Analysis of Rose Madder, by St

January 21, 2017 General Studies

Analysis of Rose Madder, by Stephen King.

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In the beginning of Rose Madder, by Stephen King, the prologue introduces the two main characters Rose Daniels and her husband Norman. The introduction shows Norman as an abusive psychotic man. When he is introduced, he is beating Rose and causes her to miscarry. Thirteen years later as Rose is making the bed while Norman is at work, she sees a spot of blood on the sheet from where he hit her in the face the night before. She was so tired and yet, she knew that if she didn’t change the sheets she would get beat again. After thinking about it for a while, she decides that she’s had enough and she takes her husband’s credit card off of the mantle and leaves.

After Rose has gotten settled in her own apartment, and has a good job, Norman finds her. Norman is a police detective. He has literally gone crazy trying to find her and get her alone, so he can “talk to her up close.” While Norman is searching for her, Rose buys a picture that “empowers” her. She doesn’t know why, but Rose is drawn to this picture. She takes the picture home and discovers that there is something mystical about it when she is “sucked” into it one night while dreaming about it. Rose discovers the reason she is drawn to it is because the woman in the picture is her alter ego. In the dream Rose must complete a few tasks, and rescue the woman’s baby for her. Right before Rose wakes up, after she has given the woman her baby, the woman gives Rose her gold armlet. The woman tells Rose that it will help her in the struggle against Norman. Now Rose has the courage and the power to fight back against her psychotic husband.

Norman becomes schizoid and goes on a killing spree, killing almost everyone that helped Rose. Norman tries to get Rose alone in her apartment so he can “take care of her”. When Norman actually gets into the apartment building and almost has her, Rose’s boyfriend trips Norman and then Norman shoots him.


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