Analyzing The Play Of Oedipus The King English Literature Essay

August 15, 2017 English Literature

He so states his name proudly as though it were itself godlike. He states, “ Here I am myselfaˆ¦you all cognize me, the universe knows my fameaˆ¦I am Oedipus. ” By the terminal of this calamity, nevertheless, Oedipus ‘s name will hold become a expletive, the Leader of the Chorus is terrified even to hear it and shrieks: “ You, you ‘re that adult male? ” ( ) .

Although it is later evident that Oedipus has a inclination to besides move fleetly and portray a unsafe side. Oedipus shows that he has the capacity to act headlong, when he tells the narrative of killing the set of travellers who attempted to jostle him off the tripartite hamlets.

The Oracle simply reports a pre-ordained destiny for Oedipus, it is Oedipus who begins his journey from his birth parents and continues his journey from his adopted parents his agony is finally due wholly to his ain actions. Oedipus ignores Creon when he cautions Oedipus “ is it your pleasance to hear me with all these Gathered around us? ” ( ) Oedipus pig-headedly boasts “ allow them all hear it. It is for them I suffer, More than for myself. ” ( ) Oedipus so under goes an intense public oppugning into Laius ‘ slaying. In Oedipus ‘ power crazed sightlessness he insists on detecting the truth and is the cause of his ain death. Oedipus is a free adult male who uses his ain actions to carry through the God ‘s anticipations of himself to “ kill [ his ] own male parent… and fear [ his ] female parent ‘s bed. ” ( )

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Sophocles ‘ drama portrays a adult male, Oedipus who is seeking to avoid his destiny which has been predicted by Prophetss. His ain obstinacy will do the ego find that the consequences of his ain actions have non merely fulfilled his doomed prognostication, but his ain actions are the cause of his death. Oedipus is pig-headedly unsighted to the truth about himself. His name ‘s exact significance is conceited pes and is the hint to his individuality. He was taken from the house of Laius as a babe and left in the mountains with his pess bound together. On his manner to Thebes, he killed his biological male parent, non cognizing who he was, and proceeded to get married Jocasta, his biological female parent.

Oedipus ‘s adeptness and confidence continue to the really terminal of Oedipus the King. He interrogates Creon, demand to see Tiresias, . He so threatens s to ostracize Tiresias and Creon, and demands for the retainer who escaped the onslaught on Laius. Afterwards he calls for the shepherd who brought him to Corinth so proceeds into the castle to knife out his ain eyes, and so demand to be exiled. He is continually in action, seemingly seeking to maintain in front of his destiny, even as it goes good beyond his range. Oedipus seems to hold begun to accept that much of his life is out of his control. He spends most of his clip sitting instead than moving. The scene where Oedipus feels blindly and powerlessly as Creon takes his kids from him is representation of how far Oedipus has travelled from when he stated his godlike name to the Thebans.

Oedipus ‘ realizes that he is the felon he is seeking for who has committed the wickednesss against Laius and he fulfills one of the anticipations by blinding himself physically. His determination to blind himself physically is symbolic to the fact that Oedipus has been blind to the truth throughout the drama. His determination to blind himself is a determination that he commits freely, but may hold been orchestrated by the tampering Gods.

Regardless of Oedipus ‘ original motivation and inability to command or understand the forces, which rule his life, he must accept the duty for his actions and the effects. Oedipus ‘s deliberate move wing to decease in the concluding scene of the drama has the speed as in the beginning of Oedipus the King, but this adeptness is toward peace instead than depress, for Oedipus at least. Each individual has free will that may be determined by destiny, but finally individual chooses his ain destiny in life. Oedipus has control over his destiny but relinquishes it due to anger and stubbornness. “ Evil non done unconsciously, but willed. The greatest heartaches are those we cause ourselves. ” ( )

Sophocles uses the alteration of Oedipus ‘ character in concurrence with the secret plan, to stress the subject of his celebrated work, “ Oedipus the King. “ A As Oedipus becomes cognizant in self-knowledge, he changes from a radiance, heroic male monarch at the beginning of the drama, to a dictator in denial toward the center, to a terrified, damned adult male, humbled by his tragic destiny by the end.A

Oedipus ‘ character alterations to a adult male in denial. He becomes more like a dictator than a male monarch as he begins to work out the new conundrum of Laius ‘ death.A A turning fear takes over Oedipus when Jocasta tells the narrative of her hubby ‘s slaying ; she leads the male monarch to oppugn his ain yesteryear actions.A He comments, distractedly, “ Strange, hearing you merely now. . . my head wandered, my ideas rushing back and Forth ” ( ) .A Though, Oedipus is non speedy to fault himself for the pestilence of the metropolis although, he tries to put the incrimination onto others as he continues his probe, blindly swearing his ain ability while disregarding the negative grounds that surrounds him.A When Teiresias accuses Oedipus of being the liquidator, the male monarch really impeaching Teiresias of the slaying when he states, “ You helped hatch the secret plan, you did the work, yes, short of killing him with your ain custodies. . . ” ( ) .A He so accuses Creon of intriguing and disloyalty, bear downing, “ I see it all, the marauding stealer himself intriguing to steal my Crown and power! ” ( ) .A In this manner, Oedipus chooses to assail the courier while ignoring the message.A Besides hurting the prophesier, Oedipus besides fuels the wrath of the Gods, who vest their Godhead wisdom in Teiresias.A The Chorus underscores the retribution of the Gods when it warns, “ But if any adult male comes striding, high and mighty, in all he says and does, no fright of justness, no fear for the temples of the gods-let a unsmooth day of reckoning tear him down, refund his pride, breakneck, catastrophic pride! ” ( 972-77 ) .A Here, Sophocles portrays Oedipus as a autocrat of kinds ; so the peoples ‘ greatest approval has become their worst expletive.


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