Analysis on Clinton’s Rhetoric in Inaugural Address Essay

August 8, 2017 Engineering

On January 21st. 1993. Bill Clinton spoke to America on what they could anticipate of his term as president. In his inaugural reference. he motivated a state utilizing multiple signifiers of rhetoric. Although subsequently dirt shattered his ethos. during his inaugural reference his ethos is strong demonstrated by mentions to old presidents and a confident tone. He besides exploits a important sum of Son. mentioning to the battles of the people at the clip with assorted things such as communism. the depression. and fascism. His kairos on discoursing these issues is first-class. while the affairs were still relevant yet non excessively much of a menace to scare people. He besides employs logic or logos by showing with artistic entreaties that he was the right pick. Clinton’s inaugural reference spoke to the people and made them experience confident by utilizing Son. ethos. poignancy. and kairos. Ethos is the Grecian word for character. and in English means how believable one or how dependable their character is ( book ) .

Clinton addresses this issue multiple times throughout his address. To win the presidential election one must command the trust of many. Clinton restates this fact and thanks the people for electing him ( par. 37 ) stating that they. by voting. hold sprung a positive alteration onto America. He illustrates that the place he is in requires important ethos to get. and hence he should be trusted. He so further provinces that he entirely is incapable of entirely. and will necessitate the aid of non merely Congress. but besides the American people to alter the state ( par. 38 ) . He has an apprehension that the president’s power is limited. and relies to a great extent on the support of other cabals of authorities ( i. e. Congress. house of representatives etc… ) . By repeating his cognition of the sum of cheques and balances in topographic point and his responsibility to function the people. he builds upon his ethos. He besides develops his ethos by utilizing assorted mentions to past outstanding political figures. He draws analogues to himself and George Washington ( par. 11 ) . and besides references a belief of Thomas Jefferson’s ( par. 18 ) .

By comparing himself to such postitive and believable figures he progresses towards people sing him with the same respects. He compounds his ethos by utilizing a signifier of Son called artistic entreaties. These are entreaties that are made through logical thinking and logic as opposed to unartistic entreaties that are made through informations and statistics. His first artistic entreaty concerns alteration. He cites recent how communicating is much easier. leting the universe to go planetary. He besides speaks on how engineering has change so quickly that it is “almost charming ( par. 12 ) ” . He so digresses onto how we need to encompass this alteration and do it our friend. Stating how the economic system is hapless and there are hungry idle people. he comes full circle and say we have non embraced the alteration. and he will take America flourish with the alteration. Clinton subsequently asserts that although times are difficult. Americans have a history of persisting through crises from the revolution to The Great Depression ( par. 8 ) ; and that the finding that led us through the horrors of our yesteryear will steer us through our strivings in the present.

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Although Clinton’s logic behind his artistic entreaty may be rickety. it is phrased in such a manner that it motivates. His artistic entreaties are the nexus in his address between all of the other types of rhetoric. Although Clinton uses many different signifiers of rhetoric throughout his address. the most convincing and abundant signifier is pathos. In his gap he alludes and entreaties to the hearers sense of capitalist economy by citing the establishing male parents position of a bold declaration of independency with the backup of God ( par. 42 ) . By orientating the illustriousness and daring of America with the will of God. he brings positive emotions to the surface. Clinton besides states the nation’s demand for each person to trust on each other. because no one adult male can alter a state entirely ( par. 38 ) . He unifies the state with these words. by representing the states mutuality on each person. Besides. he discusses alteration in an anthropomorphous manner. saying that we must do alteration or friend ( par. 13 ) .

By comparing how we adapt to alter in engineering to how one develops friends or enemies. he draws on hearers past experiences and emotions in covering with people. This entreaty is designed to propose that each person has the pick on whether or non alter will be his or her friend. doing the hearer experience the demand to encompass alteration as Clinton has stated. He draws on a sense of patriotism in his address by giving the democratic authorities of the United States an tremendous compliment by saying “Our democracy must be non merely the enviousness of the universe but the engine of our ain reclamation ( par. 19 ) . ”

This statement non merely makes the premise that a authorities is the envied by the remainder of the universe. but besides farther provinces that it will determine the United States as it changes to boom in the new epoch. This resonant statement evokes a strong sense of assurance and national pride by doing each person who was apart of the democratic procedure feel as though they have played a function in the best political system possible. Clinton uses poignancy throughout his address as the adhering factor between all other signifiers of rhetoric. Without poignancy. this address would lose much of its authorization.

Although by and large non considered one of the three chief subdivisions of rhetoric. Kairos. literally intending in ancient Greek the supreme minute. plays a considerable function in the prose and allusions Clinton makes throughout his address. He speaks of how hapless the province of the universe economic system is. and rallies people by citing the AIDs epidemic ( par. 32 ) . Without the right clip period context neither of the mentions would keep any weight in his address. At the clip. people were really disquieted about both of these issues. nevertheless if spoken about earlier. it would hold non held every bit much value because people were non as concerned by it. He references how engineering is going so astonishing that it is about charming. and the universe is going more incorporate because of it ( par. 12 ) .

Highly working computing machine were merely being introduce into the populace. and many were wary on its possible effects on society. By exemplifying that he was cognizant of the huge technological alterations and how it affected each person in the countr. he solidified his place as non merely the president of the United States. but the innovator into a new signifier of leading that involved capitalising on engineerings possible. About all of Clinton’s prose and mentions are influenced by the clip period in which gave his inaugural reference.

In his address. he non merely makes usage of mentions that would merely be relevant to his clip. but besides induces a strong sense of assurance and passion for what will be in the hereafter. Clinton uses a assortment of different rhetorical devices in his inaugural reference to guarantee the crowd that they made the right determination. He uses poignancy to beat up the emotions of the crowd. additions their trust with strong ethos. and builds upon both by utilizing a signifier of Son called artistic entreaties to carry them with ground. Alone none of these would do a important or compelling statement. nevertheless. when used in jointly. as in Clinton’s inaugural reference. they create a really compelling and persuasive statement.


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