Andrew Jackson Dbq: the Democratic President Behaves Like a Dictator Essay

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Harmonizing to his enemies. Andrew Jackson behaved more like a dictator/king than a democratic president. Jackson and his followings became the footing of the Democratic-Republican party. subsequently known as the Democratic party. He believed in the spoils system. supported the common adult male. and equality for all people irrespective of their societal category. Although he had such positive characteristics. he had some negatives every bit good. Jackson removed Native Americans from their fatherland by subscribing the Indian Removal Act of 1830. which created the “Trail of Tears. ” vetoed the National Bank ( B. U. S ) . and was pro-slavery. Although a common adult male himself. Jackson became successful as president.

This was one of his biggest motivations to back up the common adult male. instead than the wealthy. whom he believed shouldn’t have all of the power. One of the grounds Jackson removed Native Americans was because he didn’t see them as American citizens. How democratic was Andrew Jackson? Before we answer this. let’s happen out what democracy genuinely means. By definition. democracy is a signifier of authorities made up of the equality and voice of the people. To Jackson. democracy meant the all subdivisions & A ; bureaus of authorities must listen to and follow the wants of the people. So was Andrew Jackson democratic. undemocratic. or both? Possibly he was democratic in some ways and undemocratic in others.

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Andrew Jackson was a protagonist in Indian remotion. However. he besides had a soft topographic point ; he adopted a Creek Indian male child named Lyncoya. Jackson didn’t consider Indians as American people ; this slightly made it easier to take Native Americans from their fatherland. Not merely this. but he made it voluntary to go forth. but if they were within bounds of the provinces. they must be capable to their Torahs. ( Document 8 ) . Jackson besides removed Indians from the land of their fathers/people. He didn’t even consider that they might non be familiar with the outside land or may non talk the same linguistic communication. ( Document 9 ) . Generally. Indians were removed from Alabama. Mississippi. Georgia. and Florida. and were sent to the Indian Territory ( contemporary Oklahoma ) . Andrew Jackson was undemocratic for taking Native Americans out of their life-long lands and place. to be sent to an unfamiliar district. Adopting a Creek Indian male child who was the last of his household. and doing him on of his ( Jackson’s ) household. doesn’t make Jackson democratic. It merely shows that he has a bosom. ( Documents 10 & A ; 11 ) .

Jackson believed the National Bank was unconstitutional. even though it was what the people wanted. So does that do him undemocratic? In a image of Andrew Jackson. there is an bird of Jove on one side and throne on the other. This symbolizes democracy and absolutism at the same clip. Besides. the image shows Jackson stepping on laws/bills/institutions that he didn’t attention about or O.K. of. ( Document 3 ) . If Jackson favored the South. it would do him sectionalist and undemocratic since it is owned chiefly by the wealthy. Peoples voted for the measure and bank recharter. so blackballing it would travel against the people’s pick. therefore overruling the will of the people.

Jackson disliked the Bank of US because he believed that the wealthy should hold all of the power. ( Document 4 ) . Not merely this. but the bank veto would do disunity. and get down a category war ( upper v. lower ) . Besides that Daniel Webster doesn’t want another fiscal terror like that of 1819. and that the bank veto goes against the voice of Congress. which is made up of the people. Andrew Jackson was undemocratic because he overrode the will of the people. became sectionalist by prefering the South. and perchance started a category war. He was democratic because he believed that the affluent shouldn’t have all of the power. and that all people should be equal in power no affair what societal category. ( Document 5 )

Jackson besides believed in the common adult male. and that all work forces are equal in both power and category. This is one of his great characteristics that bought him a batch of support. Before Jackson was elected. presidential voters were elected chiefly by the legislative assembly. After his election and re-election. voters were chosen significantly by the people. In the span of 20 old ages. 42 provinces elected by the people. and 27 provinces elected by the legislative assembly. ( Document 1 ) . The election of Jackson was considered a “revolution. ” because of its peaceable transportation of power. This revolution was different from any other. because it was achieved by ballots instead than slugs. Jacksonians cried. “Shall the people regulation? ” and the reply was. “The people shall govern! ” Andrew Jackson was so noteworthy that people have come 500 stat mis to see him and believe that the state is rescued from some awful danger.

It is said Jackson’s triumph accelerated the transportation of national power from the country-house to the farmhouse. from the East to the West. and from the prig to the rabble. If Jackson was a hero of the gentleman husbandman. he was certainly a hero of the soil husbandman. Jackson was democratic because he granted all work forces equal rights. and believed that the common adult male is merely every bit good as the wealthy. This is how he got all his support. most of which came from the common adult male. We must besides see that he was a common adult male who became successful as president. He disagreed with the wealthy. who tried to authorise the common man/farmers. and was a big protagonist of west wind husbandmans. low duties. and favored Bankss. instead than a national bank. ( Document 2 ) .

Jackson besides encouraged the spoils system. which gave occupations in public office to the protagonists of the successful political party. Be this democratic of him? As stated in Jackson’s missive to Congress. the responsibilities of public office are so simple that any intelligent adult male may easy measure up. and that office occupations are created entirely for the benefit of the people. Jackson will besides supply a jurisprudence that limits assignments to four old ages. Not merely this. but Jackson believed that no adult male has any more right to authorities occupations than another. which justifies that all work forces are created equal. ( Document 6 ) .

Document 7 explains how Secretary of State Martin Van Buren warned Jackson about the assignment of the aggregator of the Port of New York. which Jackson intended to name Samuel Swartwout to take that place. Van Buren alerted Jackson the Swartwout had “criminal inclinations. ” but Jackson refused to listen. When Swartwout was appointed to office on April 25. 1829. he rapidly fled with $ 1. 222. 705. 09. which was a monumental larceny. Andrew Jackson was democratic because he felt that all intelligent work forces should hold the right and equality to hold an office occupation. since office occupations are created to profit the people. He believed that all work forces are created equal. which is what democracy is all about. Jackson was undemocratic because by back uping the spoils system. he appointed a corrupt adult male ( Swartwout ) . who stole over a million dollars and fled.

In kernel. “How democratic was Andrew Jackson? ” To be honest. Jackson was rather a democratic president. He believed in the common adult male. that power should be equal between all work forces. and even adopted a Creek Indian male child. whom he accepted as one of the household and cared for in a heartfelt way. Not merely this. but he besides treated the common adult male the same as the wealthy and that they should hold equal privileges and chances. However. Jackson was besides undemocratic in some ways.

He removed Native Americans from their life-long places. the lands of their fathers/ancestors. overrode the will of the people by blackballing the National Bank therefore prefering the South. Even after being warned by Van Buren. Jackson still appointed corrupt Samuel Swartwout to office. which resulted in a monumental larceny of over a million dollars. Does this do him a bad president? Absolutely non! He’s merely human. and everyone makes errors. After all these corrupt determinations. President Andrew Jackson is still one of the most honest presidents in the history of the United States. That is why I believe Andrew Jackson was democratic yet undemocratic.


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