Analysis of “class or mass”

December 4, 2017 Marketing

As we read through the Neptune Gourmet Seafood case study, we found the key issues that Neptune is facing and also some possible solutions suggested by the major players mm Hardcore, Rata Sanchez, Nelson Stows, Pat Gillian, Sandy Manikin, Stanley Render… ); as well as other possible solutions we came up during our group discussion. First, we need to make sure if the excess of inventory is a temporal problem as Jim Hardcore think or if it’s a more serious long term problem as Rata Sanchez believed, therefore we think that first instead of making a radical price cut inside North

America, where Neptune is already well known firm with a premium image among customers, we think there’s other alternative solutions to implement Just as: Inside North America Benefits Limitations 1. Seasonal limited offer : Neptune can sell their excess inventory at inexpensive prices in a season where the demand is high like winter, so customers won’t be aseptic to the product price change, and will keep the premium image they have from Neptune products – Customers won’t be aseptic about the price change and quality of the products. It will help to reduce the excess inventory More customers inside North America will be able to enjoy high quality products at affordable prices -Neptune will keep their premium image among customers -Increased their marketing-advertising -They will covert a more widely segmentation inside N. A. -Time consumption Might not be able to clear inventory with a short time. -Customer’s speculations -Competitors 2.

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Opening new restaurants: By opening new restaurants, Neptune can sell their ready-to-eat products, because this strategy required more capital, Neptune should consider to sell their old ships so his can make up as a compensation from the big investment of opening a new restaurant. Time, as it required some time for all the process involving in the opening of new restaurants, by the same time the inventory will eked increasing. Might not be a faster way for clearing inventory -New competitors: restaurants owners. Outside North America 1 . Launch a new product line outside North America, possible markets “Central and South America”, this second brand will be sold only outside North America, where they aren’t well know, with different package, advertising, name…

Just go for mass marketing, for a better entering on those regions they can do partnership with other local or American brands already stables in south and central America -Mass market, -More geographical concentration, -Increased in their advertising Increase their international reputation. -Their north America premium image and reputation won’t be affected -A step forward from north America competitors.


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