Analyzing Duke Hwan and the Wheelwright Essay Sample

July 21, 2017 Philosophy

The short narrative that I read about a rich and powerful Duke. viz. Duke Hwan of Khi and an old wheeler named Phien is a narrative full of larning and doctrines. Although the narrative may look like an easy one. but there is a deeper significance of it one time you have started reading and analysing it. Truly. you can non judge a book by its screen. I divided the narrative to three different of import parts. First portion is when the wheeler ask Duke Hwan what he is reading. the 2nd portion is Phien said that the Duke is merely reading the soil left by other people behind them and the last scene is when Phien. the wheeler explains what he genuinely means of what he merely said.

The first of import scene is between Duke Hwan and Phien. Phien is out in the pace doing a wheel. Due to Phiens wonder. he asked the Duke what he is reading. This proves that Human are in natured funny about different things. Peoples frequently ask inquiries to widen their cognition and this is the start of different doctrine. As the Duke answered the inquiry that. he is reading a book about Philosophy. ( The experts. The governments ) The book was authorized by some celebrated philosopher long clip ago who were now resting in peace in their Gravess. With the Duke answered. it merely proves that Phythagoras was correct- Only God is the wise. Even the really first duke of Khi still needs to read books to derive his cognition and wisdom proving that he is non wise plenty. The scene ended when Duke Hwan asked Phien to explicate what he had merely said about reading the soil of other people or else he will be executed.

The 2nd scene is the account of Phien why he said such a thing. Stating those words proves that people have different perceptual experience in life. Philosophy is non changeless in every individual for alteration is the lone changeless thing in the universe. Every non-objective inquiry has different replies when asked to different individuals. One may believe of one manner and the other in another manner. There will be no concrete one reply for each of our encephalons is alone from one another.

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The last scene is when Phien told the Duke that experience is the best instructor. One could larn anything if he. himself. have tried it personally. He related it to himself. stating that larning how to do wheels wasnt from reading any books made by dead people ; it is from swerving difficult work. finding to larn and of class experience. Experience teaches us different wisdoms in life and helps us go wiser as clip passed by. One more thing that he shared with the Duke is that you can non go through to other people what he had read. He will merely take it together with him in his entombment when the right clip comes. Cipher could learn the other people blow by blow. inch by inch on what they should make to hone such things. Peoples have different ways of acquisition and different ways of accommodating to state of affairss where they could larn new things and go wiser than other people.

In the Allegory of the Cave by Plato. The captives portrait worlds who could merely see shadows. It is merely through their attempt that made them look towards the visible radiation and so they started to larn new things. Peoples learn new things as clip passed by and these cognition will stack up in their caput and convey it with them in their mundane life until they die. This possibly the ground why it is said. what is true or right to other people may non ever be the same to the others. Peoples are of course wise in their ain small manner. there is no definite measuring of being wiser than the other. We could larn different things from different people. A mere refuse male child could learn the president some things that the president could utilize in his/her life. There is no definite societal position in larning. We all learn until our really last breath.


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