Analysis of Pivotal Moment in “A Separate Peace” Essay

September 17, 2017 General Studies

The book. “A Separate Peace” by John Knowles is a coming of age narrative of two best friends. Gene and Finny. Although the narrative is told through Gene’s point of position. his perceptual experience of Finny is most of import as Finny develops psychologically throughout the book. A polar minute in Finny’s psychological development is Brinker’s probe in Chapter 11. when Finny eventually acknowledges it was Gene who pushed him and this alterations Finny’s guiltless position of the universe.

Finny sees everyone how he wants to see them. presuming the universe is a basically friendly topographic point. In life he ever thinks the best of people and counts no 1 as his enemy. merely as he dislikes games with victors and also-rans. Blitzball. the game he invents where everyone competes furiously but no one wins. shows Finny’s attitude toward life. Harmonizing to Gene. these qualities make Finny unique. But. Finny’s inability to see others as hostile is his failing every bit good as his strength ; he refuses to believe any dark motivations toward Gene. Finny’s naive mentality makes him presume that everyone thinks like he does. This unworried. self-involved attitude is one of the roots of Gene’s green-eyed monster of Finny. although Finny. cognizant merely of himself and seeing the good in others. ne’er seems to pick up on Gene’s interior convulsion.

Gene’s bitterness of his best friend caused him to keep dark. mute feelings toward Finny which led him to force Finny off of the tree. doing him unable to play athleticss. his most noteworthy accomplishment. But of class Finny. seeing the best in everyone. refuses to even believe that his best friend could hold caused the accident. When Gene tries to squeal that it was his mistake for the accident. Finny refuses to speak about what he doesn’t want to hear. Geting upset at Gene. Finnt tells him. “If you don’t shut up. I’ll putting to death you. ” However. Brinker’s probe in chapter 11 shows Finny’s psychological passage when he is eventually able to listen to what he doesn’t want to hear. The first clip Gene tried to squeal that it was his mistake ; Finny instantly gets disquieted and merely won’t talk about it. On the other manus. Brinker/s test forces Finny to accept the truth and illustrates Finny’s psychological development. sing Finny doesn’t react like he did the first clip Gene tried to speak about the autumn. It takes Finny longer to acquire angry. and he is more tolerant to speak about the accident.

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When Brinker asked Finny if he had of all time considered that he didn’t merely fall out of the tree. connoting that person pushed him. Gene describes Finny’s reaction as it “touched an interesting point Phineas had been turning over in his head for a long clip. I could state that because his obstinate. competitory expression left his face as his head became engaged for the first clip. ” ( Pg. 169 ) Finny is so unfastened to speaking about the accident and it takes him much longer to acquire disquieted than it did the first clip. Once Leper told the truth about the autumn. Finny became upset once more as “The words shocked Phineas into consciousness. ” ( Pg. 177 ) Finny’s mindset displacements from seeing a universe with no incorrect to an apprehension. less naive position.


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