Analysis of the merger of Nike and Reebok

Nike, Adidas and Reebok are the best trade names in the athleticss wear companies. Nike being the leader of the planetary market had the highest market portion of 32.9 % in 2005, in order to interrupt Nike and capture the market Adidas the 2nd best company after Nike decided get reebok.

And this acquisition was a great success after the acquisition the market portion of Adidas-reebok jumped from 8.9 % to 21.1 % In US

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This is the survey related to the analysis of how Adidas and reebok got merged in order to protect their market and to kill competition and to derive competitory advantage over Nike.

Adidas reebok is now a bog trade name and is easy catching the whole market the scheme behind this amalgamation was to capture the market and round Nike who was emerging as the market leader at that clip.




It is one of the biggest names in the field of athletic wear.

There has been a batch of amalgamations and acquisition in the industry of athleticss goods due to high competition and growing. Salomon group was acquired by Adidas in 1997. Converse was acquired by Nike in 2003 ; the hockey company was acquired by reebok in 2004. ( Kiley, 2005 )

On grand 3, 2005 Adidas-Salomon AG declared its schemes of geting reebok international Ltd for $ 3.8 billion. Merely after the declaration reebok stock rose 30 % while Adidas moved up by 7 % .

“ This is an once-in-a-lifetime chance to unite two of the most well-thought-of and well-known companies in the worldwide featuring goods industry. Together, we will spread out our geographic range, peculiarly in North America. ( )


The chief end of the acquisition was to dispute the Nike for a greater portion in the US featuring goods market. The acquisition besides raised the inquiry of where the hereafter of the market of athleticss goods is traveling. ( Balboul, 2010 )



It is an expertness which is needed by all the leaders in order to be competent and successfully undertake the company in several state of affairss.

Five rules which should be kept in head before a alteration:

1. Every person has their ain point of position hence they will respond otherwise in the new state of affairs.

2. Needs of an person should be met no affair whatever the state of affairs is.

3. Changes come with losingss besides and every it has to travel through this stage.

4. Expectation of realistic direction

5. Covering with fright of alteration and the consequences after it is to be tackled with great attention. ( Team Technology, 1995 )



There are many theoretical accounts of alteration but the theoretical account of alteration used in this instance is the Kotter ‘s 8 measure theoretical account:

Measure 1: create urgency: it is the measure where the people need to cognize the demand for alteration and how much is the alteration necessary for the company, this is the clip to alter and is a must for the benefit of the company so that the people are motivated for the alteration

Step2: signifier a powerful alliance: in this measure the leader demand to convert the people for alteration and its necessity which is rather a hard undertaking and necessitate existent leading quality to be done.

Step3: make a vision for alteration: this is the measure when the leader demand to be after for the alteration to take while believing for the alteration there are several thoughts and constructs snaping and these should be organized in a proper signifier in order to do the following individual understand and believe on it.

Step4: pass on the vision: it is non merely plenty to pass on the vision to the people but it should be done with great power and assurance on a regular footing so that people can swear on it and it remains fresh in their head so that they can react consequently.

Step5: remove obstructions: alternatively of people accepting and advancing the alteration there are certain defying the alteration due to which obstructions are frequently created in the way of the alteration so the leader demand to place these and correct these by giving wagess to those working good for the alteration and actuating the 1 who defying it.

Step6: create short term wins: during the alteration in order to actuate the employees and hike up their public presentation short term marks should be given so that the employees could work hard to accomplish it but after accomplishment they will be high on energy and public presentation.

Step7: physique on the alteration: the ground of most of the failures of alteration is the early declaration of triumph, alterations need to be done easy and the impacts should non be judged excessively early and the long term ends should be focused on.

Step8: ground tackle the alterations in corporate: eventually it should be taken attention of that the alteration is done decently and is used in the regular twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life of the work and the leaders should maintain on back uping the alteration so that the employees and the new leaders who are brought in should experience comfy working. ( Heraclitus, 1995 )

This theoretical account was used by Hainer in the procedure of alteration and measure by measure he moved towards the alteration and eventually achieved it became stabilized besides

Consequences of alteration ( amalgamation ) :

The determination of the meeting of two mega trade names Adidas and Reebok was an historical and unflawed determination.

The grounds ensuing into the amalgamation were:

Competitive Advantage: the turning menace of Nike ruling the market was the biggest ground of the amalgamation.

CORE Competence: both the companies had their ain nucleus competences and uniting them together resulted into:

1. Adidas engineering with Reebok design

2. Adidas athleticss with Reebok adult females ‘s market

3. Adidas places with Reebok dress

4. Adidas planetary strength & A ; Reebok US strength

Govern the market: the determination was taken in footings of a long term planning to govern the market in future.

