Analysis Of Daisy Miller By Henry James English Literature Essay

In the narrative Daisy Miller, written by Henry James, James tells a narrative about a immature American lady named Daisy Miller and her household members who are holidaying in Europe. Daisy is holidaying in a new universe and is seeking to happen a manner to larn and accommodate to her new milieus. She is seeking to suit in with the high category society but due to her life styles differences she is non accepted in their universe. Based on the narrative one would presume that the cause of Daisy ‘s decease is eventful ; nevertheless, there are several given points that suggest it was strictly by happenstance and could hold happen to anyone. Henry James proves this by the usage of characters, puting, and symbolism.

The other chief character focused is Winterbourne is a “ 27-year old expatriate American unmarried man ” ( Collins 1 ) . Winterbourne was raised and received most of his instruction in Geneva, he is considered to be reasonably quiet but extremely educated, he understands the European life styles but keeps his ain sentiment. “ Winterbourne has lost the capacity for love and he has lost the chance to come to life. ” ( Ohmann 3 ) . Daisy is turned off by him because she views him as a individual that does n’t bask life. She feels like he would instead analyze and be serious so really populate his life. Winterbourne has an instant attractive force to her artlessness and beauty. However, Daisy sees him as being “ stiff and exanimate ” ( Wardley 4 ) . The chemical science between Winterbourne and Daisy is evident but because of her coquettish attitude he feels like it ‘s merely a game to her. Although he is an American, he has the European attitude and shows his ego to Daisy. This shows the two universes that collided ; Daisy the American and Winterbourne the European.

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The scene for the narrative takes topographic point in Europe. The state is known for its well educated citizens, gustatory sensation for all right art and regard for societal societies. Daisy wants to “ see in Europe ” ( Deakin 5 ) . She is amazed at the life styles of the high category society and is taken off by the historical edifices and the people. It makes her experience like she is of import because she is able to see such a one time in a lifetime chance. The civilization is “ crude and refined in a developed gustatory sensation ” ( Scheiber 3 ) . The ambiance in Europe is cool and composure. Merely the fanciest and most expensive are for the European society. Many of the people in Europe have parties where people are to dress up in some of their finest apparels and come to garner. At these parties, many merely stand around speaking among each other while they listen to music and have a few drinks. Many of the people who attend this parties are considered to be high category or rich folks. Daisy attends many of this parties but is frequently ill-mannered because she either leaves early to roll the streets with other gentleman or she spends all her clip speaking to people who are non considered to be reasonably of import.

There are many symbols that describe the guiltless nature of Daisy. One symbol is when Daisy and Winterbourne foremost meet in the Hotel garden. As they are speaking, the Sun is beaming down on her caput. The sunlight beaming on her symbolizes Daisy as a pure guiltless immature adult female. When Daisy and Winterbourne meet, as she is standing entirely have oning a graphic white frock. Her frock and hat typify how pure Daisy truly is. She does n’t recognize her failure to deliver him, “ Her expulsion from Eden ” ( Childress 2 ) . This foreshadows a loss of pureness and artlessness. The manner people view her is impure and guiltless because she has intimate gentleman friends. Although all she is making is speaking to them, still many of the Europeans view her as moving in a disgraceful manner. This led the Europeans to believe that caused her decease was eventful because she was out in the streets with so many work forces. They presumed that Daisy was wholly responsible for her ain decease because she was moving so foolhardy. Europeans thought that if Daisy would hold acted with category and shown more regard for herself and others she would hold ne’er been out so tardily in the eventides. On the other manus, Daisy ‘s decease was considered to others as being a coincident that could hold happen to anyone. There were several different unwellnesss distributing throughout Europe. There were no given facts that because Daisy was out so late that was the cause of her decease.

After Daisy becomes badly, Winterbourne begins to recognize how pure she really is. He begins to experience sorry for the manner he and others viewed and judged her. The sad fact is that like many of the Europeans who judged Daisy, we all tend to look at others based on their actions and the manner we portray them.



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