Analyze Poems Marrysong And First Love English Literature Essay

August 13, 2017 English Literature

Even though his love with her is like the ‘shifting [ of ] seasons ‘ , it changes often yet he leaves no rock unturned to cognize her ‘geography ‘ and research her ‘landscapes ‘ . He uses geographical scenes to depict his love. It is this usage of these different landscape that makes this poem unique. Scott conveys his married woman as a ‘unknown terrain ‘ and therefore his whole matrimony is non traveling to be an easy passable or effortless journey yet it will be worthwhile. The verse form is sketched as a beautiful scenario but something incorrect with the tone. Lines like ‘map was ne’er true ‘ and ‘Roads disappeared ‘ create an aura of enigma.

As any matrimony, her love for him varies, it has its ups and downs like the ‘unexpected hill [ s ] ‘ . The poet is about kicking about the altering tempers and emotions of his married woman towards him. He makes us sympathise with him, largely because his fondness for her is evident but we do non cognize how much love, if it all she holds for him. She restricts him from acquiring into her head and understanding her as she ‘walled ‘ her injury and ‘anger ‘ deep interior.

Their relationship is one of admiration and it conjures wonder. Largely because their features are wholly diverse signifier each other. She is so hard to understand, it is about like he is a crewman and her head or bosom is his finish but he is traveling frenetic as he does non cognize which path is true and which is one false. He tries to ‘map ‘ her therefore interpretation that he is commanding and composed while she is gay. He still admires her while she seems a small insensitive towards his feelings. However, no affair what she does he will still love her. His fondness is really evident, as he lives in the hope that one twenty-four hours he will ‘learn ‘ her.

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His love for her is changeless and is like a carving on a rock non rather different than the love we see in ‘First Love ‘ .

‘First Love ‘ is a poem written by John Clare which encapsulates the experience the poet has falling in love for the first clip and joying it. However there is sadness and a feeling of dissatisfaction hovering in the background. In the verse form we see love as an instant attractive force and he says it was a love ‘so sudden. ‘ His felicity relies on the guiltless love towards a miss he has merely merely seen, yet feels immediately fascinated and ensnared by.

The first stanza itself shows how sudden and unexpected the feeling is, as he had ne’er been ‘struck before that hr ‘ . This is followed by sibilance initial rhyme ‘ so sudden and so sweet ‘ farther stressing on the daze and obfuscation of the overpowering feeling corroborating it is a new experience. He uses his ‘heart ‘ as a symbol that she has ‘stolen ‘ wholly ‘away ‘ nevertheless unwittingly. Its about like Mary has cast a enchantment on him. His life, his emotions were all now merely focused on this one miss so much so that it ‘seemed midnight [ to him ] at twelve noon.

As the verse form progresses the poet seems depressed that the love he encompasses for Mary will ne’er be fulfilled. The stanza begins with the poet inquiring rhetorical inquiries. In the first inquiry he refers to flowers once more like in the first stanza when he says ‘her face bloomed like a sweet flower ‘ it shows how guiltless the love is and as they were ne’er in physical contact even virginity. Besides Clare admits that him and Mary could ne’er be together as shown Forth by the comparing of ‘flower ‘ and ‘winter ‘ . Harmonizing to him it will be every bit difficult for their relationship to bloom as it would be for a flower in winter and slowly it will wilt and decease. The 2nd inquiry shows his despairing depression. It clearly implies love as cold, fallacious and to be treated with cautiousness. But he himself plunge into it and continually obsesses about her. Love has a really strong physical impact within his organic structure. These new feeling seem to hold shaken him with surprise. The line ‘my bosom has left its brooding topographic point ‘ exhibits the sense of solitariness and abandonment that he feels.

Both the poets seek felicity by genuinely loving their specific objects of love. It is an unblinking love infused with pureness, passion to the extent of their love being pious and all this is non merely in a command to love but besides in a hope to be loved merely every bit much in return. They besides realize the importance of the rubric and have therefore used them really competently as through them we can get down foretelling what the verse form have. They are both really lyrical. By ‘Marrysong ‘ we can cognize that the verse form is about a matrimony, which like the notes of a vocal will hold its ups and down. ‘Song ‘ creates a certain sense of joy and brings felicity that circumscribes around while the cardinal subject remains matrimony. We know it straight through the rubric that it ‘s traveling to be a really intimate verse form as it ‘s virtually like a vocal portraying their married life. Similarly, ‘First love ‘ is a rubric, by which we clearly know that the verse form is really guiltless as its his first attempt at love.

These verse forms are similar yet clearly individualistic. Both of them portray for the adult male to be the victim and the adult female to be the one bring downing the hurting knowing or unwittingly. In ‘Marrysong ‘ the poet is has to ‘accept ‘ the ‘landscape of her head ‘ turn outing that she is the 1 with the upper manus in the relationship, in first love ‘all seemed to turn to clay ‘ conveys the strong fondness he attained for her and that the adult female would be in control of their relationship as she could model and re-mould him as per her want. The verse form besides have nature as a factor that makes them match to each other. In ‘First Love ‘ she is compared to a flower as mentioned above but in ‘Marrysong ‘ she has been compared to an full terrain. The verse form could besides be said to keep a different land as first love is a verse form of inactivity but in ‘Marrysong ‘ the poet tries to larn the ‘jaunty helpless journey ‘

I feel as if both the verse forms hold a batch of sentimental value for the poets. In the verse form ‘First love ‘ , its clear that love he has is the sweetest, noblest and deepest love he has witnessed in his full life so much so that it subsequently drove him to insanity. Therefore more than first love I would see it to be his true love. The poet has been successful in conveying the impact of his emotions throughout this verse form. Likewise, ‘Marrysong ‘ clearly exposes the complicated head of many adult females. I personally truly like the verse form and I believe that it is true in the instance that every new twosome has to travel through these transmutations and tides. This poem though does n’t merely demo the ‘helpless journey ‘ but even tells us how to cover with it or last through it. He faces the challenge. He stays place as “ the hungriness for love is much more hard to take than the hungriness for staff of life ” as said by Mother Teresa. He makes the attempt instead than merely disregarding without doing any attempts as even God merely helps those who help themselves.


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