Analysis Of Catcher In The Rye English Literature Essay

“ Catcher in the Rye ” by J.D Salinger, is a novel in which the chief character Holden, is a 17 twelvemonth old male child who does non desire to turn up because he is naively attached to his childhood. In the novel, Holden has problem in his teenage life because he can non manage the given duties as he is turning up. Holden ‘s maturity is constricted because he is diffident if he is in the universe of artlessness or the complex universe of an grownup.

Holden sets himself regulations but breaks them right off like a kid: “ Last twelvemonth I made a regulation that I was traveling to discontinue horsing around with misss that, deep down, gave me a hurting in the buttocks. I broke it though, the same hebdomad I made it, the same dark, as a affair of fact. ” ( pg. 63 ) He can non maintain his regulations in topographic point so he gets others to do regulations for him.

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However, passage towards maturity is besides shown. In the book Holden is sexually attracted to stuff that he considers kinky. During the stay at Edmont Hotel, he says: “ It ‘s truly excessively bad that so much crumby material is a batch of merriment sometimes. ” ( pg. 12 ) In some ways, he is demoing marks of turning up, but merely does n’t cognize it yet or does n’t desire to. As we read through, Holden invariably compares the laguna with the ducks to his life. He ever wonders on where the ducks are traveling to travel after the lake freezes: “ I was inquiring where the ducks went when the laguna got all icy and frozen over. I wondered if some cat came in a truck and took them off to a menagerie or something. Or if they merely flew away. ” ( pg. 13 ) Holden compares himself to the ducks and thinks on where he is traveling to travel subsequently on in the hereafter. He wonders if person will steer him in the right way, or if he ‘ll hold to steer himself through it. The lake besides symbolizes Holdens life, when he goes to the park: “ Then, I eventually found it. What it was, it was partially frozen and partially non frozen. ” Frozen or unfrozen those are the two provinces of the lake, while for Holden his two provinces are childhood and maturity and as the lake alterations from frozen to dissolve so does he traveling from childhood to adulthood. Holden ‘s pick is to stay frozen remaining in the childhood because Holden hatreds change. We know that when Holden goes to the museum and says the ground he visits:

“ The best thing, though, in that museum was that everything ever stayed right where it was. Cipher ‘d travel. “ ( pg.121 ) It ‘s seen that Holden wants to populate in a universe where everything is frozen, nil alterations but stays the same. That manner he ca n’t travel up to be an grownup.

Holden is attatched to childhood which is the ground he keeps being pulled by the universe of artlessness of childhood and the universe of maturity. In the novel, Holden sounds like he is an crabbed old adult male and is huffy at everything. However, when he keeps speaking about the ducks in the laguna, we see his accurate, more childly side: “ .. I was believing about the laguna in Central Park, down near Central Park South. I was inquiring if it would be frozen over when I got place, and if it was, where did the ducks go. ” ( pg. 13 ) The quotation mark shows that Holden has ideas and concerns that people might see infantile.

In Holden ‘s eyes, the grownup universe is disgusting. Several remarks in chapter 10 when he is in the lavender room are made. For illustration, a set that is made up of grownups he finds them being putrid. “ The set was putrid. ” ( pg. 69 ) Holden besides mentions about the older cats in the lavender room: “ They were largely old and show-offy looking cats ” ( pg. 69 )

The consequence of Holden strong attractive force towards the universe of artlessness makes him make infantile things. At the lavender room, Holden pretends to be older to affect three centers aged adult females: “ I started giving the three enchantresss at the following tabular array the oculus once more. That is, the blond one… I merely gave all three of them this really cool glimpse and all. ” ( pg. 70 ) Artlessness is shown in Holden ‘s character when he thinks he knows what is traveling on around him but ends up cognizing nil. He mentions that the three misss are less intelligent than he is: “ You could barely state which 1 is the stupidest of them. ” ( pg. 73 ) But at the terminal of the chapter, Holden pays for them: “ I think they should ‘ve at least offered to pay their drinks they had before I joined them. ” ( pg. 75 ) As a consequence of his artlessness, Holden is left to pill the measure in the terminal.

It is seen that Holden thinks of himself as the backstop in the rye ; in chapter 22 Holden is asked by Phoebe what he is traveling to make in life, he answers that he wants to be the backstop in the rye who catches childs who about fall off a drop. Metaphorically, Holden want ‘s to be the Jesus of artlessness by catching the kids from come ining the “ putrid ” universe we live in.

Throughout the book, Allie and Phoebe are invariably praised by Holden. This shows greatly on why Holden is attracted to childhood. When Holden writes a composing for Stradlater in chapter five, he says many amazing things about Allie: “ He was two old ages younger than I was, but he was approximately 50 times as intelligent. He ne’er got huffy at anybody. ” ( pg. 38 ) He over exaggerates that Allie is 50 times smarter than him and that he ne’er got huffy at person, unless the child is non human, so he must hold been huffy at least one time at a friend or household member. The clip where Holden is in his hotel room, he explains how Phoebe is: “ You should see her. You ne’er saw a small child so reasonably and smart in your life. She ‘s truly smart. ” ( pg. 67 ) Just like Allie ‘s description, Holden idolizes his sister like she ‘s a kid wonder. Besides how much intelligence can 10 twelvemonth old posses? Holden overrates his brother and sister, because of his compulsion to childhood.

Throughout the novel, Phoebe is the lone individual that Holden loves. Phoebe is Holden ‘s sister, and becomes the incentive for Holden ‘s alteration to maturity. By fomenting Holden, she pushes him to go a better individual: “ You do n’t wish any schools. You do n’t wish a million things. ” ( pg. 169 ) After she says that, Holden is upset: “ ‘I make! That ‘s where you ‘re wrong-that ‘s precisely where you ‘re incorrect! Why the snake pit do you hold to state that ” ‘ I said. Boy, was she dejecting me. ” Holden is knocked back into world when his lone connexion of comfort is lost, and says the he ‘s traveling to use himself better at the terminal of the book.

The effects and duties that come with maturity, Holden ca n’t accept them, so Holden remains to remain infantile to maintain the hurting off of maturating. Unknowingly Holden is turning into the universe he see ‘s as disgusting and repulsive. Because he see ‘s the universe that manner, his desire is to go the backstop in the rye the individual who saves kids from falling off a drop. Metaphorically, he wants to salvage the kids from falling off the drop towards corruptness. The ground Holden worships his two siblings is because of the strong attractive force he has for childhood. When he eventually talks to the one stopping point individual he loves, he is awakened into world and is ready to progress towards success.



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