrupting the sacred Week of Peace and perpetrating the slaying of one of the tribe’s kinsmen. Okonkwo is exiled from the folk and is non to return for seven old ages.

It is while in expatriate that Okonkwo’s life genuinely falls apart. For while in exile Okonkwo loses his work ethic. that his life revolved about. Okonkwo dreads that upon return to his kin he would non be known as the extremely well-thought-of adult male he was before being exiled. However. Okonkwo’s former repute would non hold mattered upon his return anyhow for while in expatriate Okonkwo’s former kin was taken over by white work forces. After the seven old ages Okonkwo does return to his folk in Iguedo and with all the alterations brought upon by the white people he finds it impossible to repossess the baronial stature that he had when he left. Okonkwo is emotionally crushed for his life end is now unapproachable and he now has to give into the British control. Okonkwo gives up and puts an terminal to all of his jobs by killing himself shortly after his return to his fatherland.

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II. Character.

Okonkwo’s character alterations drastically throughout the narrative. For Okonkwo went from a proud. strong. choleric adult male that was good known throughout his land. to a adult male full of self-pity and a quitter by the terminal. Okonkwo’s alteration in character came as his life fell apart. However. throughout most of the narrative Okonkwo was known as the hardworking adult male who’s life was ruled by the fright of failure and going like his male parent.

One of the regulations that Okonkwo set for himself that showed his earnestness would be. demo no emotion besides choler for any other screening of emotion would be considered a failing. Okonkwo could hold been looked at as the antonym of his undistinguished male parent who was weak. lazy. insolvent. and irresponsible adult male with no desire to accomplish any of the rubrics of rank in the folk. For it was Okonkwo’s hatred and shame of his male parent that drove him to be merely the antonym of him. However. it is interesting that non merely does Okonkwo’s boy Nwoye return after his gramps but Okonkwo finally besides follows in his male parents footfalls. for he finally gives up on life.

It is no surprise that a disdainful and tough cat like Okonkwo would be rough with his household. Okonkwo was non merely rigorous with his boy Nwoye but besides with his assorted married womans. This can be shown for one clip Okonkwo beats his married woman when she did non fix his nutrient on clip. On another incident Okonkwo went every bit far as about hiting his 2nd married woman at the New Yam festival for Okonkwo thought she cut down his banana tree.

Okonkwo’s soundness can besides be seen throughout the book. The event foregrounding his soundness would be when Okonkwo accepted the occupation of killing Ikemefuna. a male child that looked up to Okonkwo and even called Okonkwo male parent. This must hold been really difficult for Okonkwo on the interior yet he does non demo it and still carries out the act. Okonkwo even carries out the act after he is asked to non kill Ikemefuna by Ogbuefi. the oldest adult male of the land who was a really of import leader of the kin. Until the terminal of the narrative the lone thing that was of all time looked ill on Okonkwo’s portion was when he committed the female version of slaying by by chance killing Ezeudu’s boy. Ultimately the ground for Okonkwo’s character was his demand to populate down the shame of his male parent and accordingly this transformed every value that should be good such as personal and physical strength. difficult work. bravery and soundness into a failing.

III. Evaluation

I thought that this was an first-class novel and that Chinua Achebe did a great occupation of demoing how things happened in past folk. This was my 2nd clip reading this novel and I got a batch more out of it the 2nd clip around. I liked how the book did non drag out the secret plan for there was ever one event after another. Besides. the different secret plan turn that are thrown in the narrative kept me thinking what was traveling to go on next.

I foremost read the book in a history category in order to read how certain folks were like in Africa in the yesteryear. I did non retrieve much from the narrative except that I liked it for the reading was simple and straightforward. I think that this narrative could hold worked even better as different journal entries written by Okonkwo stating the narrative from his point of position instead than holding a storyteller. However. it is non improbable that Chinua Achebe as the storyteller is stating a modified narrative of possibly one of his ain household members. Besides. while reading this clip I was able to bask the narrative more instead than holding to analyze the ways the folks acted and have to look for possible prejudice that the writer had.

My favourite books are normally those that do be given to go around around the life of one character and foreground the character’s adversities in life such as the book The Catcher in the Rye. I was able to associate to Okonkwo at times such as when he was non able to demo his interior emotions. For as a member of the football squad if I were to of all time demo failing such as being upset when acquiring yelled at by the manager or even demoing exhaustion after a tough pattern I would be looked at as weak even though everyone on the squad knows they have these same emotions and feelings. Besides. I can associate to the manner Okonkwo does non desire to fall into the same footfall of his male parent for I. while loving and esteeming my male parent. besides strive to surpass my male parent and be more successful than him.

What I was able to take out of the narrative was to non put ends that are excessively high and that even the good features in life such as difficult work and stringency can go a failing if they are pushed to the extreme. Besides. I was able to see that one has to be nice to people no affair where they live for even Okonkwo had to apologise to a much lesser adult male after dissing him at a meeting. What I besides plan to take from this narrative is the support that even when things do non travel my manner to still non give up on my ends and quit like Okonkwo did. In short I enjoyed reading this novel for it was formatted similar other narratives I like. I was able to associate to Okonkwo through out the narrative. and I was able to larn new life lessons while holding others reinforced.


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