BARRIER TO ENTRY: Adidas and reebok together will be able to command the market through their effectual monetary values and offers and will be able to command competition by curtailing new entry into the market

BARGAINING POWER OF BUYERS: there are much more purchaser than the comparative industry due to which companies like Adidas maintain on altering their merchandise in comparing to the rival in order to increase gross revenues and trade name name truly affairs in the purchasing behaviour of clients. ( Team Technology, 1995 )


Both the companies got merged on 31st January 2006:

The jazz band of both the companies provided Adidas with $ 11.8 billion in the planetary market. Both the trade names are the top most trade names hence a amalgamation like this will supply them with a better repute and more range in the planetary market with a stronger being, more assortment and scope of merchandises will be available under the same company doing the net income more than twice.

In malice of the amalgamation the merchandises will be sold under their ain trade name name because both the trade names stand great value and selling them combined will be a stupidity ( casestudyinc, 2008 )


Adidas-Reebok SWOT Analysis ( After the amalgamation )


* Variety of merchandises harmonizing to the clients

* Product line addition.

* Slope in the market portion.

* Both sections of the market in footings of monetary value are concealed.

* Shared R & A ; D, Patents, engineering & A ; inventions


* Different values of both the directions

* Troubles of the combine of two corporate civilizations

* both the companies are from a different portion of the universe


* Cost Reduction

* Less Competition

* Cross-over publicity by sponsored jocks

* Entry in new market/Segments


* Nike.

* Nike ‘s likely acquiring clasp of Puma. ( Balboul, 2010 )

AFTER Amalgamation:

Adidas went through the amalgamation which resulted into non merely the rival in your squad but besides a much firmer presence in US.

Adidas is seeking its best to do the amalgamation a great success and the company has closed their mills in Indonesia in order broaden its value in the market with reebok, Adidas is giving manner to reebok to turn further on the path although it ‘s traveling to take clip but still they have to maintain on traveling on the right way.

The company is working on its gross revenues and selling scheme ; it is diminishing its dependability on little shopping promenade based mercantile establishment but puting it on section shops and larger featuring good ventures. Adidas has besides started to take the aid of celebrated histrions and actresses for the launch of its merchandises. ( Prasad, 2005 ) .

Making client value satisfaction:

Nike now spills in comparing to Adidas-Reebok in footings of value as ; consumers like to travel for Adidas-Reebok compared to Nike as they find that they get the value for the money spent and Adidas-Reebok have a well higher client trueness mark than Nike. ( Lefton, 2009 )

client relationship direction:

Excellence of merchandise public presentation:

The company provides the client with the website support where they can happen their merchandise and can acquire all possible information about the merchandise

Excellence of monetary value public presentation:

Adidas-Reebok has provided the consumers with price reductions and offers on the specific merchandise or promotional merchandise in their web site.

Excellence of dealing:

Making minutess in order to purchase merchandises is quite easy for the clients to understand, Adidas-Reebok provide their consumers with merchandise trailing and history pull offing so that they can easy track their orders.

Excellence relationship:

Adidas-Reebok is really good in keeping client relation by giving them services like subscribing newssheet, consumers can reach Adidas-Reebok easy and if they do n’t happen the merchandise satisfactory so they can acquire the refund whose procedure is mentioned in the web site. ( Balboul, 2010 )

Change agent:

Change agent is the individual who is behind all the alterations made in a company and the individual is responsible for all the alterations being carried out in the organisation. Generally alteration agents are the C.E.Os. and the directors appointed by the company

In this instance the alteration agent is the Chief executive officer of Adidas “ Herbert Hainer ” and he is the 1 behind all the alteration determinations of the company. Herbert is the individual to take the determination of the Adidas reebok amalgamation and he is the 1 who decided that in malice of being same entity Adidas and reebok will go on selling their merchandises under their distinguishable trade names because both the trade names have their ain value and to sell their merchandises under same streamer will be a stupidity.

He besides separated the central office of both trade names along with the gross revenues force of both trade names ; he is the encephalon behind the alterations in Adidas. ( Havelock, 2010 )

Resistance TO CHANGE:

Different civilization: both the companies had their ain civilization and environment of work perfectly different from each other which created a batch of job for the employees to work and took clip to accommodate

Different states: Adidas and reebok both are from different states due to which their regulations, Torahs and traditions.

Management alteration: as Adidas acquired reebok the direction of reebok changed which took some clip for them to accept and work with, the employees all were even tensed due to the fright of cutting down of adult male power

But as both the companies are mega trade name in itself eventually it was decided that both the companies will be selling their merchandises under their ain trade names as they have really high values and therefore both the companies have different central offices and gross revenues squad to work for the company.


Adidas reebok amalgamation no uncertainty was a great success and both the large trade names uniting together are making great in order to capture the market portion and turn out themselves to be the leader of the sportswear market but still there is a tough competition to them from Nike which is the best in the same field.

The scheme behind the amalgamation was to derive a competitory advantage by uniting universe ‘s 2 best companies in athletic wear in order to govern the market and halt the uninterrupted growing of Nike.



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