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During the mid 19 100s. racial segregation was prevalent in the United States. particularly in the South. In the essay. “Graduation” Maya Angelou tells about her experience of graduating from the 8th class in Stamps. Arkansas. In today’s society. a graduating ceremonial is exciting for all. nevertheless. it is non uncommon. Often. people take these type of experiences for granted. This was non the instance for Angelou. To her. holding a graduating ceremonial in her hometown was considered a privilege. The author structures the essay to arouse feelings from her readers and to acquire her point across.

Angelou uses literary elements to convey the overall point of the essay. get downing with the rubric. “Graduation” references the beginning ceremonial that takes topographic point during the essay. It implies a dictum of the author traveling on and turning up. Structure helps convey the chief ground the author wrote this essay. The essay is structured in a manner that the reader can experience empathy for the author and understand what she and her community were covering with during the 19 mid-fortiess. Besides. Angelou structures her essay to demo how the experience. both the good and the bad. helped her to understand herself.

Tone plays an of import function in conveying the overall point of Angelou’s essay. There are two major displacements that occur throughout the essay. The essay started off with an aroused and happy tone about it. When Angelou writes. “The kids in Stamps trembled visibly with expectancy. Some grownups were excited excessively. but to be certain the whole immature population had come down with graduation epidemic” ( 15 ) it exemplifies the happy tone of the essay. Angelou was thrilled to eventually be graduating and traveling on to all the possibilities life would convey her.

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However. in the center of the essay the tone wholly displacements in the opposite way. Once the two white politicians walk on phase. the full ambiance of the graduation alterations. Angelou expresses that her temper has changed when she says. “The man’s dead words fell like thresholds around the auditorium and excessively many fell in my belly” ( 21 ) . The racist nature of his comments were non clear to him but still managed to do Angelou experience little. as if she could ne’er amount to anything.

The author includes this in her essay to reflect her hurting and to demo how one adult male had such a negative consequence on everyone go toing the ceremonial. Fortunately. toward the terminal of the essay. the tone shifts back to being happy. joyful and slightly hopeful. When Henry Reed lead the pupils in the vocalizing of the Negro National Anthem. it brought back a sense of integrity to the community. For the first clip Angelou genuinely heard the wordss and they eventually gave significance to her ; she felt optimistic of what could come in her hereafter. Not merely does Angelou utilize literary elements in the essay. she besides includes of import inside informations to cite to the specific clip period.

A large portion of the message Angelou is seeking to convey is the racial segregation that is taking topographic point. In the beginning of the essay. the author compares the white and black schools to each other. She goes on to specify the black school by what it lacks. “neither lawn. nor hedges. nor tennis tribunals. nor mounting ivy” ( 16 ) . This reveals a clear illustration of what the white schools were given and how unimportant and unattended to the black schools were. Bigger than that. it defines society’s precedences in the 19 mid-fortiess. Another premier illustration of the deficiency of importance on the black communities was the name of the school. Layfette County Training School.

Black schools were called “training schools” because it was believed inkinesss didn’t need a existent instruction. Black schools did non focused on farther instruction. chiefly because they weren’t given equal chances to make so. When Donleavy is mentioning to the alumnuss as future jocks and nil else. it’s an abuse to them because he’s connoting that they can ne’er amount to anything greater than that. Angelou includes these inside informations in the essay to demo the type of attitude white people had toward the black community.

The overall ground for Angelou to compose a piece that holds every bit much significance as “Graduation” was to portion her experiences with the universe. She wanted to do readers cognizant of the world of racism. She allows the reader to understand. and for some possibly even associate. A deeper message Angelou wanted to convey with the reader is that no one individual. no affair the colour of their tegument. should be able to set a individual down. A twenty-four hours that was supposed to be one of the happiest in her life was made ugly by the racialist comments of a white adult male. Sing Angelou overcome that with the aid of her schoolmate Henry was a powerful thing.

Using specific construction. tone displacements and of import mentions to the clip period the author was able to compose an essay that was both challenging and emotional. Angelou non merely wrote for the amusement of her readers. she wanted to learn readers the world of racism. But beyond that. she showed them how one man’s words or actions were non traveling to maintain her down. Angelou wrote about something that wasn’t talked approximately frequently. black graduations. and with the composing techniques she used turned it into a celebrated book.


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