Analysis Of Expository Text Essay Research Paper

July 30, 2018 Communication

Analysis Of Expository Text Essay, Research Paper

Analysis of Expository Text

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Anna? s Story?

Anna? s Story? is a non-fiction expository text written by Bronwyn Donaghy. Donaghy? s deliberate usage of linguistic communication and choice of item have combined to convey specific attitudes about adolescents and drugs. The manner these are conveyed is besides aided by the usage of construction, point of position, quotation marks and prejudice. In this text we are given facts approximately drugs every bit good as the narrative of Anna? s life and what caused the early terminal to it. Donaghy is seeking to convert us that it was non Anna? s mistake she died, but that it was the drugs.

The book starts with forward which is by David Bennett ; he is the caput of Adolescent Medicine at a infirmary in New South Wales. He talks about how he is moved by the narrative. This is included because he is a physician and because he sees so much agony and bad things in his line off work. It talks about how he is moved by what has happened, this is supposed to do us believe that we excessively should experience some kind of sorrow for Anna Wood because he would non be moved by something that wasn? t really sad. The missive from Kate Ceberano is put in so that we see that person popular ( a adolescent graven image ) is giving up her clip to include a message about drugs being bad. We are supposed to look up to her and listen to what she is stating, but to us she is non really popular and this tends to tire us. Therefore in these first few pages, Donaghy has already bored us with information that is uninteresting.

The book so goes on to portion one, which is histories of Annas life from her household and friends point of position. Peoples included in this are her silent, pa, Alice, Julie, Kathie, Eddie, Toby, Gayle, Ian, Chloe, Alexia, George and Sarine. They all talk about how good she was to them and how they can & # 8217 ; t believe that she died from a drug overdose. The choice of item in these histories attempts to do us believe that Anna was an angel and it wasn? t her mistake that she died. Donaghy has selectively put in chiefly good things about Anna, but if we read closely we see that she was non like the image that is painted of her. We pick up on this in Chloe? s narrative:

The first clip I tried pot I was at Anna? s house. ? pg 60.

This shows us that Anna was non truly every bit guiltless as she is made out to be. Even though it is non stated whether or non Anna was smoking it excessively we assume that she was due to the fact that it was her house. This makes Donaghy less believable to us and we start to oppugn what the book is selectively go forthing out.

In the center is the information that turns the book into a non-fiction expository text. We get a large ball of facts about drugs and intoxicant. It gives us long accounts about the drugs and this information is repeated over and over merely utilizing different words. This is seeking to demo us the dangers of these different things thought it merely bores us. The inclusion of these facts is supposed to inform us and frighten us into non experimenting with drugs.

Part Two of the book is gives us information about what went on around Anna? s decease.

This portion of the book is truly affecting. It uses affectional linguistic communication and dramatic descriptions of what happened to Anna, which gets us involved in the narrative. It is rather sad and interesting. It is likely about the most enlightening and interesting portion of the book. There is a quotation mark that talks about George and it non being his mistake that Anna died:

It wasn? t his mistake. It wasn? t anyone? s fault. ? pg 176.

One of the chief purposes of the book is to seek to acquire us to believe that it wasn? t Anna? s mistake that she died, that it was the drugs mistake. This quotation mark is yet another effort to seek to do us believe that it was non her mistake, when in fact she was the 1 who wanted to take the rapture and did.

The inclusion of the letters and verse forms written by Anna is to remind us that she was a existent individual, she was still merely a child. They show her feelings towards her life and the people in it. All the quotation marks from Lewis Carroll are besides seeking to convert us that Anna was still a kid.

Down, down, down. Would the autumn ne’er come to an terminal? ?

This is what your life is like if you constantly take drugs. Your life is in a downward spiral, and you can & # 8217 ; t truly halt it. This is likely non what Anna? s life was similar, or it wasn? T from what we are told in the narrative, but it is for some other people addicted to drugs.

? for it might stop you cognize? in my traveling out all together, like a taper. ?

This IS what happened to Anna. She did stop her ain life by taking drugs and she did travel out like a taper in the terminal.

The whole narratives purpose is to frighten us into non taking drugs. The book tries to convert us that drugs are bad and we should remain off from them. Another thought is that today? s parents indulge their kids to counterbalance for the attending that they are non supplying. Through choice of information Donaghy tries to do us believe that the Wood household was really close and unfastened. One thing that slipped through was in Tony? s narrative:

I didn? t realise that Anna was of all time unhappy until after she died and I read her letters. She was seemingly angry that her Dendranthema grandifloruom was working long hours and weekends and I was off a batch in the last 3 months before she died. ?

This indicates that they didn? Ts have rather the household life that they want to portray to us that they had. This is another possible alibi in the grounds of why Anna needed to take drugs.

The combination of choice of information, linguistic communication, point of position, construction and prejudice aid to demo us the attitudes but do non do them credible. The manner that Anna was portrayed as a victim of drugs and non puting any of the duty of her decease on anyone else makes the text incredible for me. Donaghy could non convert me that merely the drugs were to fault and to forestall more deceases drugs should be kept right off from. The job is much deeper than that, and seeking to do us believe that it isn? T is merely handling us as idea we are nescient. The book had many defects and by utilizing merely certain inside informations and information and anticipating us to experience sad and moved by it is contemptuous.


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