Analysis of Mrs.Mallard’s character in “The Story of An Hour” by Kate Chopin. Essay Sample

July 31, 2017 General Studies

Socrates. a Grecian philosopher one time said: “Each one must cognize himself. ” Unfortunately. most of us are non cognizant of our true character. Social conventions are the chief cause doing us quash what we truly think and feel. Merely when unexpected events go on. we do hold an chance to take a close expression at our hidden “self. ””The Story of An Hour” by Kate Chopin reflects the dramatic development procedure of Mrs. Mallard’s character through the decease of her hubby ; it demonstrates that the true individuality can non be sheltered everlastingly.

At the beginning of the narrative. the writer describes Mrs. Mallard as a adult female holding the typical trait of self-assertion which is constrained by her matrimony. She seems to be the “victim” of an overbearing but on occasion loving hubby. Being told of her husband’s decease. “She did non hear the narrative as many adult females have heard the same. with a paralytic inablity to accept its significance. ” This shows that she is non wholly locked into matrimony as most adult females in her clip. Although “she had loved him–sometimes. ” she unconsciously does non desire to accept blindly the state of affairs of being controlled by her hubby. Mrs. Mallard is non a one-dimentional. clone-like adult female holding an expected. acceptable emotional response for every life status.

Mrs. Mallard’s instead uncommon reaction to the intelligence of Mr. Brently Mallard’s decease logically foreshadows the complete disclosure of her suppressed yearning for freedom. Bing entirely in her room “When the storm of grief” is over. she experiences “something coming to her and she was waiting for it. fearfully. What was it? She did non cognize ; it was excessively elusive and elusive to call. ” Finally. she recognizes the freedom she has desired for a long clip and it overcomes her sorrow: “Free! Body and soul free! She kept whispering. ” In her psyche. the dark clouds are vanishing because she is illuminated. All the memories of her hubby are now of the yesteryear. She is populating in the present. At this point. she is no longer “Mrs. Mallard. ” She is Louise and is ready to welcome a new skyline of freedom: “Spring yearss. and summer yearss. and all kinds of yearss that would be her ain. ” Overwhelmed with a new sense of herself. she feels as if she was “a goddess of Victory. ” In merely a brief hr. she learns what it is like to be her ain individual. to populate for herself without the force of her husband’s will. Therefore. at the terminal of the narrative. when Brently Mallard returns. her dream is shattered. The sudden decease of Mrs. Mallard proves that she is merely free when her hubby dies. or she herself dies.

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In decision. “The Story of An Hour” remarkably illustrates the tragic development procedure of Mrs. Mallard’character under the repression of her matrimony. Within an hr. she is given a opportunity to detect her true character. Everything seems right for her to get down a new life. but the traditional marital relationship has denied to raise its limitations on her.


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