Analysis Of Promotion Mix Strategies Of Mahindra Scorpio Marketing Essay

Mahindra & A ; Mahindra ‘s Scorpio was started in 1997 with a vision to go on to rule the Utility Vehicle ( UV ) market in India. Their purpose was to do M & A ; M known world-wide for their quality, lastingness and dependability of its merchandises and services. M & A ; M ‘s concern was mostly from semi-urban and rural markets of India. Even though M & A ; M had a broad assortment of merchandises, it was missing the merchandises that can provide the modern urban client demands. The market of M & A ; M was strong but stagnating. These grounds led to thought of Sports Utility Vehicle providing the urban clients and targeted the ‘C ‘ category autos section ( Rs. 5 Lakhs and supra ) . The SUV was positioned as a ‘better looking SUV ‘ with a ‘Car Plus ‘ attack. But due to alter in market scenario, competition and consumer penchants the company has started switching its focal point from ‘C ‘ section to ‘D ‘ section to go a luxury auto. Scorpio is a merchandise for those who seek latest engineering at low-cost monetary values and for those who feel that large size bases for position. The Scorpio undertaking was really of import for M & A ; M. It was banking on Scorpio to assist it cast its image as a maker of vehicles for rural usage and to interrupt into the urban market. It targeted single auto purchasers in the top-end little auto section and mid-size auto section, who already owned autos and were ready to put in another vehicle.

Mahindra & A ; Mahindra used an aggressive promotional scheme to advance the SUV. As it targeted the urban audience, telecasting advertizement was a must. It promoted the Scorpio to a big graduated table through Television advertizements. As the merchandise development took off, a phased communicating scheme was plotted for the trade name. During the first stage, the demand to cover with issues such as lifestyle imagination was identified by the Mumbai-based advertisement bureau Interface Communications.

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As a consequence, the telecasting commercials depicted the merchandise and even as the print advertizements focused on functional benefits. So one got to see transcripts like `Car you walk into, and non creep into ‘ across newspapers. In stage two, the telecasting run was non changed but print creative were centred on pass oning new merchandise developments. The 3rd stage of communicating was released in July 2004 when the automotive giant focused on the `car plus ‘ statement. What followed was a series of advertizements concentrating on people and lifestyle instead than the merchandise. All Scorpio advertizements show the vehicle in urban scenes driven many times by adult females conveying the message of “ easiness of driving ” . Unlike rivals ‘ advertisement scheme, no imagination of off-road scenes and `wilderness ‘ or `break-free ‘ intensions were depicted. Other international big leagues are conflict scarred in other markets. All of them have capablenesss to vie with the best anyplace. But what Scorpio did was to alarm all of them that nil but the best will make in the Indian market excessively. So it is really interesting that the tag line of Scorpio TV ads says `nothing else will make ‘ .

Furthermore the company has besides taken societal enterprises through CSR, working towards upliftment of instruction, wellness and catastrophe alleviation, art and civilization, environmental enterprises, athleticss, etc. This besides is a promotional scheme by the company to pull more and more clients for its merchandise.

3. Use of Push or Pull Strategy

M & A ; M ab initio used pull scheme through aggressive advertisement through telecasting media as pull scheme of publicity involves the active battle of the mark market through methods like advertizements or email selling. The company besides went for doing a specific web site named “ ” to advance the merchandise to a immense degree. Furthermore the auto was besides involved at the Rally Department of State Sertoes in Brazil, which is considered to be one of the universe ‘s toughest mass meetings, so as to convey the merchandise into eyes of those who love autos and want bang in them, as Scorpio is a auto with bangs.

Further M & A ; M besides promoted Scorpio through public dealingss ; direct selling through CRM activities like satisfaction studies, events, gay offers and wagess plans. All these activities were the portion of push scheme by the company. But as the clip, client penchants and competition are increasing the company is now traveling to go the planetary niche participant.

4. Critical assessment of company ‘s publicity

With such a greatest advertisement and publicity, M & A ; M Scorpio was able to place itself as a fantastic merchandise with smart pricing and first-class services. To those immature people who like bang, Scorpio is for auto lovers, merely like Harley Davidson is for motorcycle lovers. The company had been able to demo the merchandise in the same mode through its publicity schemes. The company had been able to warrant its promotional activities wholly with on-line publicity through its web site. The rudimentss of all communicating are at that place on the site. It is appealing with a simple design and good written transcript. The powerful yet fashionable expressions and the sheer pride of ownership that this trade name offers are genuinely conveyed through its promotional tools. The consequence of the company ‘s promotional schemes could be seen through the client reaction. Scorpio has won many awards in client satisfaction and as the best Sport utility. It is among those trade names which has got a immense trade name callback. Recently the company is utilizing Bet oning as one of the promotional scheme whereby the cyberspace users can play game on the web site of M & A ; M Scorpio. And it brings timely alterations in its telecasting ads as and when required and it had been able show the merchandise really clearly and specifically through its telecasting ads. Furthermore the focal point on the mark market is besides really clear through the promotional activities of the company. So we can reason that the merchandise delivers a promise and its publicity has been able to make a distinguishable image in the consumers ‘ head.



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