Analysis of the Theme in TC Boyle’s Greasy Lake Essay

August 3, 2017 Music

The subject in T. C. Boyle’s “Greasy Lake” is demonstrated when the storyteller and his friends learn a potentially deathly lesson through a series of accidents. caused as a consequence of their foolhardy chase to be bad. The nature of life reveals to them that endeavoring to be bad in order to be viewed as hip or cool can frequently ensue in dark accidents. with ruinous effects. In the beginning of the narrative. three adolescent male childs believe themselves to be “dangerous characters” ( Boyle. 131 ) and that “it was good to be bad. when you cultivated degeneracy like a taste” ( 130 ) . However. they learn painful lessons during summer holiday that reveal there will be a monetary value to pay in seeking to look bad. They will be forced to oppugn whether or non they are every bit bad as they think. The possible that there is person worse than you needs to ever be appreciated. Questions of bounds and how far they must be willing to travel to last. regardless of the effects. is a trial that will be given.

Bing adolescents they romanticize about being bad. Staggering about town they are seen have oning torn-up leather jackets. imbibing intoxicant. making drugs and striking airss to demo that they do non care about anyone or anything. The storyteller himself believes his friends to be unsafe because they were speedy. slipperiness. and could make something like drive “a Ford with icky dazes over a rutty and gutted blacktop route at 85 while turn overing a joint every bit compact as a Tootsie Roll Pop stick” ( 131 ) . It was the 3rd dark of summer holiday when the storyteller and his two friends. Digby and Jeff. wanted to demo their town that they are cool. “Looking for something they ne’er found” ( 131 ) the old two darks. left the male childs seeking for action. exhilaration. and rubing to do problem. It was natural for them to indulge in their desires as they howled at the stars. cranked the music to full blast. and “threw rotten eggs at hitchhikers and mail boxes” ( 131 ) . the male childs headed the old station waggon toward Greasy Lake to raise mayhem.

In their heads. holding merriment was synonymous with being bad. Unfortunately. they would shortly larn that nature was about to present a turn that would shatter the narrator’s romantic impression of being a bad character forever. Greasy Lake is where the male childs. in maintaining with their bad character visual aspect. acted impetuously. With small respect of effects. they decide to play a gag ; surprising the incorrect individual in the incorrect auto. “a bad greasy character” ( 132 ) who may hold thought those three male childs were looking for a battle or possibly meaning to make far worse things. Compounded with the fact that his fling with a immature miss was interrupted. the oily character decided non to inquire inquiries. but to take violent action and assail the male childs. In doing a stupid error due to harmless mischievousness. they shortly realized that uncovering the mistaken individuality would non alter the effects. However. it happened and he was now in a state of affairs he could non command. filled with really existent effects he was non prepared for.

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It could be called destiny. karma or even nature but. whatever romantic thought he held of being bad had no manner of fixing him to cover with the hurting and interrupt tooth he suffered as a consequence of acquiring kicked in the face. After he knocks out the oily character with a tyre Fe. the storyteller. really cognizant of what he has done. thinks that he may hold by chance murdered him. Pangs of fright engulf him. non merely because what he has done is genuinely bad. but because of what will go on to him as a consequence of his actions. Once once more alternatively of doing a better pick of seeking for his key and acquiring them off from Greasy Lake as fast as he can. he acts along with the male childs in seeking to be even more unsafe and bad. trying the colza of the greasy character’s immature miss. Intervention came by manner of two frat male childs who happen along at the exact same minute coercing the male childs into running and concealing. No existent agencies of flight was available so they ran out of sight into the bog around the lake shore.

Had he looked for the key after hitting the oily character. alternatively of seeking to turn out his badness once more. they would be long gone by now. Alternatively they were all stranded wading in awful H2O non cognizing when they would be able to get away. Bing beat up. obtaining a broken tooth. about ravishing a miss. wading in the sludge of a contaminated lake with a dead organic structure. and holding their vehicle destroyed were the effects these immature male childs experienced all because they wanted to look to be bad. At the terminal of the narrative it becomes obvious that the male childs have eventually learned their lesson due to these atrocious effects. This is evidenced in the refusal to party with the “stoned” ( 136 ) misss who were offering themselves volitionally. had these striplings still been seeking to be bad they would hold accepted.

Alternatively. he states that “he wanted to acquire out of the auto and retch” ( 136 ) and travel place to his parents’ house and crawl into bed. When the misss said “Hey you guys look like some truly bad characters” ( 136 ) alternatively of being joyously happy that they had eventually accomplished their mission. all three of the male childs “stared consecutive in front. stiff as catatonics” ( 136 ) . Unfortunately. the best and most memorable lessons we learn are normally the hardest 1s we experience. Deductions from the storyteller are that they found out the difficult manner that being bad is bad. and the atrocious effects they experience turn out to be far greater than the benefits.


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