Analysis Paper of Mother Tongue

June 5, 2018 English Language

She even mentioned her experience dealing with people that are not taking her mother seriously because of her “limited” English. She would be on the phone, pretending to be her Mrs. Tan. Then, her mother would be in the background telling Amy what to say, and she would be the one talking using her skills in English, which is better English than her mother. People would apologize to Amy since they understand her point. But her mother never gets any of the apologizing part from people; since she doesn’t speak English fluently they never take her seriously.

Tan then realized, instead of discouraging herself to better her English, she pursue English Major from being Pre-Med. She loves challenges. In this case, she succeeds. Amy Tan became a popular writer because of her unique style of writing. She uses her mother’s way of expressing thoughts, her “broken” or “limited” English. Analysis/Evaluation: Like Amy Tan, I also grew up and still living with family who are using “broken” English. With my mom that knows very limited “Englishes”, I would always act as her translator too.

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I experience embarrassment because my mom couldn’t speak English very well. As I grow up and my understanding with my mom’s language deficiency got broader, I started feeling my mom’s frustration toward people that doesn’t take her seriously because of her “broken” English. I worry about her at times. I feel like if she is out by herself doing some important transaction, she might be signing something she is not supposed too. It is so easy for people to take advantage of my mom; they can easily rip her off.

I know how difficult it is to learn English language. Either way, my husband and I decided to raise our 2yo daughter talking to her in our native language. I see it as an advantage. Knowing two languages has a lot of benefits too, not just disadvantage. Just like Tan, I was challenged. Instead of backing away, I pushed myself hard and try to learn the proper English. I can say my English is not perfect, but it is good enough for others to understand my thoughts.

If Amy’s mother gave her verdict saying “so easy to read”, I will never forget when my mom said to me “I love you understand what I meant”. She could have said that easily, more meaningful in our tagalog language, but she tried in English. The feeling of hearing my mom talk “limited” English comfortably and she knows I know what she means. That to me is very important. It is what makes us a family, knowing that we do understand each other. That moment means a lot to me.


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