Analysis Of Welsh Economy Economics Essay

This study is an attempted analytical dissection of some of the most of import economic phenomena, measurings, variables and occurrences that have a direct or indirect influence on the two economic parts of Cardiff and Merthyr Tydfil. The study besides attempts at sorting certain of import stairss that can be taken to relieve some of the more deteriorating or detrimental facets of the economic system with a position to regenerating it in a long term sustainable mode. The nature of the research carried out is largely secondary with magazine articles, official publications and other research findings as the chief beginning of the information.


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In a planetary environment of increasing economic insecurity and impairment the effects of the recent downswing in worldwide concerns has been felt far and broad, the effects of which have had a deep lasting and profound impact on non merely the chief states involved but on those which are on the peripheries of the catastrophe. This has led to states reassessing their strengths and failings with an oculus on optimising their nucleus competences and protecting against any such future economic bad lucks. With that in position it is besides of premier importance that a stock be taken of where economic systems weakest points are and which are its greatest strengths. It is necessary for states to place countries of growing and development and increasingly beef up them. Wales is one of the largest economic parts in the UK but over the last two decennaries it & amp ; acirc ; ˆ™s public presentation has been less than satisfactory with GVA norm of 44,517 lbs harmonizing to the Office of National Statistics. And within Wales Cardiff is the chief economic engine driving the economic system, even so at that place has to be a balanced apprehension of the assorted facets of economic factors that derive success or failure of the province. Another illustration is hence chosen from Merthyr Tydfil which has witnesses some of the most volatile economic alterations in the parts.


The range of this study is limited to merely the economic factors and GVA analysis associating to the economic systems of Cardiff and Merthyr Tydfil. There are deeper issues to be addressed but for this study the analysis is limited to the range of secondary and third industries for Cardiff and for the primary and secondary industries of Merthyr.



As the chief economic driver of the Welsh economic system Cardiff has shown first-class growing forms with systematically above mean public presentations in footings of employment, industrialisation, new occupation creative activity and instruction. The chief nucleus of Cardiff economic system is service and engineering related.

This has been augmented by the big graduated table demographic growing of the country along with increased industrialisation, the Cardiff are has non merely been increasing steadily in footings of employment but besides when it comes to income and per capita net incomes. Figure one is a comparing of assorted parts of Wales along full clip net incomes, employment rates and per centum differences:

As already stated the economic system of Cardiff is to a great extent service reliant with a disproportional 76 per centum of employment ensuing straight from service or service related industries. The followers is a break-up of employment distribution across assorted sectors in Cardiff as compared against Wales and Great Britain

There are nevertheless safeguards to be taken earlier resting on 1s awards, the economic system of Cardiff is perilously dependent on a unidimensional facet of their economic system with no important fabrication or primary industries to talk of. The countries environing Cardiff metropolis are disproportionately developing and this could take to greater intercity migration doing non merely economic but besides sociological emphasis on Cardiff. There have been greater calls for the development of a metropolis regional country in order to associate Cardiff with its environing countries in order to better let for enlargement and for easier employment chances

Merthyr Tydfil:

Merthyr Tydfil is a town of rich heritage and importance, one time an of import Centre for the production of Fe and coal, its significance has bit by bit diminished over the old ages. One of the many & amp ; acirc ; ˆ?valleys & A ; acirc ; ˆ™ in the state of Wales, Merthyr was at the bosom of the industrial revolution in the UK, located strategically close to press ore militias it formed the bosom and the engine for the revolution taking topographic point throughout the UK. However owing to assorted geo-political and technological developments throughout the universe the significance, both cultural and economic of the town reduced significantly dunking to an all clip low merely prior to World war I when the mean unemployment rate in Merthyr was 56 % . Even today Merthyr has a GVA of 11,604 Pounds per caput which is the 5th lowest in all of Wales as a whole.

Recovery since so has been distressingly slow with Merthyr dawdling behind badly. Below is given a tabular array exposing the unemployment rates for assorted parts of Wales.

The followers is the dissolution of the employment trends presently being witnessed in Merthyr:

Although the dissolution here besides denotes the service industry as being the dominant employer as in the instance of Cardiff, what needs to be taken into consideration here is the important disagreements that are witnessed in the quantum of rewards and income faced by Merthyr


Based on the research carried out, the interviews conducted and the beginnings consulted, the assorted recommendations for both the parts can be classified and customized harmonizing to their specific demands and demands and are described as follows:

Cardiff specific recommendations:

Constitution of City part zones as already being requested by several adjacent parts of Cardiff, this would affect constitution of separate economic zones to let for a sustained and significantly balanced distribution of growing, leting for proper industrial development and compensating for the demand of high work force specific occupations.

Diversifying the employment portfolio to include the development of assorted primary industry occupations every bit good as bettering the fabrication sector in Cardiff. Right now Cardiff is an intensely service driven sector whether it be instruction, touristry or the wellness attention industry it is dependent far excessively much on the volatile factors that drive the service industry, in order to safeguard against this hazard Cardiff needs to get down diversifying the avenues of employment and economic system it offers.

Political degeneration that has led to the increased liberty for Wales needs to be encouraged and administrative stairss need to be taken in order for Cardiff to go even more self sufficient than earlier. There is small uncertainty that the Wales-UK political interaction affects the assorted signifiers of economic bundles or statute law that will subsequently on impact Cardiff economic system, these demands to be taken in consideration while organizing any sorts of developmental programs for the economic system of Cardiff.

Merthyr Specific recommendations:

Merthyr requires an extended accomplishments development plan along with proficient instruction plans that allow for skill sweetening among the unemployed public. Decades of narrow economic policies and objectives has badly reduced the figure of employable labour in Merthyr that needs to be reversed with short term skill enhancement plans over the short term and more lasting, lasting solutions over the long term period.

Foreign investing demands to be encouraged into Merthyr, it is already the place of several high terminal industrial production sites and there is a long standing history of fabrication associated with the topographic point. There needs to be a comprehensive resurgence of the production economic system in Merthyr along with foreign direct investing into the service industry every bit good.

Primary industry needs to be revived, excavation, gardening, agribusiness and assorted other little and medium industries need to be introduced and encouraged to excite self-employment. A disproportionately high per centum of Merthyr unemployed are for good so and they need to be allowed to happen a support with self-respect and regard.

Merthyr is plentiful in land resources and these demand to be allocated and developed for SMEs in order to excite the local economic system and give a encouragement to self employment.



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