Analysis of Kate Chopin’s “The Storm” Essay

October 4, 2017 January 19th, 2018 General Studies

Kate Chopin’s short narrative. “The Storm. ” by and large revolves around the subject of criminal conversation. This is depicted by the story’s two chief characters. Calixta and Alcee. who became involved in a fleeting matter with one another. In the narrative. Alcee. who is Calixta’s former lover. had to take safety into her place because of a strong storm passing by. Upon making so. the two rekindled their past fondnesss. which are chiefly animal. for each other.

The subject of criminal conversation was foremost depicted the minute Calixta Lashkar-e-Taiba Alcee into her place. This was besides the first case that the writer showed that she may still hold hidden desires for Alcee. This was vividly illustrated when Calixta was “startled” ( Chopin ) by Alcee as if she was in a “trance” ( Chopin ) . Although she was chiefly concerned for her hubby. Bobinot. and her boy. Bibi. who both decided to stay on a shop until the storm had passed. she finally gave in to Alcee when he hugged her and they later had sex. which signifies that her feelings for him were still alive.

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However. despite the fact that criminal conversation was obviously the chief subject of the narrative. the actions of Calixta and Alcee had no negative effects or inauspicious affects. This was shown when the writer depicted that the sexual activity of the two heightened merely as the storm ravaged the milieus. In short. like any other storm. the writer implied that criminal conversation was normal and natural. This was further supported by the last sentence in the narrative which was “So the storm passed and everyone was happy” ( Chopin ) . In other words. the storm symbolized. in a manner. the extramarital Acts of the Apostless of Calixta and Alcee. But the difference is. their actions did non adversely affect any character in the narrative as everyone remained happy.

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