Analyze The Colonization Of The New World History Essay

With war, poorness, unwellnesss, and no dream of a brighter hereafter, the sound of a New World was exciting. Even though many knew get downing a new life in a unusual new land would be improbably difficult, people all over Europe were taking the opportunity at a new life. Three powerful states, Spain, England, and France were fring people to the dream of the New World in North America. Spain grew adventuresome of newness with the Renaissance and the growing of cognition. Exploration of the New World was a hope of universe power and wealth to the Spaniards. Even though this state ‘s bridgehead in America was started by a error in hopes to happen a faster trade path to Asia, it was a find that lead to a new hereafter for Spain. Spain landed in southern America ; they covered the evidences of the Bahamas Islands where Columbus landed, Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and any land below the 270 conferences West of the Azores. The Spaniard conquistadores decided so they would travel to the Caribbean in hunt of gold and did n’t be after on allowing anyone base in their manner, including the native Indians. Many of the Indians were exterminated by the Spanish, non merely from their conquest ways but to the diseases that they brought with them. Finally with a Spaniard named Cortes and the triumph he held from the Aztecs, Spain found their wealth and glorification. In the terminal after all the suppressing the Spanish dominated the Indians, converted many to Christianity and took the Indian adult females as brides. Completing the return over of a new universe by intermixing the two civilizations together, Spanish and Indian. Now the English wanted a new life excessively, some for wealth like the Spaniards and some for spiritual beliefs. They traveled due west to the east seashore of North America meeting many adversities when geting at their finish. Many choose to befriend the Indians and trade with them, while a few like the Spanish fought with the indigens for land and what the English hoped for was gold. Never truly intermixing with the indigens the English did larn from their new neighbours, secrets of endurance in the wilderness. Some celebrated their new friendly relationships, learning each other their civilizations and beliefs but ne’er forcing it on each other. The Englishmen who chose to kill their neighbours ended up deceasing from famishment and disease. As clip past the more English that came to America, fewer recognized the Indian as a friend and more saw the Indians merely as obstructions in their way. The English ne’er wanted to get married the indigens, they still saw them as an utmost different state, and many saw merely a barbarian. So with the English some prospered in the new state and others failed. The colonisation ‘s advancement all stemmed back with how they treated the indigens and which tribes they colonized by, for some of the Indians hated the new white people and feared them. France came along in the image of colonisation of the New World last of the three. They saw their European neighbour ‘s failures at first and did non desire to research that new land. However when all the idea of a faster manner to go to China came to mind, France began to direct their ain adventurers. Since Spain had the south and England the in-between, France chose to get down in the North with Canada. As with each of the states France wanted colonial power and hope for wealth, but unlike the other two they besides wanted to salvage the Indian ‘s psyches foremost by change overing them to Christianity. Now unlike the English who thought they knew it all and remain to themselves, the Frenchmen saw the Indians as the key to prosperity in the new universe. Gallic lived among the Indians, took Indian married womans, learned from them, studied their ways and found out that they were what it took to do the new state work. Fur was the Frenchman ‘s gold and with the aid of the Native Americans they made money. Besides with the aid of the Indians the French found new waterways and traveled down the Mississippi Valley claiming land all the manner down to the Gulf of Mexico and puting up an of import colony at New Orleans. All three groups of people, Spanish, English and Gallic traveled west to happen a new life, whether it was for hoarded wealth of wealth or a hoarded wealth of freedom, all found a land that had the possibility of a new life, it was merely how they went about to do it so.

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