Analysis of Larry Ross

June 22, 2018 Management

Analysis of Larry Ross Case In this case, Larry Ross, a self-proclaimed advisor to top management, shows us a real, vivid and accurate picture of organization from different aspects, such as human resource, communication, loyalty and so on. I will do analysis of Larry Ross Case from following three parts: the person and situation, attitude and employee loyalty. The person and situation — behavior is always the results of a complex interaction between the person and situation. So we constantly battle to survive in “jungle”.

The reason why we always behave ourselves is not because one’s personality or nature. On the contrary, environment asks us to learn how to survive or to be eaten. That’s why you have to be careful for every action in corporations. You’re fear to be replaced by guys working for you. Or you fear of taking one mistake or misplay, which may kill yourself in this big “jungle”. Attitude — what is difference between gray people and black- or white-person? From my point, it should be attitude.

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Gray people, who work from nine to five but are not subject to great demand, lack of job involvement and organizational commitment. They can’t feel passion or attraction from their corporation. Also they hold so-so, even negative, attitude to involve their own job. Employee loyalty — living in a “jungle”, loyalty, according to Larry Ross, means nothing. What is perceived as loyalty by one decision maker may be seen as excessive conformity another. Actually, it’s opposite. Loyalty is excessive in conformity with money.


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