Analyzing the poem “Students” by Tom Wayman Essay Sample

July 26, 2017 Music

The Poem. “Students. ” by Tom Wayman talks about four theories of larning. The first theory presented in this verse form is. “The Vaccination Theory of Education. ” ( line 12 ) . This theory speaks about pupils who feel that one time they have completed a topic. they ne’er have to look at it once more. Students who fall into this class develop a sense of unsusceptibility once they have written a trial on a peculiar unit of a topic. Unfortunately these pupils frequently forget everything that they have learned. This wont could potentially go negative when it comes to their sheepskin tests. or even in the beginning of a new class that requires certain prerequisite cognition.

The 2nd theory proposed is called “The Dipstick Theory. ” ( line 17 ) . This is likely the most popular theory amongst pupils. Students that fall into this class experience that merely acquiring by is good plenty and that a mere passing class is acceptable. This theory is common in unmotivated pupils who are unable to perpetrate to the acquisition procedure. In order to better this. pupils need to take for something high to endeavor for. This method is rather good and indispensable to a successful pupil because when one sets such minimum ends. the hazard of failure additions. For illustration. see two pupils taking English.

One of these pupils sets a end at the beginning of the class of 80 % . the other wishes merely to go through with a 50 % . The hazard that the unmotivated pupil has is much greater. as they are making merely plenty to acquire by and could easy come up a small short when all is said and done. Another issue that occurs is in university registration clip. It’s rather ironic that when those pupils. who were satisfied with merely acquiring by. when using for post-secondary instruction. they become well less satisfied. Suddenly a realisation morning on them. “why didn’t I work harder? ” Many of these pupils end up recapturing classs they did non work hard plenty the first clip.

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The 3rd theory was developed by the instructor himself. Mr. Wayman offers “The Kung Fu Theory of Education” as an option. This theory suggests that acquisition is a signifier of self-defence. Learning can really assist support pupils from jobs and troubles that may be encountered in life. Peoples analyzing Kung Fu don’t merely larn one clout or boot. but instead. they are ever seeking for new techniques that may help them in a existent life state of affairs. The writer believes that larning anything goes manus in manus with this construct of Kung Fu. Mr. Wayman’s theory shows that it is non the content or literature itself that is of import. but alternatively how the learning procedure can assist take to success in one’s life.

The concluding theory that the author is speaking about as being held by pupils is “The Easy Listening Theory. ” ( line 32 ) . This theory describes pupils who believe that they can pay attending and learn while listening to music. Students that fall in this class. set their earphones on and bask a more “pleasant world” and when questioned by their instructors. the “Easy Listening Student” will guarantee them that they are listening to everything that is being taught. As to whether or non those pupils are stating the truth. merely their classs and cognition will state.

The chief message that the talker is seeking to direct is that of “lifelong that to learning” : that consequences and Markss should non be the chief focal point of a pupil but instead the acquisition procedure itself.


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